Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Cold Shoulder And A Warm Gaze

You may recall that last week, Mr. Taleteller was gone for several days.  If you're a dog owner, you know that the best thing about coming home is being greeted by your adoring dogs when you arrive home.  I know that Mr. Taleteller missed his girls a great deal.

Of course, the girls missed him, too.  Of our three hounds, Blueberry seems to be the closest to him.  She expects his attention first and is most content when they're together on the floor with his quilt.  She is probably also the most sensitive of our three girls.  If you are having a bad day, Blueberry knows it before you have walked in the back door.  Perhaps she expected him to make more of a fuss over her.  I'm not sure, but I do know that after she sniffed him to see where he'd been, she suddenly was a bit put out.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Taleteller returned without presents for the girls.  He did bring back some of the best bagels I've ever had from a shop that his family always visits when they're out East.  However, they're onion bagels, and onions are dangerous for dogs.  Bread products are Blueberry's very favorite thing, and she sometimes can't resist stealing some when it's not shared with her in what she considers a timely manner.  She has been sulking since he got back, barely glancing at him and mostly sucking up to me in what I believe is her eloquent way of making a point.

Every morning, I've had half of one of these giant bagels with cream cheese for breakfast.  My husband will usually get one ready for me while I'm finishing putting on my makeup in the bathroom and set it on the counter for me.  Blueberry always appears right after this delivery, sits in the doorway and gazes at me with the utmost adoration.  Telling her that onions are bad for dogs does not deter her.  I have to watch the bagel at all times, because I know the second I look away she will have it not only off the plate, but devoured.  Greyhounds aren't just fast at the track!

Today, I decided to break down and give her a tiny bite off the corner that didn't have any onion on it.  I believe that it might have sealed the deal and won Daddy's Girl over as mine!  She seems to be a much happier hound now!
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Saturday, February 27, 2010


Bunny here, with several things on my mind that I need to type.

First, I want to send a thank you to Twink, who was generous enough to send us not one, but two copies of her awesome book so we can keep one and Mom can take one to her class.  You should have seen Mom's face when she saw that I had a package from Amazon!  She thought I'd finally gotten too handy with the keyboard and memorized the numbers on her magic plastic!  Anyroo, Mom opened the box and showed me one of the books.  I grabbed it in my mouth and ran to my bed.  Mom told me that I couldn't keep it there, but she did promise that I could go to school with her, hopefully next Thursday, and help read it to the class!  We are very excited!

I also got my Mango Minster prizes today!  As you will see, I was very excited!  I took it out of the kitchen and into the living room where I could open it with ease.

Mom was too busy getting the camera ready, so I decided to take the opening of the package into my own paws!

Inside there was a bone toy, a medal with my name on it, a Mango Minster magnet and card, and a carrot flavored bone treat!  Very funny, Mango!

I enjoyed the carrot bone for a while, but then Mom put it up since Lilac and Blueberry were staring at it.  She said she'd get a few more and then we could all eat them.  Thank you so much!  It was great fun competing!

I'd also like to offer our condolences to The Yodeling Goatherder.  She lost her cat, Bean, Thursday morning and is missing her a great deal!  We know it's hard to say good-bye to someone you've loved for fifteen years. 

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Friday, February 26, 2010

It's Good To Be Popular

Bunny here, just writing a little bit about something that made me feel really special this week. 

If you have read the blog for a while, you might remember that I have a fan who is in Mom's class at school.  Sometimes she brings me special things, like a birthday card she made herself or a special toy I got for Christmas.  Well, she sent me a present this week that really made my tail wag!  The best part was that I got a treat and Lilac and Blueberry didn't!  It was especially good since Dad was gone for four whole days and he didn't even bring me back a french fry.  Blueberry is still giving him the stink eye.

So, what happened is, Mom brought home the bag and told me she had a present for me.  I had to investigate right away.  I stuck my nose in the bag and my tail started wagging like crazy!  I could smell that it was going to be good.  Inside was a pink doughnut and some gourmet dog food. 

Mom mixed the food in with the regular old plain kibble that I always eat and I polished it off.  That was delicious, I have to say!  I enjoyed it thoroughly.

Next, I got to have my doughnut for dessert!  I ate it slowly so that I could savor every crumb.  It even had sprinkles on it!

I think maybe my favorite fan needs to cancel all her birthdays, not grow up and stay in Mom's class forever!  I hope I get to go to school and visit soon!  Thank you very much for my treat! 

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Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Snowy Visitor

You might have noticed that we had a visitor here the other day if you saw our Wordless Wednesday picture.  I happened to be home sick on Monday after we had yet another snowstorm here that dumped a load of heavy, wet snow on us.  As I sat on the couch resting, I glanced out the window and saw an owl outside not six feet away from me. 

I can only guess that the awning over our window provided much better shelter from the storm than the bare tree branches outside.  I've always known that we had owls around us.  The first summer we were in our house we'd hear them outside quite a bit as they hunted.  Several years ago, I saw our neighbor kids out in front of my house and found that an owl was somehow injured and lying on the ground under one of my trees.  After a call to a local expert, I put on some heavy leather gloves, lifted the owl onto my hand and carried him to the large shrubs in front of our house.  We left him some water and then left him alone, since we were told that too much handling was bad for him and would cause him to be abandoned.  He didn't make it.  I suspect he was somehow injured falling out of the tree.  Perhaps providing shelter for this one for the day makes up for that last failed attempt.

In any event, this small visitor was a welcome sight on an otherwise dreary day.  As you can see, the mighty huntress here was on full alert!  I guess her hunting instincts only kick in when she's outside or possibly she respects the sanctity of another mighty hunter. 

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Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When Dad's Away, At Petsmart I Play!

Bunny here, writing about my trip Saturday night to Petsmart with Mom.  Usually, Dad goes to pick up our food, since it comes in a heavy bag, but he left on his trip and forgot to make sure that we hounds wouldn't starve.  Saturday night, Mom realized that we'd need more to eat and it was supposed to snow again Sunday and Monday.  So, she decided that we'd better make a run to get food, just in case.  Normally on a Saturday when Dad goes to get our food he doesn't take any of us with him.  However, some hound here, we won't mention any names, has been fascinated with this stack of dog magazines that a friend of ours gave Dad and everytime Mom and Dad have been gone, some of these magazines have gotten shredded all over the floor.  I don't know exactly what that means about why Mom would decide that I should go with her, but I do know that Blueberry's tail had a major kink in it that I got to go and she didn't!  Not that I secretly rejoiced over that or anything! 

Anyroo, we arrived at Petsmart and got our cart and headed for the dog food.  There was so much stuff to sniff in there!  It was olfactory overload.  Mom said we had time and didn't have to hurry, so I was allowed to just roam the aisles in sniffing nirvana.  We got to the aisle that holds my food and Mom hefted the bag into the cart. 

Of course, while we shopped, random strangers could not help themselves.  They all had to stop and pet me, even bending down and letting me lean against them.  Everyone commented on how beautiful I was, how soft I was and how well-behaved I was.  I know Mom was happy with me.  One man was so smitten with me, we think he might try to get his own greyhound.  I told Mom we needed documentation of this, but she said that taking photographs of random strangers in the store with me and posting them on the internet was pushing it.  That's okay, I was too busy enjoying the attention to be too worried over it!

Finally, near the end, I spotted something that I felt we could not leave the store without!

Mom wouldn't let me get one, though.  I assured her that I would take good care of a cat, but she said Dad would not let us have a cat.  It figures!  I love Dad, but really, he's been denying me these shopping trips to Petsmart and now I find out that he's keeping me from getting the best stuffie ever!  He and I are going to have to have a talk!

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Monday, February 22, 2010

We Miss You, Dad!

Bunny here, taking over the computer to send Dad a message.  You see, he went out to help make sure his grandma got to her burial place out in New Jersey.  So, that left  us girls home alone with Mom and it's just not the same without him here.

I miss having you tuck me under the quilt at night.  I am making sure that your side of the bed stays warm, though.  It's a rough job, but sometimes a girl has to stretch out and take one for the team.  I also had to go back to bed after turn out in the morning to catch some extra sleep.

We miss sharing the quilt with you on the floor, too.  Having to share the couch constantly with Mom is a big responsibility, you know!

Did I mention that breakfast isn't the same, either?  Mom puts delicious extra stuff in our breakfast.  You might want to take notes on this one.  I know you're bringing those famous onion bagels back home for Mom.  I hope you found something good for us, too!

I hope you get back home safely!  It's really not the same here without you!

Nose Kisses,

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Saturday, February 20, 2010

Answering A Few Questions...

Bunny here, answering a few questions that were asked this week.

Several hounds asked what the Swedish chocolate tasted like.  Alas, it does not taste like steak or cheese!  It tastes sweet and has a smell that makes my nose drool.  You can taste the yogurt in it, too.  I think there should be a holiday every year called Give Your Dog A Taste Of Chocolate Day!  Shiney, you're my hero, Chocolate Swede!

Also, some hounds and humans asked about the sock monkey hat.  We girls have sock monkey collars on the way, but they haven't arrived yet.  Mom is shy about modeling, but Dad did take a good picture of us together when she was wearing the hat.  I might try to get her to pose with me when my collar arrives.  Even Dad has his own sock monkey hat.  There are several places to order them, but this one was very fast had both girl and boy colors and mittens as well as hats.

We have no plans to keep baby Emery.  I would enjoy keeping him, but I'm not sure Lilac would like it quite as much.  He is great fun, though, and I enjoy going over to his house to play with him.  When I was a puppy, there was a little boy and girl who played with me a lot, and I know how to behave with them.  I rather like being the center of the universe here, though!

Hopefully I answered all the questions we were asked this week, but if I missed one, let me know and I will get you an answer!

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Friday, February 19, 2010

The Mad Hatter

I'll start this story by saying that I teach PreK for those who don't know.  Sometimes this leads me to some fun things that I otherwise would not find.  Recently, one of the little girls in my class wore a hat of her mom's to school because they couldn't find hers as they were trying to get out the door and on their way to school and work.  It was the cutest winter hat I have ever seen.  It was a sock monkey hat.  I decided that I'd really like to have one of my own, so when I got home from work, I looked online and found that there are a lot of options for sock monkey hats, including my favorite color -- pink!  You could also order matching mittens.  Since it is pretty darned cold outside in the winter at recess and bus time, I decided to just order some and be done with it.

That's all well and good, I'm sure you all are thinking.  I thought so, too.  Finally, Saturday morning, the package arrived in the mail.  Curiously, I peered into the package as I opened it.  There, in all it's bright pink glory it was!  I pulled it out and I have to say, I did not have any buyer's remorse.  It's darned cute and the height of PreK fashion. 

Apparently, it's not just the height of PreK fashion, either.  Bunny and Blueberry are obsessed with my hat and mittens.  They are usually pretty calm, but they were like wild dingos or wolves, circling me and my new stuff as I sat on the couch.  I didn't like the looks in their eyes.

Me:  Back off, girls!  It's mine!

Bunny:  (staring intently, not at me, but at the hat)  If you say so...

Blueberry:  (licking her chops as she nearly drools)  There's one of you and two of us!  We'll just see!

Me:  That's it!  I'm putting these up!

I got up and went to the kitchen to put the hat and mittens in my coat pockets.  The girls circled the table, eyeballing the mittens on the table as I stuffed the hat into my pocket.  After finally getting that done, I stuffed the mittens in the correct pockets, making sure I got them in there all the way.  Darned if the girls didn't keep stalking my coat for about five minutes before their instinct to nap took over.

I ordered them their own sock monkey collars which hopefully will satisfy them, but I'm not holding my breath.  I guess you just never know what things will become a hot fashion trend!

Going for walks could get very interesting around here!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010


Bunny here, taking over the keyboard to tell you about my latest discovery.

You may recall a while back that Mom got a box of chocolate from her friend in Sweden.  It had chocolate in it that made even my nose drool!  There was raspberry yogurt inside the chocolate.  I don't know who the genius is who thought of this delicious concoction, but he or she deserves a special place in heaven for it.  Anyroo, Mom got another box the other day, and sure enough, there was more chocolate in there.

I turned on the doe eyes immediately.  Mom put most of it away, but she sat down with me on the couch and started to eat some.  I couldn't believe that she could be so rude and hard-hearted.  I put my paw on her leg.  I sighed.  She turned and looked at me.  She reminded me that chocolate really isn't good for dogs.  I'm not sure I believe that.  It may just be a lie that people tell so they can keep it all to themselves.  I ignored the comment and batted my eyelashes at her, scooting closer to her on the couch. 

And then, the magic happened.  She took a piece, bit it in half, and gave half to me.  Oh, it was magnificent!  It was like the joy of the first spring run in the dog park magically happened in my mouth!  I almost fell off the couch in ecstasy.  I only had that one little taste, but I know that there is more here somewhere. 

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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Chasing Away Cabin Fever

We decided to get out and beat the winter doldrums on Monday by bundling up and taking the girls to the dog park.  Even Lilac went along, although she protested until we got there.  Then she had a lovely time.  I was surprised to see her running a little with Blueberry and Bunny, even.  We cut it short for her, though, because we didn't want her breaking any toenails out there or making herself sore or lame.  It was great to see her romping with the younger hounds, though.  Bunny, of course, had a grand time and it didn't take much for her to get Blueberry to run with her.  I thought we'd share a few videos that might give you a smile.

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Monday, February 15, 2010

Hello There!

Friday afternoon, Mr. Taleteller and I were both off work.  It turned out to be a good thing.  To help his sister out, Mr. Taleteller offered to take our nephew for the afternoon and then return him when we arrived for the birthday party his family was having for her husband. 

When Mr. Taleteller arrived home with the baby, the dogs were very excited, especially Bunny.  She couldn't get enough of the baby and he couldn't get enough of her.  They had this amusing game going between the two of them.  The baby would reach out to touch her nose and she would stick her nose into his hand, letting him pet her, but then she would insist on moving her nose up to his face, blowing little breaths against his cheek.  He couldn't seem to decide if he liked it or not, but he did keep coming back for more and so did she.  Bunny also thought he had great toys and offered to keep getting more out for him!

She was quite put out that we left and took the baby, leaving her behind.  Normally, I wouldn't mind taking her over with us and letting her play with their dog, Suzie, but we thought there might be more people than usual there and so we told her she'd have to sit this one out.

I'd like to mention that we may not be able to post as much as usual this week, or post as many replies.  We will try and we will certainly be reading, but life will be a little hectic for us this week.  Mr. Taleteller's grandmother passed away quietly in her sleep early Friday morning a few months past her ninetyeth birthday.  We will have relatives returning from Japan for the service and be trying to help out with family things.  So, please don't be offended if our visits or posts seem infrequent.  I will have several posts that will go up this week as usual, but I can't promise we'll have one every day. 

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Sunday, February 14, 2010

Max's World Tour Continues...

We wanted to show Max around our area a little bit, but the cornfield didn't seem like it would be that exciting.  For those who don't know, Max lives in South Africa and he has been sick.  Since he always gives lovely tours of South Africa for us, we wanted to help show him other parts of the world.

So, we decided to take Max for a romp at our favorite dog park.  This place is tons of fun.  Sometimes you can even tree a squirrel.  Bunny almost caught one here once, but he had too much of a head start on her.

After that, we had to take him shopping.  My Dog's Bakery is our favorite place to shop.  They bake most of the treats there that day and they also have yummy stuff like reindeer antlers and bully sticks.  The toy and collar selection is pretty nice, too! 

Then we thought it would be fun to take Max down to the riverfront in Peoria.  There's usually a lot of neat stuff happening here and we didn't want to bore him with shopping all day.  They have art festivals, musicians, a long riverfront trail to take walks and bike rides on and lots of stores and restaurants.  Bark In The Park happens here, too.  We took him to our favorite place and got some steak since it's Valentine's Day and they had steak on special.

After that, we sent him on his way, since we knew he had more stops to make than Santa Claus on Christmas Eve!  It was great having him here this afternoon and we wish him safe travels on the rest of his journeys.

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