Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring In The Dog Park

Today was the first nice Saturday morning we've had this year, so we decided it would be a great day to take Blueberry and Bunny to the dog park to burn off some cabin fever. You know, since greyhounds always have all that bottled up energy anyway!

So, we load the girls up in the van. Everything is loaded up and off we go. I suspect the conversation between them went something like this.

Bunny: Where are we going? Do you think there will be people there who want to pet me?

Blueberry: The world does not revolve around you. They will obviously be waiting to pet me. Now let me catch a few winks before we get wherever it is we're going.

We arrive at the dog park on a sunny afternoon and there are only two dogs there in the big dog side, and a pair of loud-mouthed dachshunds in the small dog side. The girls sniff about a little, and then it begins. I know, you're thinking I'm about to say that they erupt into joyful strides -- true poetry in motion. That was my dream, and what I was hoping we'd end up with a few pictures of. Alas, no, my dogs have to go on Spring Pee Fest 2009. There can't be a leaf on the whole property that they didn't christen. I really thought that might be the only photo opportunity we had.

However, finally, Blueberry made an inspired discovery. Someone had just started the tiniest hint of a hole. She went to town, digging like she was excavating Milkbones from China! It was the most action the dog park was seeing all afternoon. Bunny tried to figure out what Blueberry was doing, but no people were surrounding the hole, and eventually she gave up to go and investigate the possibility of some people she hadn't been introduced to yet petting her. There are no strangers in Bunny's world.



Just as I was about to give up on the whole afternoon as a wash for the girls getting any kind of exercise, Bunny finally got her burst of energy, inspired by who knows what. She took off like a zephyr, sprinting through the trees and leaves like a tiny dervish. Soon Blueberry was in hot pursuit as well a young black lab who had no prayer of catching them. I thought she'd make one lap around the park, just for show and fun, but she ran crazy circles all over the dog park. This is the closest we came to capturing the idyllic moment, however.


After a few laps, Blueberry gave up on the tomfoolery and went back to her hole. Bunny trotted around, christened a few more leaves and then we were ready to head home. I don't think the girls had much to say to each other on the way home. They were both enjoying a sunshine and play enduced coma. It's good to have spring in the air!


  1. Blueberry girlfriend! I really like that pink necklace that you are wearing! You wear that pink necklace real good! That pink necklace that you are wearing real good, goes real good with your très exotique (that is French for very exotic!) brindle coat! I would say!

  2. Miz Carrie, don't you remember that after a long winter, greyhounds forget how to run? You are supposed to do a few laps to remind them. hehe
    S.M. Gund
    Blue, you've never looked lovelier!

  3. Max,

    I did run around, but I was the only one!

    The girls miss your handsomeness!


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