Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Canine Activity Anyone?

It seems that Bunny may have taken the idea of saving my spot a little too seriously. It's hard to imagine, since she's generally not too serious about life in general. However, there are some things she holds sacred. Saving my spot appears to be one of them.

You can see here that Bunny is in repose, apparently not only saving my spot on the bed, but keeping it warm as well. You have to love that magical Swedish foam! Any dog owner would feel the cockles of their heart warmed when they found their devoted canine saving them a place with such devotion. I admit that the cuteness of the scene touched me when I saw it, which is why there's a photograph of the moment.

I quietly put on my pajamas, so as not to disturb her. Then I went into the bathroom to wash my face and brush my teeth to prepare for bed. While I performed those routines, my husband went in and got in bed. He brought out his favorite quilt and curled up to read. I emerged from the bathroom and made my way to bed, where my husband had been kind enough to prop up a pillow in my sleeping space so I had a place to get in. This is where the problem began. Bunny decided that she needed to snuggle with my pillow and save my spot for me as if I were really there.

So, I walked in and looked at the bed. I tried to convince Bunny to move over on her own. She closed her eyes and pretended to be asleep. I know that I heard my husband snicker as he, too, pretended to be asleep. So, after a few unsuccessful moments of trying to move my puppy (Have I mentioned that she graduated at the top of her obedience class?) over a few feet, I decided that perhaps I could slide the pillow out from under her and slide myself into the spot. I'm sure that every dog owner out there has tried this at some point, with probably the same lack of success that I experienced. Of course she sank right onto the bed, stretching out into my space even more. I tossed the pillows aside, undeterred, and fluffed the pillow I planned to sleep on, lifting the blankets back as far as I could. I managed to slide underneath her and got a sigh of annoyance for my efforts. I got into the bed, but somehow, there was only a tiny strip of blanket available to cover me. I pulled and tugged and somehow managed to wrest away just enough to cover myself with, if I laid very still and didn't turn over. The next morning, the conversation between my husband and I is mystifying.

Me: How did I get left with no blankets last night?

Husband: You too?

Me: What do you mean? You went to bed first!

Husband: I was sleeping on the edge of the bed! And I've got bruises!

Me: Bruises? Yeah, right!

Husband: (lifting his shirt) No, look, right here!

Me: What happened to you? That looks awful!

Husband: I thought you beat me up in my sleep!

Me: Trust me, if I was going to do that, I wouldn't leave any marks that anyone could see! But I didn't, just for the record!

Husband: Well, if you didn't do it, then who did?

Me: I don't know! I still want to know how I ended up with no blankets last night after I got myself covered up!

Bunny: Did Blueberry bother anybody else on the bed last night?

We both turned and looked at Bunny at the same time. Surely our sweet little puppy wouldn't do something like that! Could Blueberry be the culprit? Perhaps we'll have to set up a camera to solve our mystery. Canine Activity anyone?


  1. Sadly, I am most experienced with this on a nightly basis. The dogs point out that there are beds on the floor - I should try one of those.

  2. S Maxwell Gund, Esq. here. Clearly, no mature hound would inflict bodily harm to the keeper of the food scoop. The only possible explanation is -- the cat did it.
    I rest my case!

  3. Too funny...Thank goodness our pups just hog the bed and are too small to inflict damage...:-)


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