Sunday, August 9, 2009

Bunny's Perfect Morning

I had an appointment Friday at the eye doctor, so I was off work that day. It wasn't particularly early in the morning, so I had the luxury of sleeping in. As my husband was getting ready to leave for work, he asked Bunny if she wanted to come back to bed. This is one of her all time favorite activities. If she could come back to bed with me every morning after turn out and breakfast, her world would be darned near perfect. So, of course, he only had to ask her the question once. Bunny leaped on the opportunity, literally. There's nothing subtle or sneaky about her return to the bed. Cessnas have quieter, softer landings than Bunny lands on the bed. It's amazing that such a little dog can pack so much of a punch. She takes off from the living room doorway, launches herself into full flight mode and then circles as she lands on the bed cum runway with a run that ends in tiptoes by the time she reaches the area near my head. Still, it was a rainy Friday morning and I was exhausted from the return to school. It was not difficult to nod back off to sleep as the puppy settled in and curled up by my side.
Soon, however, she began to want just a little more. It wasn't enough that we were touching. She wanted it to be a certain kind of touching. I heard her little whisper in my ear as she blew air through her nose to see if I was really asleep.
Bunny: Mom, are you asleep?
Me: Yes, I am. That's why my eyes are closed.
Bunny (wiggling a little closer): Could you just, maybe, put your hand on me?
Me: Sure! Now go to sleep.
Bunny (a few minutes later, rubbing her head along my arm, which has become her pillow) : Do you think you could just rub my neck for a minute? It's my favorite spot and it's so itchy right now!
Me: I'm trying to sleep!
Bunny: I'll do most of the work, just put your hand right here on my neck.
Me: Whatever! Now let me sleep...
Bunny (wiggling and rolling to her back): Oh, this is the life! You know what would be even better? It would be better if your hand was resting on my tummy.
Me: I'm tired! I don't want to scratch your tummy right now.
Bunny (sticking her nose up beside my ear): I love you!
Me: You're lucky you're so cute! (I begin to rub her tummy, but drift back off to sleep.)
Bunny: Why are you stopping?
Me: I wasn't stopping, I was just resting my hand for a minute.
Bunny: It's been a minute already!
Me: Pushiness really isn't so cute, you know!
Bunny: You've left me no other options!
Me: Can't we just snuggle and rest for a while?
Bunny: I am!
Me: I meant both of us resting -- at the same time.
Bunny: Have I mentioned that being here alone, just the two of us, is my very favorite?
Me: Yes, I think you might have...
Bunny (rolling over again): This is the life!
Me: Yes it is!
Half an hour later, the neighbor kids begin slamming the door and yelling at the top of their voices outside the bedroom window and I give up getting any more sleep. I give Bunny one last belly scratch and a kiss on the nose. Then I roll out of bed.
Bunny: Where are you going? What are you doing? Can't you just come back to bed?
Me: I have to get up sometime.
Bunny: Oh, look, the couch is empty! Let's curl up there with some yogurt!

That's nice, too, but nothing beats an extra hour of sleep on a rainy Friday morning!


  1. She is sooo cute! How could you resist her pleas?

    None of mine have ever got onto the bed. I feel cheated!

  2. So cute :) Jazz loves to sleep on the bed even though she isnt aloud too

  3. This is the essence of a Greyhound. It's very hard not to let the laziness rub off! :)

  4. I love that she comes back to bed, and of course she is allowed! She gets pretty much whatever she wants with all that cuteness!

  5. Good morning!
    Linked to your site via Life with Dogs - great to find all the greyhound blogs! My dad has a rescue greyhound, and my sister has two - such fantastic, gentle dogs. Glad you got to slip back under the covers for a while - that's an awesome treat when you get to do it, and all the better to cuddle up with your pal!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  6. what a great bloggie you have - Life with Dogs sent us over - we are the bully brats it is great to meet you,

    lazy days with mommy are the best

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  7. What a fun morning!!! My brother Bilbo also loves going back to bed and snuggling with Mommy any time of day!!

    Life with Dogs also sent us over, and we are so glad he did!!


  8. Nigel said your blog was a good one and he was right! I am adding it to my blog list. My Fern and Howie say hi as well as the kitties.

  9. Introduced to you via Life with Dogs and have read several of the posts. Love the chatter between you and your dogs. And, ahem, as a multiple dog house, I totally understand the chaos that can happen.


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