Friday, May 7, 2010

And All I Got Was...

In case you didn't know, it's teacher appreciation week.  I might have forgotten it myself, except for the fact that Bunny's biggest fan from my class remembered it and showed up at school with fresh flowers for me and my teaching partner, pinwheels and some candy.  She also showed up with a present for Bunny. 

After seeing that presents were being given and hearing that they were for Bunny, another little boy in my class was stricken by a feeling of wanting to give a present.  He dug through his backpack and presented me with a half drunken bottle of Seven Up, announcing that it was for Blueberry.  He also later gave me a piece of paper that he used a star punch on to cut out the edges to make it fancy, and told me that was also a gift for Blueberry.

I dutifully brought home the gifts and presented them to the girls.  As you might guess, their reactions were somewhat different when I presented them with their presents.  The conversation was entertaining, to say the least.

Me:  Girls, I have presents for you from school.

Bunny:  A present?  For me?  Oh boy!  Oh boy!  What is it?

Blueberry:  Presents?!  I love presents!

Me:  This bow is for Bunny from Miss M!

Bunny:  Oh, I love it!  Look!  There's even a sparkly heart on it!  I need to go write a thank you to her right now!

Me:  I'm sure she'd like that!  And Blueberry, here's half a bottle of Seven Up!

Blueberry:  Seriously, what is my present?

Me:  He sent you this bottle of soda to drink and this piece of paper.

Blueberry:  No sparkly bow? 

Me:  Um, no, I'm afraid not.

Bunny:  It's the thought that counts, Blue!

Blueberry:  Says the girl with the sparkly bow.  I'm off for a nap! 

For those who are curious, no I did not let Blueberry drink the soda.  She has quite a collection of her own bling, gathered over the years.  As a matter of fact, she may have more than Bunny does.  She's just not flashy about showing it off.  It strikes me as funny and sweet that the boy from class wanted her to have something, and honestly, knowing him, in his mind, giving her half his soda was a great honor.  He wanted to make sure she got something.  You have to love the sense of fair play involved, even if the outcome was funny!

Bunny here, sneaking in for a quick word!   Thank you Miss M for the fancy bow!  Your mom does good work.  The yogurt was yummy last night, too!  I'm still licking my lips!

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  1. The bow is so pretty - perhaps Bunny will share it with Blueberry.
    We loved that the little boy wanted Blueberry to have a gift too - that was so touching - even if the present was a little unusual.
    We still laugh at Bunny's reaction to the parcel that contained a seat belt.
    It so reminded me of one of my sons!
    ps when he was much much younger of course.....just in case he ever sees this comment!!!

  2. That little boy will get far in life, what a sweetie! I was giggling at Blueberrys reaction and now at the basset ladies one too!!
    Eric x

  3. I guess the glass is half full - but you'll need to stir the bubbles out of it for Blueberry. :)

  4. A half drunk bottle of Seven-Up is as good as it gets.

  5. Great pictures to illustrate! What a sweet thoughts from both kids.

  6. Kids do the darndest things, Blueberry! but that WAS awfully special and sweet that he gave you his most prized bottle of Seven-Up. He wanted you to have the last sip!

    Happy Teacher appreciation week to your momma and woo guys too! Most of us end up with no more than five or six people who remember us. Teachers have thousands of people who remember them for the rest of their lives.

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

    PeeS. Mack and Mia's momster here...There is not another little boy or girl on the way, although, I wouldn't mind entertaining the thought in the future...maybe... When I said I would have to do it all again in five years I meant that I'll have to go through all those same feelings when he starts middle school! UGH - Where did all the time go? :)

  7. Beautiful bow for Bunny and very funny story!!!! Half a bottle of 7-Up, too much!

  8. Hehehe....I'm sorry that just mades me all giggly inside. Howevers, it is da thought that counts. My girl is ALWAYS drawing piktures fur me. I thinks it was very sweet of that little boy so suck it up Blueberry and writes him a note too.
    PS: Puddles mum here...Thank you for being a teacher. I know at times it may seem like a not-so-great job but I know you have made a difference in some childrens lives.

  9. The pictures say it all!!

    Thanks for all you do Bunny Mama!

  10. Haha! I LUVS that little boy! That was very much sweet of him. (But I don't blame Blueberry for wanting a sparkly bow instead.) My great gramma used to teach music to little human pups and they would always bring her some "different" kinds of pressies. One of her favorites was a little boy who brought her one of his momma's half-used lipsticks. She told him thank you for the thought but your momma prolly really wants that back. heehee.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Awww, poor Miss Blueberry! But as you say, it was a great honour for her really. Little boys do not give up soda easily, you know! And the paper! Surely she appreciated the paper! LOL!

  12. Every bit of this story is adorable!

  13. aww that is so thoughtfull of mis m
    and how cute of the little boy too. kids are so innocent in their dogs .
    we love how loved your puppers are

    pibble wiggles
    the pittie pack

  14. That boy sounds a bit like my students...who are in high school. That was so nice of them to think of you and Bunny; she looks quite dashing in the bow.

  15. How sweet that the boy didn't want Blueberry to be left out -- even if she didn't quite appreciate his gift! Sounds like a great group of kids!

  16. As a former teacher myself I can definitely understand why the little boy thought the gifts for Blueberry were wonderful! I can remember receiving wilted flowers, stickers, pictures of things I never could decipher, etc, as gifts and I was always touched by the student's thoughtfulness. I hope Blueberry understood that the boy couldn't afford to give her a sparkly bow though! How adorable is that bow, though? How pretty it looks around Bunny's slender neck!

  17. I did not know dogs can eat yogurt ;)
    Lovely story today !!!!

    Hugs Love from Kareltje =^.^=

  18. That is so sweet. Kids are so sincere.

    Emma Rose

  19. What thoughtful kiddlets you mom teaches! Bunny looks so proud of her bow! I bet if you emptied the 7-up bottle Blueberry might enjoy playing with it - an empty plastic bottle is one of my very favorite things!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  20. Hmm, my wife didn't mention Teacher Appreciation Week, so I'm going to guess they don't have that at her school ...

  21. This made me giggle! All through college, I volunteered at an elementary school working with the kids. I love the little ones...they say and do the cutest things that can brighten your day! Oh, and the expression on Bluberry's face is priceless :)

  22. Our two legger works at a school. One day this week, the principal announced on the intercom "Students, please stop what you are doing and look at your teachers. Please applaud them for all of their efforts." My two legger doesn't hear as well as we dogs do. She thought the principal said "Students, please stop what you are doing and look at your t-shirts." How crazy! Anyway they gave her lots of sugary treats all week. Now she has to make up for it by walking us lots!♥


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