Sunday, February 14, 2010

Max's World Tour Continues...

We wanted to show Max around our area a little bit, but the cornfield didn't seem like it would be that exciting.  For those who don't know, Max lives in South Africa and he has been sick.  Since he always gives lovely tours of South Africa for us, we wanted to help show him other parts of the world.

So, we decided to take Max for a romp at our favorite dog park.  This place is tons of fun.  Sometimes you can even tree a squirrel.  Bunny almost caught one here once, but he had too much of a head start on her.

After that, we had to take him shopping.  My Dog's Bakery is our favorite place to shop.  They bake most of the treats there that day and they also have yummy stuff like reindeer antlers and bully sticks.  The toy and collar selection is pretty nice, too! 

Then we thought it would be fun to take Max down to the riverfront in Peoria.  There's usually a lot of neat stuff happening here and we didn't want to bore him with shopping all day.  They have art festivals, musicians, a long riverfront trail to take walks and bike rides on and lots of stores and restaurants.  Bark In The Park happens here, too.  We took him to our favorite place and got some steak since it's Valentine's Day and they had steak on special.

After that, we sent him on his way, since we knew he had more stops to make than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!  It was great having him here this afternoon and we wish him safe travels on the rest of his journeys.

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  1. Awww, I hope Max enjoyed the trip to your favorite places! And I hope he feels better soon! Good wishes are going his way from all our here on the hillside farm!

  2. I know Max must have had a wonderful visit with you all. You surely did take him to some interesting places. Soooooo very much kind and loving of you to do this for him. Butt that is just the kind of Dawgs you are.

  3. That is so cute and what a great idea!

    I'm sure Max had a blast!

    Happy Valentine's day!!!

    Much LOVE!

  4. It appears that everyone had a fantastic visit with Max. I bet he is pretty tired now! :)

    Emma Rose

  5. What a pawesome Max Tour chapter. I can feel the love tonight...La lala la laaaaaaaaaa
    Great post my furiends. So fun and upbeat :)

  6. Wooo - so glad that Max was able to visit you as well. We love how far and wide he has gotten.

  7. I know Max had a great time there with you all!
    Happy Valentine's Day!
    Kisses and hugs

  8. I love your whole story but I especially adore that last photo!

  9. Everybody sure has been showing Max a good time today!

  10. What a great view of Peoria from your point of view! The Art Park festival sounds super cool - in fact it all does! Love the pix inside that cool store! I know he had a great time visiting!
    Hugs xo

  11. Haven't we all had a fun and educational time today, visiting friends along with Max? Each stop along the way just added more love to the world. This has to be the best Valentine's Day EVER!

    Your pal,


  12. Thanks fur sharing your part of the world with Max!

    I know his head is just spinning right now with all the saw AND all the love he felt!

    Happy Valentine's Day to ALL of WOO!


  13. Hey there, dear Friends
    THANK YOU SO MUCH for this beautiful stop on my world tour. WHat an awesome gift this has been - to be able to spend time with dear friends who have gone to so much trouble for me and everyone in bloggy-land! I am amazed and humbled by all the love.
    Geesh...I loved barking in the park with you and strolling along the river side. THat last picture of us all together will stay in my memories for a long, long time.
    Thank you again, dear friends! I love you too!


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