Sunday, October 18, 2009

Save Me A Seat

Well, another school break is over for me. It's time for me to go back to work to earn money for important things like dog food and electricity so we don't all freeze to death. Everyone knows the signs of the end of break. Bunny, in particular, had been very clingy with me today. The rest of the dogs probably don't care that much one way or the other whether I'm here or not, but Bunny feels that we should be together at all times.

It's not just that we should be together, either. Bunny feels that we should be touching, or at least able to touch, at any moment of the day. I wouldn't say that it's a separation anxiety situation, she is just a very attached puppy. Today she spent a good part of the afternoon actually laying in my lap, her head on my stomach or shoulder. She also let me know that I was supposed to be petting her by rolling her head a bit or looking up a me with one eye when I got lazy. I know she wants me to be home with her, and quite honestly, I'd rather be at home with her than anyplace else in the world.

One thing that changes when I'm home is that I demand my one spot on the sofa. I don't ask for the whole couch, but I do ask for my corner. Blueberry often takes over the other corner and Bunny will jump up in the middle and curl up to me if Blueberry is on the couch. I suspect that Blueberry doesn't much care for sharing the couch when we're away, but if we're home, all bets are off. Bunny takes advantage of the situation to get whatever she wants with her cuteness. This afternoon as we laid on the couch, we talked things over a bit.

Bunny: You're really going back to work tomorrow?

Me: Yes, it's a necessary evil if you want to keep eating that fancy food of yours.
Bunny: I could just come with you. The kids like me!

Me: Not all day, every day. I'm pretty sure that wouldn't fly. Besides, it would interrupt your napping schedule.

Bunny: Naps are very important...

Me: I was thinking. Would you mind doing me a favor while I'm gone?
Bunny: What would that be?

Me: Well, you know how much I like my spot here on the couch?

Bunny: Yes, we all know that! You even made cute little me move over from there this morning!

Me: Right! Well, since I'm not going to be here for a while, I was thinking maybe you could save it for me. You know, keep it warm and everything.

Bunny: I think I could do that.

Me: Of course, I'll prewarm it for you in the morning before I go. All you have to do is keep your head on my pillow and curl up in my corner so Blueberry doesn't get her stink on it!

Bunny: Oh yes! I can do that!

Me: Thank you! I promise extra petting for you when I get home then!

Bunny: Why didn't we work out this deal a year ago? Sign me up!

And so it goes, I'll be a little busy getting back to work and we may have a few less adventures while that happens, but we'll get back into the swing of things soon. There will be days off together in November and December break will be here before we know it! I'm sure that life won't become less exciting here just because I have to go back to work, either. We'll find the time to update, but it may be a little different than it's been recently.


  1. OHHHH, she loves you! Happy Monday!

  2. Poor Bunny! Days off won`t come soon enough! Nicely done entry gal!

  3. Hey, everyone of us needs a job to feel needed. Couch warmer sounds great to us.

  4. That Bunny sure does drive a hard bargain!! But she has a pretty sweet responsibility while you are at work!!


  5. " Blueberry doesn't get her stink on it!"

  6. Max, I should explain that Blueberry is very persnickety about "her stink". She goes to great lengths to get it just so -- including once ruining a brand new collar we got in Dewey to roll on something stinky outside. If she thinks her "stink" is off, she will go nuts in the house, rubbing against the couch, the dog beds and the bath mat until she's satisfied that it's right again. It's a bit of a joke here in our house. Getting a bath is particularly distressing for her afterwards. It's just one of her quirks!


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