Thursday, August 27, 2009

Bunny's Adventures in Babysitting

Last night we were asked to babysit my husband's new nephew, Emery. If you look at that little face, you can see why it would be difficult to turn down the opportunity. Husband has a bit of a rivalry with his next oldest sister, and Emery is the first child of his second sister. So, the fact that he was asked to watch him instead of his sister sent him into a fit of near rapture. He's pretty fond of the little guy anyway, and honestly, he is a very happy, mellow little fellow. So, of course we agreed to go over and watch him while his mom and dad were out. Since we'd both been at work, we decided that it might be a good idea to take Bunny along. Emery has a dog at his house, Suzie, a young black lab who has a lot of energy, and we figured Bunny would have fun playing with her in the fenced in back yard. So, I stayed in town and Husband went home let the dogs out and fed them, and packed up Bunny.

Suzie was a wonderful and gracious canine hostess. However, she is used to playing with Husband's other sister's lab, which is a bit rough and tumble for Bunny. Lily, the other lab, was there during the day to play with Suzie, so she was feeling rather mellow. We went out to the back yard so the girls could play while Emery enjoyed his bottle in the shade with us. Bunny likes to play chase, but she insists that the other dog run first so that she can follow and then streak past into the lead, leaving the dog in her dust. Suzie prefers to chase her tennis ball and retrive it so that it can be tossed again. First, however, the girls had to have a poop fest so that they could run with streamlined grace. I don't know why being around a dog who doesn't live with them creates this need in dogs, but I know that it's true. I could put Bunny out in the pen at the same time at home and she might produce one little sample, but take her to somebody else's yard and she can produce more than an elephant! I don't understand how so much can come out of one little dog. However, I digress. The girls played a bit in the backyard, but it was a half-hearted effort. Neither really burned off too much steam.

Next, the instigated border patrol, sniffing the perimeter of the fence quite thoroughly. I'm not sure what they were sniffing for, but I am quite certain that they could not possibly have missed a single blade of grass back there. After they were satisfied with their investigation, they decided that they would retire back inside the house. This was where the real fun began. Bunny was shocked, delighted and amazed to learn that Suzie had the best toy ever -- a REAL, LIVE CAT! Scooters is a yellow striped little gal who delights in teasing dogs and children alike by staying just out of reach, as felines are often known to do. She also proved to be quite elusive when the camera was around as well. Once Bunny knew that the cat was there, she was beside herself with anticipation. She wanted to sniff her and play with her in the worst way. Of course, Scooters rebuffed all attempts by the cute little hound at becoming playmates. Suzie was somewhat mystified by the whole situation, no doubt wondering if Bunny had lost her mind. I believe their conversation went somewhat as follows.

Bunny: Oh, Scooooooooooters! Come out and plaaaaaaay!

Suzie (wagging her tail in a sort of confused but happy way): You do know she's a cat, don't you?

Bunny: Oh yes, but she's so soft and fuzzy! She looks like a great toy!

Suzie: Her claws are sharp! Trust me on this.

Bunny: But I'll bet she squeaks!

Suzie: Hisses is more like it!

Bunny: I just want a good sniff...

Suzie (squeaking a toy): I can think of better things to squeak!

Bunny (turning to look): Oh, that sounds like fun!

Suzie: After that, I'll show you my boy! He makes great sounds, too, and sometimes delicious things come out of his mouth.
Bunny: Now you have my attention!
For a while, the girls did do a good job of entertaining the baby. He did spit up once, and Suzie had his face clean so fast that if I had blinked, I would have missed the entire clean up moment. She has obviously figured out that he's like a mobile treat jar. Bunny really enjoys being around young children, and she is fascinated by Emery's scent. She really had fun playing with him for a while. But then, he began to rub his little eyes and his head began to droop. It was bedtime for the baby.

Of course, after he went to bed, the cat resumed her game of teasing Bunny, but she got tired of it and went to take a nap on her bed. Suzie went to bed as well. Apparently babysitting can really wear a puppy out


  1. How sweet and Emery is a very handsome boy. Mikayla enjoys seeing him on Sundays. :o)

  2. It looks like fun was had y all!!

  3. Oh that Emery is a VERY handsome lad and your story was delightful gal!

  4. 'Mobile treat jar'! Hahahahahaha!!! Looks like a very sweet mobile treat jar, too!

    Love that last pic.

  5. Hi there,
    There is something waiting for you to pick up at:


  6. such a sweet story - and the baby is adorable

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ


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