Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Bunny Works Her Magic

Bunny thought today was going to be just like every other day when my husband and I get up and get ready to go to work, leaving her here at home, wishing she were out on some grand adventure. However, we had other plans for her today. As I have mentioned before, I teach preK, and on occasion we take the dogs in to visit the kids in class. Today was one of those days. Bunny and I had a little chat about it this morning.

Me: Bunny, do you think you'd like to come to school and visit the kids today?

Bunny: Are you kidding?! They're perfect for petting me! They're just the right size!

Me: Well, Dad's going to bring you over in just a little while. He's going to take you by the vet's office to get your toenails trimmed and then you'll come down to school.

Bunny: I'm going to get petted at the vet's office and at school?! This is the best day EVER! Let me grab my collar!

Me: We have some new kids in class this year. I want you to be on your best behavior today. One of the boys is really afraid of our classroom rabbit. I want you to be particularly nice and calm today so he isn't scared.

Bunny: The RABBIT! Somebody pinch me! I must be dreaming!

Me: Now just you listen here! That rabbit is off limits! The kids really like Sassy. She is not a snack!

Bunny: (sigh) Oh alright! As long as you promise there will be petting!

Me: I promise, lots of petting!

And so, a short while later, after a nail trim, Bunny arrived at the school with my husband. She has been there before and she was quite happy to be there again. She came into the room very quietly and it took a few minutes for the kids to realize she'd arrived. Many of them have seen her before and she has a bit of a fan club in my class. They often ask me how she is, what she's been doing and when she'll be visiting again. A few of them were told yesterday that she'd be arriving today, but for most, it was a surprise when she showed up. Bunny is particularly good with young children and despite the fact that she is a very young greyhound, she knows when to turn on the charm and when to be on her best behavior. Even as the kids mobbed around her, she patiently and happily accepted all their attention.

I am often surprised by what effect her presence has on the kids in our room. One little boy who often has trouble getting along with his friends and often hurts others was extremely gentle with her. He couldn't seem to get enough of just being near her. He told me that he wanted to take her home or get a dog just like her. His whole body relaxed while he sat beside her. She turned and touched his nose with hers and he was in rapture.

Not even Sassy could distract her from the kids for very long. She gave everyone a bit of her attention. The little boy who is terribly afraid of our rabbit was very curious about her. I asked him if he wanted to pet her, and to my surprise, he replied with a quiet "yes." We walked over together and I told him I'd stay with him. We moved the other kids away for a minute and I knelt down to pet her, keeping her head on the other side of me. He reached out and touched her and his face lit up. He'd overcome his fear and tried something he desperately wanted to do. The look of accomplishment on his face was really amazing. He bravely stood by her and petted her several more times. Bunny's patience and sweetness totally won him over. I think she has a new friend for life.

I'm sure that Bunny has no idea what a big milestone meeting her was for several of the kids today. She was just happy to get out of the house and have a small adventure that involved lots of petting. However, I do think that she senses who needs just a little bit of TLC from her, and she has a gift for delivering that at the right time.

But of course, the most important part was the petting!


  1. You should have heard the shreaks of excitement as Mikayla shared with me as I read this about Bunny's visit. She told me all about her collar. Then when we scrolled down to see Mikayla's shirt and pants in the picture.... Oh my goodness the shreaks!! WOW! She can be so high pitched!! " I want Bunny to be Pinkalicious!"~Mikayla

  2. Bunny you are too cool!!! What an awesome day you had!


  3. Great job Bunny! And cudos to your mom for another wonderful entry!


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