Sunday, May 24, 2009

Roanoke Days Parade...Gone to the Dogs!

Once again, it was time for the annual Roanoke Days Parade yesterday. It was a bright, sunny day and we had a lot of friends and family over to visit and watch the parade. We like to bring the dogs out to be a part of it, but sometimes even the best laid plans go awry.

Hawk is convinced that the sky will fall on him at any moment as a result of an ill-timed walk one Memorial Day. We happened to be going past the cemetary in our little village at the time of the Memorial Day services, unaware that they actually do a real twenty one gun salute. Hawk was not a big fan of loud noises to start with, and that one completely threw him for a loop. He backed completely out of his collar and ran for home. Fortunately, he is the only greyhound I know with a homing device and since we live in a small town, everyone near our house knows he's our dog. People just pointed and said "He went that way" as we frantically ran down the street after him. So, when asked if he wanted to join us, he went in the dog crate and laid down. I can't say I blame the old guy. So, Hawk's answer was a no.

Next, I looked for Lilac. I asked the sweet little old lady if she wanted to go outside to see the parade.

Lilac: Are there going to be loud noises?

Me: Probably some drums and fire engines.

Lilac: Is it going to be hot out there?

Me: I did get the swimming pool out for you dogs already today, so that's a yes.

Lilac: Why are we still having this conversation? I'm going back to my nap.

Next, I consulted Bunny.

Me: Bunny, do you want to come out for the parade?

Bunny: Will there be people there to pet me?

Me: As a matter of fact, I think there will be people and dogs both out there.

Bunny: Where's my leash?

Score one for the watchers, at least!

Bunny was very interested in socializing, especially with her cousin, Suzie, the black lab. Having never been to a parade before, she had no idea what to expect. She was having a great time working the crowd, when suddenly a fire truck set off the siren behind her. That scared the beejeezus out of her, and so did the drums the marching band was playing, but she held her own, determined not to miss an opportunity to be with me or to schmooze a crowd.

That leaves Blueberry for the count. Blueberry believes that the parade comes by every year just to celebrate her. She is very enthusiastic about attending and so I wasn't too surprised by her response.

Me: Blue, it's time for the parade, do you want to go?
Blueberry: I have been waiting for
my public to appear to admire me all day!
Me: I expect you to be on your best behavior out there.
Blueberry: I'm practically Miss Perfect! I can't believe you said that!

Me: Well, I just want to remind you, no funny stuff with people's food!
Blueberry: I have not been looking at that apple pie you baked all morning! I swear!

All was going well, the parade was a nice, old-fashioned affair with candy being thrown and babies being kissed. Firetrucks gleamed as they drove by and local celebrities and beauty queens rode on the backs of convertibles. It really was a perfect day for a parade.
Everything was going very well and then we saw something so horrifying, so frightening and utterly nightmare inspiring that I am afraid our puppy, poor little Bunny, will need therapy for years to recover. A local sanitation company truck was preceded by a creature that should not even exist on this plane of reality. We saw, were waved at by, even, a giant six and a half foot skunk. Fortunately, there was enough candy on the street by that point that nothing made him mad and we were spared the horror of what a spray from a giant skunk could do. Still, it was so frightening that we decided it was time for Bunny to go in the house to recover her wits. How this will affect her in the future, I have no idea, but we will be observing her closely for signs of post traumatic stress. It's not every day you see a skunk taller than most men outside the front of your house, after all.

Since my husband was bringing Bunny inside, he looked over to see how Blueberry was doing. Obviously, a giant skunk was no threat to her. She's made of sterner stuff. Still, she was apparently too regal a creature, being descended from the companions of pharoahs and kings and all, to rest in the grass like Suzie. She had to take over the entire picnic blanket. As my husband looked over to ask her if she wanted to go in, she lolled to the side, letting her tongue hang out in a display of heat exhaustion. Feeling sorry for her, he brought her in the house to recline on her royal dias before the fan. And so her plans all came together. For you see, Blueberry is the most cunning of any greyhound I have ever met. She knew what was left unguarded in the kitchen while the rest of us were out in the heat watching the parade file past. She was about to get her paws on the one thing she'd had her grey eye on all morning.

Yes, Blueberry had her eye on the pie! In a remarkable second guess maneuver that stunned even the man himself, my husband went back inside. He had planned for Blueberry's attack and taken the pies into the pie protection holding cell in our basement. Most of our hounds won't venture down there as they don't like the steps. However, as he walked back in the house, Blueberry stood at the top of the stairs, nose held high as she took in the aroma of what she assumed would soon be her prize. She turned to look at him in shock as the door reopened. There was no denying she was busted. He brought her back into the living room and baracaded the door with kitchen chairs. For once, he won his battle with her over the food. We really enjoyed that pie, Blue. Better luck next time!

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  1. That's funny - especially the bit about Blueberry's shocked face! LOL!

    I know that expression. ;)


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