Friday, May 14, 2010

Training Humans Is Tough, But Rewarding

Bunny here, finally getting my turn with the laptop! 

You might have read earlier this week that I was a bit upset with Dad after he stepped on my tail.  I have to say, that really smarted.  However, I'm a forgiving kind of girl.  It's much easier to go take a nap than to hold a grudge, plus, you might miss out on some petting opportunities that way.  So, I was willing to let it go and forget about it.

Well, the next morning I was having a very pleasant nap and wouldn't you know, Dad had to come in and interrupt me.  He had the nerve to ask me to get off the bed!  How am I supposed to get my morning nap in without the bed to sleep in?  He said he needed to make the bed.  That would just figure, after I'd gotten the quilts arranged just the way I liked them. 

I came to the living room and told Mom all about it, but my nap was already ruined.  At least Mom gave me her yogurt cup and let me curl up in her spot when she got up to go to work.  I had no choice, I had to give Dad the cold shoulder again.  At this point, I'm starting to have doubts about my abilities to train these people.  Perhaps I'm a failure as a human trainer!

Wednesday morning was a whole different story, though.  Dad woke us all up at some inhumane hour when there aren't even any cats out prowling around and drug us outside to use the powder room.  Again, I was having serious doubts about my methods and abilities for training my humans.  After he let us back in, I got back in bed where everyone belongs at that hour and curled up next to Mom.  Dad left go to on his special trip and we were all still sleeping.  Even Lilac went back to sleep, which has to be some kind of miracle!

Mom got up when her alarm went off and gave me a little tummy rub.  She went in the bathroom for a little bit and then came in and folded up Dad's quilt.  Then she tugged on the other one and told me to move over.  She asked me to get off the bed and said that same nonsense about how she had to make it.  I rolled over and offered to let her rub my tummy for good luck.  I mean, doesn't everybody's day go better after a good tummy rub?  She rubbed it a little and then still told me to get off the bed.  I batted my eyelashes at her and wagged while still showing my tummy.  She sighed and then she made the bed around me.  Mom told me that I could lay in there as long as I didn't mess it up.  Score!

So, perhaps I'm not as bad at training these humans as I feared.  Mom's training is really exceeding my expectations now.  Is it possible that my dad is defective or something?  Oh, and Mom has to work late tonight, so I probably won't get to visit much until maybe later this evening or weekend.

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  1. I don't khoncept why some are so insistent on making the bed -

    I mean, aren't they going to use it again ?


  2. Bunny, what is it with this wanting to make the bed?
    Now it may be that you have humans who have some obsessional traits.
    This will require you to look at your training methods again.
    It may be that they can only concentrate once the bed is made - their obsession to do this will get in the way of tummy rubs and treats.
    Our advice is let them make the bed and then pop back on - try and look tidy at all times as this will please your humans and make ongoing work much easier.
    We find working on a reward basis works well with our humans.
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  3. It looks like you're getting them trained. You are so lucky that your peeps will let you get on the bed!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  4. Looks like you have made some serious progress this week!!

  5. Bunny you are doing grrreat with the momster's training. Perhaps you should concentrate on HER and then hope that SHE can help you model the behaviours you want Dad to do. I find that the Moms are Much easier to train than the dads. They seem to have some stubborn streak.
    Keep up the goood work and keep us posted.
    PeeS... you are right about the morning tummy rub being good luck for the two leggers!!

  6. You are lucky, Bunny, I'd love to be able to get on the bed!
    I'm afraid I can't sympathize with you about the making of the bed thing, 'cause I've never experienced it.

    But I have my own dog bed, and sometimes mom puts down blankets for me when we go to sleep. It's very nice of her, and sometimes I feel bad but it's not the way I wanted to sleep. So I always dig at them and make them all lumpy before curling up.

    That must be the human's problem--they have to lie on things that are flat! And they think us dogs need flat things too. They're so silly.

    Licks and luv,

  7. Certainly got your work cut out for you, that is for sure. Humans are so totally inconsistent!

  8. Why they sooo intent on making up da bed, ain't it yours anyway? That is da behavior I would try to stop PRONTO. If you don't want your bed made then it don't haves to be. I agree with Frankie, ALWAYS work on da mum furst.

  9. Oh! Houndstooth,
    don't worry so much. it has nothing to do with your ability to train humans. it's the same story here everyday.and yeah, we too have mummy trained better than daddy.
    have a grrt weekend,
    Bud n Gin

  10. My mom's kinda given up on the whole bed making thing. Which is why it kinda always looks crazy in pictures. When she starts to make the bed, I gives her the reminder about how I used to be a poor, deprived dog who had to sleep on the cold, hard ground and does she REALLY want to deprive me of the comfy, warm bed? Gets her everytime!

    And as far as training your dad goes, remember to be consistent and patient. It just takes some humans longer to catch on. Are you using strong enough reinforcements with him?

    Keep it up. I knows it can get frustrating but they're worth it.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. Aggg.Your Dad must have some terrier in him to be so difficult to train. I would advise using a clicker and a lot of cheesey rewards for the next year or so. You may eventually get there. Can't promise though.

    Wiry wags Eric xx

  12. My dogs definately don't understand to stay off the bed when it is made! Its my fault though, they have me trained as well! Love the picture of you sleeping!

  13. Very cute! Love the title especially. :-)

  14. Hi, Bunny!
    I wonder why they are obsessed with making beds!
    Glad you could stay there at the end!
    Kisses and hugs

  15. Isn't it great when you finally get the humans to make the bed around you??? Mamas are much easier to train cause they are girls...and we all know that girls are much smarter than boys...right??

    Girls Rule Smileys!

  16. This does sound trying. The humans are so slow sometimes. Keep up the good work and remember to reward even the slightest sign of the right behavior.


  17. Nice work, I'm glad your efforts are paying off with Mom!


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