Tuesday, June 9, 2009

One Wonderful Year

Two and a half years ago, a litter of puppies was born on November 10 that was very special. You may notice the lighter colored puppy next to her darker brother there in the puppy pen. She would grow up to be one remarkable little hound. By now you may be wondering how I know that. Well, that little puppy grew up and came to live with me one year ago. I have to say, I think she grew up quite spectacularly. She didn't get very big, Bunny could nearly fit in your pocket, but she did grow up to have one giant personality. One year ago today, we brought her home to help heal our hearts after Treat died. I hoped to keep doing therapy work, and to do that, I needed just the right hound. We went to the kennel with Blueberry to have a look, and met quite a few dogs. None of them seemed to be quite right, though. I wanted a greyhound who was really interested in me and wanted to be with us. After meeting a considerable number of dogs, I was feeling very discouraged. Finally, the volunteer there said they had one new little girl in, but they didn't know much about her. I asked to meet her, just out of curiosity. She walked in, leaned her body against mine with her head against my lap, and I was completely smitten. I worried a lot over the two weeks we had to wait to bring her home so she could be spayed and be ready to come home. Still, the day we went back to pick her up, the clouds of doubt parted and I knew I'd made the right call.
Bunny came in our house and promptly made herself at home. I was amazed by how well she behaved for being an eighteen month old puppy. I thought she might be a little wild, but after an inspection of the castle, the little princess decided that she was going to rule over us with her sweetness and charm. She visits the nursing home like a pro. Today she went to work with me and spent the last day of school for the kids with me and them, enjoying every minute of the attention she got. Our morning started with me getting ready for work like usual.
Me: Bunny, how would you like to go with me today?
Bunny: Is this a trick question?
Me: No, it's a special day! Today is one year since you came to live with us and I thought you'd like to do something special. It's the last day for the kids at school to come to class and they've been asking about you.
Bunny: Oh! Will they pet me? Just let me go fetch my collar!
One of the things I love about her is that even though we spoil the daylights out of her, she is still just as sweet as the day we brought her home, and just as happy to be with us as we are with her. She doesn't hide it behind the usual greyhound aloofness, either. Bunny lets everyone know that she is happy about everything. So, Bunny, here's looking forward to many more years together!


  1. What a very sweet post! I'm so glad you brought Bunny home and that she lived up to her early promise. I am experiencing a few doubts of my own with Sid, also (hopefully) to become my new therapy dog) but I feel that my doubts will disappear the moment he walks through my door, too. So far he has proved everything I hoped, visiting shows with me and greeting many different breeds with kindness and aplomb - even an IG pup who was beating him about the face with his paws!

    Bunny is absolutely beautiful. A little Princess, for sure. :)

    I still can't believe how much Treat looked like my Renie.

  2. I remember that feeling! I will say, as soon as she got in our house, I felt strongly that she was meant to be here.

    I always thought Renie and Jack were both quite good looking!


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