Monday, September 6, 2010

I Think I Like This Holiday Weekend Business

Bunny here, ready to tell you about some of my weekend adventures.

First, I have to say that I think every weekend should be a holiday weekend!  We did so much stuff, partly because the weather was so nice and partly because Mom and Dad knew we had extra time to have some fun since they didn't have to work today.  I think we should get work cancelled every Monday, but I digress!

Saturday after Dad and Morgan got back from trained monkey school, we were supposed to go for a hike at a state park near us, but they got home a bit late, so we decided to go to Farmdale Park, which is not too far from our house.  Blueberry begged to go, and Mom and Dad decided she could go this time.  I decided to take my new Wolf Pack with me to start getting used to carrying it, too. 

Once we got started on the trail, we decided to go off on one of the side trails that we've never been on before, partly because it was really busy there this time and partly because we wanted some adventure.  We were very pleasantly surprised that the trail went up and around to some very pretty areas.  I liked this tree we saw that looked like it had giant burrs stuck all over it.

There was also a beautiful view of the meadow and the creek.  We saw quite a few mountain bikers on the trail as we hiked.  It was nice that we could see a lot of different things on this trail. 

We ran into a lot of dogs on the trails this time, but were a little annoyed that none of them were on a leash, even though that's a rule at the park, and that none of them seemed to have very good recall.  We even met a Great Dane who had no collar or tags on.  I did have fun playing with Shadow in the creek as we passed by, and we think he just had his leash off to play down there in the creek.

Mom was glad we brought Blueberry this time, because the trail wasn't too hard for her and the weather was cool enough that she didn't get too warm.  She was having a very good time seeing the sights and smelling the smells.

We had some close encounters with wildlife while we were out there, too.  Either the rut is getting closer than we'd realized, or the deer in the park are getting pretty used to people and dogs being around.  When we ran into this buck and doe on the trail, the buck stamped his foot at us and snorted.  I was a little worried, because I know that I could outrun him, but I'm not so sure about Mom or Dad, and I'm sure Morgan wouldn't leave them and run to a hiding spot, either.  Blueberry is the only other one that I think could have made it out of there quick enough, but fortunately, they decided to turn and run off after a little showing off.

I also got up close and personal with some butterflies.  They seemed to like the cooler weather, too.  Everytime I took a step through the meadow, they were flying around me and doing their little air dance.

When we got back to the van, I saw these guys getting ready to go out on the trails.  I'm thinking that next time, I might just try to catch a ride.  It would be much easier to get up and down the hills on a horse. 

After all that excitement, we were glad to get into the van and head for home.  I figured that we'd go back to the house and have a nice rest.  However, I was not prepared for the diabolical trick Dad played on us.

That's right, he said we'd gotten all sandy and muddy from the creek.  Blueberry escaped having her picture taken, but she had a bath, too.  It was not the ideal ending to our walk, I have to say!

Even though we had to take baths, it was still worth going for our walk.  We had all kinds of other excitement this weekend, too, but I'll save that for other posts.  I hope everyone else is having a good Monday.
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  1. Wow Bunny, what an awesome hike. Great seeing all the wildlife and Mum even got a photo of the deer, I'm impressed. And also very glad the stag didn't decide to try and run you off his patch! That could have been nastier than the bath you were forced to have after you got home! Wonderful to see Blueberry there enjoying herself too. Lovely photos:-)

  2. "trained monkey school" BOL! You really love your sister Morgan, don't you? Thank you for sharing the wonderful pictures!

  3. What a wonderful hike, Bunny... except for the bath part but that's a small price to pay for such fun time. The butterfly pic is lovely... and looking forward to hear what other excitements you had during the weekend.

    Licks, hero

  4. Looks like you gals had a lot of fun. We definitely sympathize about the dogs running up to you offleash - it happened to us over the weekend. It's so rude!

  5. From the light in the photos it looks like you had perfect weather to go with your great walk. Always annoying when you obey the rules and other folks let their dogs go 'feral' around you.

  6. Hi Bunny,

    We could tell by the looks on your faces that you just loved the baths......but wasn't it worth it? You won't believe this, but it happened to us yesterday.

    You are lucky to live near such a nice park. Your humom/hudad sure do take great pictures of you guys. What fun that all 4 leggeds were able to hike with you.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and MaCK

  7. What a fab hike you all had. Wouldn't have been afraid of the deer, but do you get bears there?

  8. Wow, what a great fun you all had at the park. I do love your pink backpack though. I don't think Eva loves the bath either.

    The pictures are really beautiful. I wonder whether any of you tried to take a picture together with the butterfly and the friendly deer too?

  9. Hah I think Bender would try to eat that deer if he stamped his foot at us!

  10. That looks like a pretty good trail to be on.. wonderful sights and i am sure smells to catch too on the way :) Your mommy and daddy should have more long weekend holidays don't ya think?

    but.. urmm.. trained monkey school? hehhehehe

  11. What a nice day for a walk. Lovely photos! Glad to see you are having beautiful weather.
    Trained monkey school....every time I read that, I crack up. Thanks for the giggles!

  12. Oooooh what a beautiful place ya'll gots to go to. I t was all pleasenty looking.
    I don't understand why peoples has their doggies off leash. Most doggies can't be trusted...or is da tjust doxies?
    A baff?????????????


  13. I is wif you, gurlfurrend, efurry Monday should be a howliday coz we get to do so much more stuffs on the weekend. I hiked 15 miles yesterday. I be working on that bloggie once I catch up on my reading. Anywho, pawsome pix you got of those deers. We has never gotted any that close up afore. Boo on the bafs. I will never unnerstand why our hoomans cannot axept us the way Mother Nature intended, all full of creek scum.

  14. Woof! Woof! Me too ... What a great hike you guys had. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  15. Looks like a lovely walk! Those deer are cool. We didn't see any deer in WI and I was so disappointed.

    Your pal, Pip

  16. The hu-dad applauded your comment that work should get cancelled every Monday. He thinks Fridays need to go to.

    P.S. - You asked how far we have to drive to hike. We can hike straight out of our yard (there are horse trails everywhere connected to our neighbor, the horse ranch, that we can use). The pictures you saw of our Saturday hike is a short ride on the parkway (maybe 15 minutes from the house). In the one picture, we showed you the ranch - we live right beside it). Pretty much, within an hours drive, we have dozens and dozens of trail choices. Only exception is that we do not go into the Great Smoky Mountain Park even though they are a neighbor because they do not allow dogs on trails.

  17. nice walkie/hikie and our mumsters must be related - or all hoomans think alike - as we get washed after our walkies too!

    nice scenery and we love the butterfly pic

    have a great week too,

  18. What a great photo of the buck in velvet! I'm glad that you weren't forced to decide whether to abandon your mom and dad. Gorgeous butterfly too!

    It's strange how many hikers think that leash laws don't apply to them. When we hike in places where leashes are required, often people coming down toward the trailhead will say "there are no rangers up there so you can let your dogs run". I know that they're trying to be nice but dogs are going to end up banned if everyone breaks the rules! We're lucky to be able to go there at all.

  19. Looks like you had a great hike!
    The pictures are beautiful.
    I think the humans should always have Mondays off too:)

  20. Wow, that was a wonderful hike - and we too are glad that Blueberry was able to go too. You look so nice with your pink backpack on, Bunny - and you didn't seem to mind it at all. Too bad about the baths but the trip was worth it all.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. What a GREYT day! We're glad that BlueBerry got to go too. You guys have the best life!

  22. We sure do love these holidays too. What a fun hike. You even have your backpacks on. Cute! That doggy you saw sure does have been horns on its head..nutty
    Benny & Lily

  23. Oh Bunny!! What a very fun adventures yous all hads!! We's likes yous Bunny pack to!! Pretty cool!! Got snacks it 'deres!! Anakin's got ones and we's load his ups wits 'da snacks!!

    Such a pretty trail!!

    So yous also went to 'da Starved Rock!! 'did yous feed it!! BA HA HA HA!! Sorry.. 'da Josie stops wits 'da Josie Jokes... :(

    We's go's when 'da leaves oranges and stuffs.. we's tell yous.. Anakin Puts 'dem in his back packs..

    'da Josie.. who else

  24. What a full and fun hike!

    It had evFURRYthing but ice khream -

    Thanks fur sharing!


  25. That's a great trip you had, and so lucky to see deer that close, love your back pack, do you carry the water for the others?
    Fancy getting hosed down!!
    See Yea George xxx

    PS mom says she loves the butterfly photo :)

  26. Bunny, you look very nice in your Wolf Pack! We too are wearing our
    packs, trying to get used to them.

  27. What a fun day all of youz had! Your mom tooks some really nice pictures to shares with us too!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  28. Everyone thinks Cavaliers are Princesses. Well we are but we also love to hike!! Just love your pictures and did you get to chase the deer!! LARGE SQUIRRELL ALERT lol. Beautiful butterfly photo too.
    <3 Miss Kodee @Bark'n About

  29. Hi, Bunny!
    Sure you had a great hiking day!
    Glad Bluberry was there with you!
    I know you all enjoyed it a lot... not sure about the hosing thing but... it worth it, right?
    Kisses and hugs

  30. Hi Bunny, I came to your blog after I saw your comment on Shawnee Shepherd's blog post on The Anipal Photo Hunt Blog Hop.

    You mentioned doggies putting patches on their packs from all the places they've hiked. That's a great idea! I haven't seen that either.

    And your Labor Day post is wonderful. I feel like I just went on vacation! Thanks!


  31. Looks like you had a pawsome time!! That buck is as leggy as you! I do like your backpack. What do you carry in there? No one else needs one?


    PeeS: Morgan looks mortified in her bathtime picture. Hehe..

  32. Wow! That trail looks awesome! Perfect for a Labor Day stroll with the girls. :)

  33. Whata great hikie u'all had in the park - Shiloh probably wood haf dun hiz AROOOOO at the buck which wood haf made the buck mad an'probably charged - Shasta wooda just gone tu hide b-hind mom. Az fer thoze huge 4-leggerz - u can ride them if u want but neither of uz want anythin'tu du with'em but mom lovez the horsez.

  34. That is an awesome nature trail. Lots of cool things to see. And Blueberry got to go too. A bath is a high price to pay though.


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