Friday, May 21, 2010

Greyhound Sighting

I'm going to tell you all a secret about greyhound people.  If you have a greyhound, I'm betting that you will laugh or nod your head at this post.  If you don't have a greyhound, this will be a revelation of one of the things that many point to as proof that owning a greyhound is pretty much the same thing as joining a cult.  I remember laughing about all those Saturn owners years ago who actually drove to Tennessee to see where their cars were made.  Then I was owned by a greyhound and I really couldn't mock those people anymore, because we have our own shade of unusual.

Most of the people who own a greyhound don't know a lot of other people in their area who own a greyhound, unless they happen to live in a really populated area.  So, when you do see another one, you get all shades of excited.  You see, greyhounds are slightly snobbish.  I attribute it to the fact that they were once only good enough for royalty.  Whatever it is, most greyhounds are quite fine with other dogs, but when they are around other greyhounds, they really turn on.  They are used to being in the company of other greyhounds and nothing else until they retire.  What they must think when the get their first view of a Labrador, Chihuahua or Siberian Husky is beyond me.  I do know that all of our greyhounds have had a deep fixation with our good friends' German Shepard.  They'll spend countless minutes just inhaling his fur.  I suspect they might have hair envy, but I'm glad they're a short-coated breed.  So is my Dyson.  In any event, it's great fun for greyhound owners to meet other greyhound owners and it's often a rare occurance.

This leads to my revelation.  Greyhound owners are stalkers.  If we are driving down the road and spot another person walking other greyhounds, you are in much more danger than if we've just left Happy Hour and are texting while driving.  It often results in quickly applied brakes while we try to figure out how to get across four lanes of traffic to stop the person and ask about their dogs.  Greyhound owners will always talk about their dogs, trust me on this.  Nobody is a stranger when you find out they also own a grey.

Such was my position the other night on the way home from work.  I've been really sick this week, and so was moving a bit slow on the way home.  I stopped to do a bit of necessary shopping and grab dinner since Mr. Taleteller had to go to a meeting Tuesday night.  I was sluggishly making my way home later than usual.  That's when I saw them, a pair of greyhounds being walked by a man.  I was past the lane where I could stop to turn and go back to ask about the brindle and black hounds.  I looked around.  There wasn't a good place to turn around and get back, and I figured that by the time I could go back, they'd be long gone.  I've really been wanting to meet some other greyhounds locally that the girls could play with.  I was so disappointed that I'd missed them.

So, I did what any good greyhound person would do.  I found a reason to go by late again the next night.  No sign of them, but maybe someday I'll prevail.  I'm sure there are twelve step programs for us greyhound nuts, but nobody wants the cure!

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  1. As a member of THE HERD will no doubt paw later, Siberian folks are the same way ;-)


  2. We are lucky that 3 other greyhounds sometimes come to our favorite dog park. There is also a whippet who is often there and occasionally a couple of iggy's. Yes, we love to see our greyt friends and our owners love to talk.

    We understand!

  3. We hope you get to meet up with those greyhounds soon!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  4. Maybe it is a hound thing because it is exactly the same with bassets!
    We have even had people stopping their car to talk with us cos they have a basset.
    In fact our only basset buddies are via blogland and there are not so many of them!
    Basset owners are the only humans on earth who can totally empathize with the 'flat basset' syndrome when your basset flatly refuses to budge and gets themselves so 'flat' you cant even get a grip of them!
    Lovely pics.

  5. I think it's the same way for everyone with a pawticular breed. If we met someone with a Shar Pei, we'd stalk them til we ran them to ground. And anyone who has a Shar Pei, even if the Shar Pei isn't with them at the time, stops us to talk Shar Pei.

    wags, Lola

  6. Scottie folks can surely identify with this post. As far as I know there are 8 Scotties in my hometown and right this minute 5 of them are sleeping in my house. BOL!!

  7. Hope you can meet up with those mystery grayhounds soon!

  8. What a hoot! If only you'd got a car with a tighter turning circle. I guess if we ever saw another PON we'd become stalkers too.

  9. So cute all those woofs-woofs
    and such a lovely story :)))

    Have all a Happy Weekend
    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  10. Those greyhounds look very, very warm :)

    I can imagine that greyhound owners would connect like that! I haven't been around many Greys but I've heard they are very unique and sort of cat-like.

    It's definitely different with Lab people. Maybe because there are so many people with Labs? Maybe because Labs are just so...normal? Whatever it is, when you meet a person and they say that they have a Lab, you don't usually get that connection....

  11. Yep I can relate to this thingy. My mom and dad do this same stuff when they see another dachshund along the way. We are hounds too so you might be right about that part.

  12. You could sub in "vizsla" for "greyhound" in this post and it would still be completely accurate! :-)

  13. i don't think you are being weirdo at all, miss taleteller! i think that our hoomans love all doggies, but they are always gonna be drawn to other hoomans that have doggies of the same breed. that's just the way it goes! :)
    the booker man

  14. I waited in a Walmart parking lot for a while to see who owned a vehicle covered in greyhound magnets. I considered having her paged, but didn't have the nerve to do that. LOL We've been stalked many times by people and know it's just part of being in this cult.

    Hope you are feeling better. I've been sick this week, too.

  15. I agree Mrs.Greyhound Lovin mum gets all ridiculous and emabarrasing when her sees a doxie out and about. But her also does that when she happens to see a greyhound or Great Dane. Da woman has problems I'm tellin ya.
    Oh Bunny, I hopes you didn't hurt your butt when you fell off da couch...hehehehe!

  16. Oh, wow, I can completely relate! I made Bella wake up from a sound sleep (on the sidewalk) to go chase down a big brindle male that just walked by, so I could talk to his human :D

  17. Yeah!we toatally understand what u mean.Mummy would go crazy over any lab she comes across and can't just stop talking about us.labs are pretty common and you come across them almost evrywhere.Besides,mummy goes crazy about any breed of dog.
    we sure hope you meet the hooman with the hounds and they can be Bunny's new friends
    and we hope u are feeling better now
    wags, Bud n Gin

  18. We think Greyhounds are beautiful, hope you get to meet up with those sometime!

  19. You are so right! We've had people run out of houses and down the street after us just to talk about greyhounds!

    Share the love!

  20. What a great post! We can relate...even though we do live in a populated area with tons of like dogs we are dog-stalkers too. I think it's a lot of self-affirmation about how everyone else has crazy-thoughts about pitties, but we know the truth.

  21. know me so well. ;) At least I am not alone in my addiction.

    Have a great weekend!

  22. Two Greyhound Town...LOL. I have done the same thing. Hung around trying to look casual until the person with the GH sticker comes out to their car. I'm pathetic. ;)

  23. I am sure you will find them soon!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Well, Khyra clearly beat me to it, but, yes, we Siberian people are the same way. And Sibes, who generally like all dogs, go absolutely ballistic when they see their own kind.

  25. LOL! People stop in the middle of the road when Grandma walks her greyhounds. She has a bumper sticker on the back of her car that reads: "My greyhound is smarter than your honor student." :)

  26. Hee hee, my mom does the same thing when she sees someone walking a Rat Terrier...


  27. What you speak is soooo true! It's been 10 years since Sophie crossed the bridge, but we still go goofy when we see people with greyhounds and make the effort to chat with them.

  28. Thank you for sharing that insight with us :)
    I hope you feel better soon.

    The first photo is so cute, those coats look so nice and warm.

    Love, Bella.

  29. You truly are a stalker :)

    Actually, I have to admit that even a Lab owner can behave so crazily. Because there are lots of labs around, our heads are whipping from side to side as we drive, pointing out Labs to each other. But, we've never actually turned around to go see them... except maybe once :)

    It's funny how many of us find a breed that suits our personalities so well... for us it's Labs, for you it's Greyhounds!

  30. We Frenchie folk suffer from a similar dilemma! Not many around, so if you meet one it's a big deal! We totally understand!

    Michelle & Brutus


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