Tuesday, September 7, 2010

If You Can't Run With The Big Dogs...

Well, of course Labor Day weekend was too nice for us to let it go by without a trip to the dog park.  Since we had the girls out hiking Saturday and Sunday, and Blueberry didn't get to go with us Sunday, we decided to take it easy and visit the dog park Monday afternoon.  We got there and were happy to see a nice group of dogs exploring the park.

One of the dogs was the biggest Sibe I have ever seen.  I even asked his people and they confirmed that he is a Siberian, and that they hadn't expected him to get so big, either.  He was appropriately named Bear and Morgan just loved him.  Actually, all the dogs in the park seemed to really like the gentle giant and all the dogs were getting along quite well.

Of course, things had to take a turn for the interesting after we'd been there for a few minutes.  A couple of young men came in, and I saw that one had a pair of pugs and the other had some sort of small terrier, one who gives the nickname terriorist its meaning.  There is a nice area for small dogs at the park, but it's not as big as the large dog section.  It's not unusual for people with smaller dogs to sometimes ask to come over with the big dogs.  We are honest with people when they ask and tell them that we have not had Morgan long enough to be sure that she won't get too rough with little dogs and that the Greyhounds could run over them.  That is a moot point, however, since they didn't ask anyone if it was okay for them to join our side, they just brought them in, already unleashed.

For the most part, I don't think my dogs would ever have a problem with a little dog, but I do know that running loose in a large area changes things, as does pack dynamics.  Our dogs weren't near the gate when they came in, so their entrance seemed like it would be somewhat uneventful.  The pugs were actually very sweet little dogs who were very well-mannered and socialized.  They didn't seem to have any trouble entering the pack and getting along. 

The terrier, on the other hand, I'm not sure should have been let loose near anything.  Charlie, as all were soon to learn his name, went after every large dog that even looked his way.  Of course, Charlie's owner thought it was all very funny that Charlie thought he was a big dog.  I don't really care how big Charlie thinks he is.  What I care about is that he didn't belong around other dogs in the state that he was in, and size didn't matter.  After he made a snarl and nip at Bunny, who was perfectly capable of handling things herself, Morgan stepped in and decided that nobody was messing with her packmates on her watch.  I informed Charlie's owner that while he might think Charlie was cute, nobody else was enjoying his company and that my dogs were more than capable of cleaning his clock.  I don't doubt that the labs, pit bull puppy or Siberian could have handled him, either.

Then, in true big dog fashion, the big dogs all wandered off and ignored him, no doubt confident that they didn't have anything to fear from him.  His owner lead him off to play away from the others for a bit and then left.  I'm sure the glares from the other owners had something to do with their rather short visit.  It certainly didn't spoil our trip to the dog park.  After Morgan's show of solidarity, Bunny relented a bit and invited her to a round of chase. 

It was great to see all three of them run together.  I wish I'd gotten the beginning of their romp on the video, too, but I'm happy I at least caught the end.  Bringing home three tired and happy dogs before we went off to our holiday cookout was worth the price of admission.  They were all so tired that none of them even acted like they wanted to go with us!

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  1. I'm making googly eyes from here at the handsome hunk of Siberian!

    As fur the terror.....


  2. i love Sibes but there's not many of them in my country. Love the vids of them racing... if i ran with them... i'll probably trip and fall in the first leg itself.. hahhahahahaa

  3. Three tired and happy dogs. That's priceless.

  4. Your dogs sure had a good time. Don't think we have dog parks here, certainly I've not heard of one.

  5. What an awesome park! I think that with the speed our dogs run we're lucky to catch anything on video, well done:-)

    I am always glad when our walks are over and we've all arrived home unscathed. But as usual, it's the owners that are the problem!

  6. That is great to see the 3 of running together!

    Glad to hear the liitle terror didn't stay too long:)

  7. Woof! Woof! PAWSOME time at the dog park. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  8. That Sibe has such long legs, a great looking dog.
    We have smaller fenced in area for little dogs at the park too, the only little dogs that come over to the big dog are regulars normally but every once in awhile someone brings in a little dog that goes nuts trying to charge and ankle bite the large dogs and drives me nuts.
    Looks like a great park and glad yall had a great weekend!

  9. Don't you just love having 3 worn out dogs! Glad to see everyone is getting along wonderfully!!

  10. Oh, what fun and what a nice doggy park you've got there. It looks like the girls are packing up rather well, actually, considering their different outlooks and things.

    lotsa licks, Lola

  11. Mom stopped taking me to the dog park a long time ago coz of doodyhed peeples wot bringed dogs in wot did not play nice. Then when there woz a fight peeples would scream rilly loud and that be like putting fuel in the fire and lots of dogs woz getting hurt. Doodyhed peeples ruin all the funs.

    You asked about patches - I dussn't has any patches from places we hiked. I would not has enuff room fur all of them and we never see many parks with patches anyways. We woz getting pins from parks we hiked in Furginia but they did not stay on rite and mom woz skeered I would lose them so we taked them off. The only patches I has is a Canine Good Citizen patch coz I passed that test and a Leave No Trace bigfoot patch coz I always be taking out litter wot we find on our hikes in my backpack. I can't wate to see Morgan in her noo backpack. We could be like matching twin sisfurs!

  12. A tired dog is a good dog!!

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  13. I always love your videos! The pace car, that made me snicker. Sounds as if the big dogs handled things quite well!

  14. Tired but happy dogs!!!

    The gentle giant is really pretty though!!!

  15. Sounds like the terrier has a bad case of "I keel you! I keel you all!"

  16. Oh No dat terrorist didn't nip at my Bunny...I not haves it. I get dat terrorist...Oh wait, I be acting all like him too...hehehe! Oh well, must be short dog syndrome.
    Ooooh my mum just loooove me to be's tired...I Hvaen't figured dat out yet though...duh!


  17. Way to go Morgan! And what a GREYT dog park! We get to run at a little league field. Wish we were closer to you guys! <3 <3

  18. I would have PEED on Charlie's two legger if I had been there. He deserved it!!
    Butt you still managed to have a grrrreat bunch of zoomies. That is super.
    I played with my three bunnies all afternoon here. Cool temps make for grrreat dawg fun!!

  19. Looks like you had a spectacular time! It's fun to see Morgan so high in spirits!

  20. Gracie & Aspen are so proud of Morgan for giving the greys a run for their money!

    The Road Dogs

  21. What a race! That is a great dog park, so many shade trees and room to run and run and run.

    Morgan can sure take care of her pack.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  22. What fun watching your video - you will have to get more for us the next time. As for the terrier terror - that is one of the main reasons we don't get to go to dog parks - stupid dog owners:( And wow, that was one very long-legged sibe - we thought Phantom had long legs but that one was huge.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  23. hee hees... 'da Josie crackin' ups when she heards 'da mention of pugs!! Ummm... if it was behaved like my sister IzZY.... den RUN FOR 'DA HILLS!!!! SNORTS!
    IzZY can beat 'da snot outta king kong!!! HA HA HA HA HA HA!!! Oh's 'da Josie just kidding...

    Yous all looked likes yous had funs in yous videos!!

    'da Josie has sometings for yous on my Josie bloggy so maybe Bunny can brings her back packs to pick it ups to bring it back homes in!!

    'da Josie..who-else

  24. And that's why we don't go to the dog park: dog owners. :( M is always looking for a fight, so we take her hiking.

  25. That looks like a great dog park & fun was had by all!

  26. Aww... Morgan is such a good sister!!

    Love the video!


  27. Part of why we have stopped going to dog parks. But think how fast Morgan can run with a scooter attached - grins.

  28. Annoying small dogs, right??
    Glad you had a great time there!
    Kisses and hugs

  29. Your park does look nice. I like that it's grass. Most of the parks out here are only cement. Sometimes we take the dogs early in the morning just to run, but the cement can tear up their toe pads and make their feet bleed.

  30. I'm glad you said something to the JRT owner. So annoying that you had to say something at all. Riley would definitely be a dog park menace to anyone that runs. She doesn't grab, but she's in your face and intimidating.

    Our weather was totally awesome too!

  31. Sibes make the BEST dog park dogs! they're so friendly and playful! I'm so happy to see Morgan and Bunny playing! They're getting along just swell! You have a full family! i'm so fascinated how you manage 4 dogs!

  32. Morgan is such a trooper trying to keep up with the hounds! Leave it to a GSD to never say 'uncle'.☺

  33. There is nothing better than a good day at the dog park!!


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