Friday, September 17, 2010

Packing At Matthiessen

Bunny here, with another tale of our adventures from Sunday.
You may remember that Saturday Blueberry and I went to the Greyhound reunion without Lilac and Morgan.  Our apologies to the people there who were disappointed by Morgan's absence.  We didn't think it prudent to inflict a twenty two month old Shepherd puppy on our refined Greyhound friends.

Anyroo, Dad felt bad that Morgan didn't get to go out and I admit, I missed getting out and stretching my legs with her, too.  She got her new Wolf Pack and was dying to try it out on a trail.  So, Sunday we went up to Matthiessen State Park.  It was Morgan and Dad's second visit this year, but it was the first time I'd been there.

I have to say that we really had a great time.  It got a little warm, but we went in the water and cooled off along the way, so it wasn't too bad.  We also found this neat little secret passage through one of the hills.  I'm guessing that it's pretty old.  The park was originally called "Deer Park" and was named after Frederick William Matthiessen.  He was a wealthy man who bought the land near the end of the nineteenth century and hired about fifty people to construct trails, bridges, stairways and dam checks around the dells that exist in the area.  There are some beautiful waterfalls along the upper and lower dells and about five miles of hiking trails.  There are some neat lodges and forts on the area, too.  After Mr. Matthiessen died, the park was donated to the state and it was opened to the public as a state park in 1943.  It was renamed after Mr. Matthiessen at that time, too.

We hiked up to the upper dells this time and saw Matthiessen Lake where it flows into the dells.  It was great to see a lot of other dogs out on the trails enjoying the park with their people.  Fortunately, none of the other dogs saw me jump into the water that was too deep near the Giant's Bathtub and have to be reeled in by Mom.  It turns out that I still don't float!  She pulled me back, took off her shoes and walked around the shallow part with me.

A lot more people seemed to want to pet and talk to Morgan with her pack on, too.  I found a boxer named Abby that I wanted to play with, but our moms both said no.  We also saw another German Shepherd named Gryffindor who had his own pack.  We didn't ask him what he carries in his pack, though!

Now that it's starting to get cooler, Dad is planning all kinds of fun hikes for us.  I hope that means I get to collect more patches for my back pack.  It makes me really happy when Dad says I'm "the ultimate Greyhound."  It's also great to talk to so many people on the trails about Greyhounds, too, but I can't believe that they're all surprised to see me out there.  Sure, I'm made of spun sugar and I melt in the rain like any other Greyhound, but I'm not made of china!  I can get out there and have fun, too. 

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  1. What a pawesome day!

    I would have been disappointed in not getting to meet Morgan too!


  2. Cool photos! I(BRD) have a backpack too and end up lugging all the water bottles. I don't really mind, but Hootie should help a little too. Looks like you had a blast.
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRD and Hootie

  3. What a lovely day out with mommy and daddy and Morgan :) Lovely pictures that you've shared there Bunny! Have a great weekend ahead.

  4. Aw Bunny that looks so fun! We are running out of new places to hike because everywhere in WA that is 'national park' or 'nature reserve' is no dogs. Apparently dogs scare the native wildlife and make them abandon their nests.

  5. Great photos. Glad you had such a brilliant time.

  6. That is one beautiful place to enjoy your walkies. I like it that your mom and dad give each of you special activities.


  7. Bunny, you are all such great outdoors dogs. I'm totally impressed. It does look like a fun day. I'd sleep for a week after a day like that. Did you take extra naps aferward?

    lotsa licks, Lola

  8. What a great hike! We might have neat beaches close by but we haven't got anywhere like that. Luckily my guys don't mind going to the same places:-) Morgan's pack looks real cool.

  9. Bunny, I really like this final shot. You blend right in with the rocks! I am still amazed that you can carry those packs. I shudder to think what would happen if I tried one on ...

    Your pal, Pip

  10. What beautiful pictures! It looks like you and Morgan had a great time. Your packs are pretty cool looking as well! I just hope they don`t invent cat-packs anytime soon!

    Lu-Lu & Lucius

  11. Great picturs of Bunny and Morgan!
    Your hikes look like so much fun!
    We hope to start going on some hikes this fall too:)

  12. We're so happy to see Morgan here at last! We missed her a lot but we also enjoyed the Greyhound day out with only your hound packs. Anyway, it seems you all had a good hike again!

    What a nice place to hike and those pictures are just gorgeous.

    I suddenly have a feeling that Eva might look teeny-weeny if she were standing right beside you all : )

  13. Those are some great photos. It looks like a fascinating and gorgeous place. Mr. Mathiessen was wise beyond his time back when he built trails, etc.

    It must be odd with a GSD and a greyhound. I bet that people are less prone to ask to pet Morgan than Bunny just because GSD's look slightly scary. We used to have all three colors of Labs, and we found that, in public, the yellow got the most pats, the chocolate next, and the black lab least. We concluded that the darker the color, the scarier a dog looked.

    We all know that Bunny is very rough and tumble for a greyhound. That's great - she gets to have tons of fun!!!!

  14. absolutely interesting...this park is beautiful..tks for this

  15. You are just such adventurous poochies! Momma said that next year she is gonna get us some back packs so we can carry stuff when we go to Whitefish Lighthouse and to Lake Superior to swim - cool!

  16. Hi Bunny, I've never been to Matthiessen but it sure looks great. Some friends out east are going to the White Mountains this weekend and I'm sure jealous to see all this hiking going on when I'm just doing the urban version (up and down the stairs and walking around town). Thanks for sharing your wonderful pics and I'm glad Morgan was able to get out and enjoy this time. :)

  17. Bunny, That is one fantastical piktur of you and Morgan on da rocks by da waterfalls! Suitable for framing!!

    ....and Mr Taleteller is most brave to be walking Morgan in all that rough terrain! Good to know they didn't have any incidents! BOL


  18. Bunny, You have the best adventures! Thank you for sharing them with us!

  19. Wow, what a great place for hiking. You are all lucky doggies--Grayhounds and German Shepherds!

    How do you all handle the rocky areas? Is it hard on your pads/feet? Humom is interested in that part.

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and sometimes Mack

  20. oops, spelled Greyhounds incorrectly above. SO SORRY!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Lovely photos, and a lovely place to go.
    So gald your mom was there to reel you in!!when you went in for a dip.
    See Yea George xxx

  22. Your parents are so ambitious! I'd never be able to keep up with them like you do!!

  23. That looks like so much fun! I like how you are fair about all dogs getting the chance to go on trips.

  24. Whew...finally I gets to sit furs a break afters all dat hiking...I'm pooped!
    And see, I just knews aaaaaall along you was made outta sugar just like me! But did you not gets dirty? Ummm...okay well I don't mind getting dirties either but da water surely would haves done me in.
    Such a beautiful place.

    Pees: If sumptin happens to me...Do Not under any circumstances donate my land.

  25. I'm so inspired to get backpack for my greyhounds!

  26. Beautiful doggies at a beautiful place. I had to BOL when you said you don't float. I'm supposed to be a swimming doggie, but I won't try it. At least your brave & try!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  27. Fabulous pictures! What a great time you had. Swimming, hiking and everything! You have wonderful parents, you know? They take you to the coolest places!

    Emma Rose

  28. What a great place to hike and explore!

  29. Wow what a gorgeous place to hike!

  30. What great pictures! That is one good looking family! :)

  31. Miss Bunny, keep in mind you just have too much muscle mass to float in the water. Stick to the wading pools, okay?! =) Glad your mom was Johnny-on-the-spot!

    Picture #2 looks like Morgan is telling you, "...yeah, Dad and I went over here the last time..."

    Miss Morgan, in the first shot with Mr. Taleteller, looks like she could be Rin Tin Tin's sister doing her own rescue!

    These adventures are so much fun for us readers, too! =)

  32. oh we are green wiff the jellyness
    the sceneary ish just bewootiful.
    great adventure

    pibble sugars,wee wiggles and puppybreath licks
    the pittie pack

  33. I know how much you all enjoying those outdoor activities!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kisses and hugs

  34. Looks like a fun place to visit!!!

    IzZY, Josie and Anakin Man

  35. What a super duper beautiful place to go for a hike! Oh gosh, I wish I coulda come. But, um, I prolly wouldn't have gone in the water. Did you see what water made in Collie-rado? That's dangerous stuff!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  36. miss bunny,
    that matthiessen state park sure looks like a spiffy place for hikes 'n swimmies! i'm totally with you on the gettin' cooler outside stuff. me and asa and mama and daddy are gonna go campin' as soon as it gets a little cooler, so i can't wait!!

    the booker man


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