Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Fourth Photo

We were tagged by Jey of The Depp Effect for the Fourth Photo challenge. We were supposed to go through, find the fourth photo in our photo files and post it. So, if you've been tagged, post your fourth photo, mention who tagged you and name three others to post their fourth photo.

The photo is of our girl Treat, as we got ready to attend Dewey a couple of years. It would prove to be her last trip with us. Going on any kind of trip was almost more excitement than Treat could bear, but going to Dewey was especially thrilling. She supervised all the packing and would have slept in the suitcases if she could have to make sure she got to go. In this picture, she was beside her own suitcase. Yes, she was so spoiled that she needed her own bag to carry all her things on the trip. Treat was the best traveller I have ever known. Life was always an adventure waiting to be had!

So, who else would like to play this game? How about Melody of Melody Sez? Perhaps Dory and her Mama from Dory's Backyard? Maybe Emma Rose will try it? We'll have to check out their blogs and see!


  1. I went to find a forth photo and who would you think it would be of.... Yes, Mikayla! Too funny. I will have to post it on FB to share. :o)

  2. Way cool!! Thanks for the tag and Mommy will make sure o get to it tomorrow!!

    Happy Weekend Smileys!

  3. Oh, look at her! She was so much like my lovely Renie, wasn't she? Such a pretty girl! All pink, too!

    Thanks for playing! Will you be at Dewey this year? I will!

  4. I wish we could go to Dewey this year like you can't believe! I would love to take Bunny, but I don't think it's in the cards for us this year. :(

  5. great pic - we have our own suitcases too

    Woodrow - Sweetie - MJ

  6. Beautiful pic of a beautiful lady!


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