Monday, October 12, 2009

So, You're Saying There's A Chance?

Since the fiasco of Lilac's birthday breakfast, we have had a surge of more than the usual begging from a certain dog here in the house. It started innocently enough. Hawk lost a considerable amount of weight and he's always been on the lean side. He didn't have the weight to lose, so we began making a special recipe we got on Greytalk for meatballs that involved raw hamburger, peanut butter, oat meal, eggs and Karo syrup. It stimulated all the hounds to eat A LOT! Bunny was stalking the others, trying to get every morsel of the concoction that she could. Hawk was reluctant to eat it at first, and Bunny was happy to scarf it up for him lest it go to waste, but after he did, he became ravenous. He was practically tap dancing in the kitchen to get his next meal.

He has always had a habit of feeling that we should feed him some of what we are eating. I have no idea where he got that idea! Certainly not from my husband feeding him part of his sandwich every day at lunch time. Since the illness and the meatballs, however, he had become pushier than an old lady at senior discount day at the local buffet. He barks, insistantly, like a seal and does a little hop on his front feet. You would honestly believe that we were starving him here the way he carries on. The conversations between he and my husband over food leave me giggling to myself, but I dare not comment out loud.

Hawk: Hey!

Husband: Don't even start! I am not giving you my food!

Hawk: (looking suitably pathetic) I'm hungry!

Husband: You have a bowl full of dog food in there!

Hawk: It's just plain old kibble! I'm old! I need proper sustanance!

Husband: What's in your bowl is all you're getting!

Hawk: (beginning to drool) My bowl is empty! I swear! I'm still hungry!

Husband: I don't believe you. I was just in the kitchen. Now go on!

Hawk: (looking like Old Yeller, an Oscar worthy performance if there ever was one) I'm STAAAAAAAARVING!

Husband: You can't be starving! We spend ungodly amounts of money on your food every month! You eat better than we do!

Hawk: I beg to differ! (staring pointedly at Husband's sandwich)

Husband: This conversation is over. I'm not giving it to you and that's final!

Hawk: (moving closer, employing some long lost instincts from his coyote cousins) Is that your final answer?

Husband: Yes it is! NOW GO LAY DOWN!

Hawk: (goes to the bed, circles, then reappears silently over Husband's shoulder) Look, Blueberry's stealing your sandwich!

Husband: What? Hawk, I told you no! Oh geez! You're drooling on my sandwich!

Hawk: Well, it's no good now! I guess you'll just have to throw it in my food bowl...

Husband: (grumbling) Oh, just eat it!

Hawk: I knew you'd see it my way eventually!

We'd also like to wish Husband a very Happy Birthday on Tuesday! He puts up with so much. We really do love him for it!


  1. That's cute!! Poor little puppy is starving!! I have one just like that!!!
    Happy Birthday to your Husband!!

  2. Good job, Hawkmeister!
    Happy Birthday, Dadberry!

  3. That face will work on everybody. Perfect!
    Happy Birthday wishes...

  4. Sounds like he's a real softie! Happy Birthday to him!

  5. Great story, and humorous as always gal! Happy B-day to Mr. Tooth!!

  6. Chuckling - just more proof to us canines that no does not always mean no.

  7. Lilo is just as pathetic. The way she hovers over your plate while you eat is tragic. You would think I hadn't fed her in a week the way she begs from people. She has perfected the poor pitiful me look when there is food present. She loves to hover near the boyfriend. She knows he will cave before I will =)

    Jess & Lilo


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