Thursday, September 2, 2010

Morgan Makes An Impression

In Mr. Taleteller's family, there are a total of nine siblings.  Six of his brothers and sisters are adopted, and the youngest is going to be in seventh grade this year.  They were a foster family for many years, mainly fostering children with serious medical needs or having some other particular special circumstances, and six of them just never left. 

One of his brothers has a particular fascination with dogs and birthdays.  He has a sort of love-hate relationship with dogs, truth be told.  On one hand, he asks us about ours constantly when we go down to visit and don't take the dogs with us, wanting to know where they are and what they're doing there.  A few days after we brought Morgan home, we took her down to visit the family.  They were all very excited to meet Morgan because they all know how Mr. Taleteller has longed for a German Shepherd of his own.  She was a little nervous on first meeting, and my husband kept her on a leash so that everyone could get used to her. 

Of course, this one particular brother, Number Seven, was fascinated and terrified of Morgan all at the same time.  He wanted to see her, but not get close enough to touch her.  There were endless questions and Mr. Taleteller did his best to assure Number Seven that Morgan was A Nice Dog.  Finally, to assuage Number Seven, Mr. Taleteller told him that Morgan's birthday is November 8.  Number Seven is obsessed with birthdays and immediately his computer brain latched on to that bit of information, processed it, and in his mind, she became a member of the family.

Mr. Taleteller tries to do some special things with each of his siblings while they're off school on summer break.  He takes Number Eight and Number Nine on bike rides with him, but Number Seven is deaf and visually impaired, so biking is not an issue for him because his balance is affected.  So, Mr. Taleteller invited him to go on a hike with him and Morgan.  During the walk, Number Seven was fine with Morgan and seemed to do just fine.  When they returned to our house, he was back to being afraid of  her, but she was persistant in getting him to acknowledge her.  Once in the van, he was fine with her again.

We weren't really sure what he thought of Morgan.  However, we got a better idea of how he felt about her the other day when Mr. Taleteller dropped by their house.  He was presented with a present from Number Seven.  I think Morgan won him over.

Wait until Morgan's birthday arrives.  I'm sure he'll have some very special artwork for her that day.  He never forgets a birthday and he always does special artwork for the occasion.  I'm glad Morgan managed to make a good impression on him!  As for how Morgan felt about Number Seven, I've yet to see her meet a child that she hasn't been happy to see and very gentle with.  You'd think she'd bowl them over with her puppy exhuberance, but she digs deep into her powers of reserve with them and is always a very good girl. 

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  1. Your brother draws very well. And he made her collar PINK! PINK! PINK! Smart boy!

    We love him! Larry & Eagle

  2. THAT is inkhredible!

    Thanks fur sharing all of that with us!


  3. What a good girl she is!
    I'm glad she made a good impression on sibling No.7. She's going to have an awesome birthday present!

  4. That is lovely. Most dogs seem to know when they have to be extra gentle.

    Morgan sure is beautiful.

  5. Looks like Morgans doing a good job, and that's a good drawing from No.7
    See Yea George xxx

  6. Aww..that is so sweet. I am sure Morgan can win anyone over. No.7 is a great artist:)

  7. Oh Morgan, you little scamp. How could that human pup not love you, right?


  8. Wow, that's wonderful that Mr. Taleteller's family has helped so many children! That's quite a drawing - I think he has a future as an artist! Morgan, you should save that picture it may be valuable some day.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. Who wouldnt love Morgan :) I loved the story about #7 it was very heart warming and stories about kids and dogs just give me warm fuzzies!

    PS that drawing is great!!!

    Fred and Haylie

  10. It seems like there is a special relationship being formed between #7 and Morgan. I hope it continues to grow. Thanks for sharing such a warm story!

  11. Woof! Woof! What a lovely drawing ... Human LOVE LOVE LOVE ... great thing. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  12. What a great post to start my day. Very sweet. Love the drawing, too! I'll bet Morgan never dreamed her extended pack could be so large and wonderful. =)

  13. What a wonderful story. I'm glad that Morgan naturally is so good with children because it's not easy to teach a dog to dial down the exuberance if it doesn't come naturally. And, I love the drawing... I noticed the pink collar too! Very cool!

  14. Awww..... very touching. Animals are wonderful on so many different levels. Also picking up many of the wonderful traits of their owners. :)

  15. The drawing is AWESOME!!! Has Number Seven ever been tested for autism? I ask b/c we are associated with Dogs for Autism and when you were describing him in the beginning, his qualities sounded very similar to those of children with autism. I also say this b/c "experts" say that dogs and autistic children think in similar ways which creates particularly strong instinctual bonds!

  16. You have a really interesting and amazing extended family. I like how Morgan is linking to the larger family, and I especially like that drawing!

  17. Number 7 is indeed talented! Morgan is a lucky girl to have captured part of his heart. We have had Wall-E for almost three years and I can't imagine life without him. The most endearing part of this little guy is that he always remembers Gavin when he comes and that is only once a year. He really does know his boy. Dogs are amazing!

  18. Oh my goodness. In the second picture Morgan looks like she is about to burst into tears!!! Just look at it.
    How very very sweet of Number Seven to have drawn the perfect picture of Morgan. I assume you will have it framed and properly displayed. That is Quite a Breakthrough!!
    My mom taught multi. handicapped children and she knows about these thingys. AND about that Birthday thingy too. She knew a boy who could also do that.

  19. That is such a sweet story!! Maybe she can serve as a therapy dog someday!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  20. That's a really great story! Brought a smile to my momma's face!

  21. That was a greyt story! We are soooo happy that Morgan has made a connection with her Uncle Number Seven!

  22. Oooh, we loved that story. Thanks for sharing it!

    And da piktur of Miss Morgan is absolutely priceless! I do believe he captured da true essence of Morgan in it......All Love!


  23. What a wunderful story, tank youz fur sharing it wif us. Lucky #7 for Morgan. :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  24. OMG, how incredibly sweet!

    I think Morgan is actually almost bigger than Number 7, which may be a bit scary!

    Thanks for sharing the story with us!

  25. What a nice tale! I am fascinated that Number Seven (NICE name btw! Is Mr. Taleteller's name Number One? LOL... I know...I know... for the sake of anonymoty on the net.)... anyway, i'm fascinated by 7's change in behavior from being in public with Morgan to being at home. behavior always fascinates me. dog and human. Raising dogs is a lot like raising children, as you know so to see the change in behavior from one environment to the other is interesting. I wonder if moving with Morgan works better for 7 than hanging around quietly when it appears more confrontational? i donno. would have to observe to really understand it.

    I love the way some dogs, especially big ones are so gentle with children. I was terrified when we had a toddler stay a week with us (see our post about princess Emma last march). But both Loki and Juno commpletely bowled me over with how very gentle they were with her. Once they have good leadership they realize that the little ones really are to be protected and treated with respect and gently. fascinating. and a great story!

  26. What a really nice story, Thank You for Sharing. I love the picture, what a wonderful Artist.

  27. What an adorable story!!

    'dat drawin' to just to darn cute!!

    Mommy says it's amazing how we's adapt to 'da personalities of peeps..especially children!!
    IzZY is a wild women.. but around small childrens.. she Iz (hee hee) very gentle and mindful of dems.

    Story mades us smile!! Mr. TT has big family!!

    Josie, IzZY and Anakin Man

  28. What a sweet tale. Please give Morgan a big smooch for me.

    Emma Rose

  29. Yours is the MOST special post I have read today. It touched my ♥.

  30. Fantastic story - I always love reading.

    I'm even more impressed with the fact that you comment almost every day on my blog, with now realizing how many blogs you follow. I'm honored!!

  31. Wow! That is pawesome!
    Sure he has Morgan in his mind!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kisses and hugs

  32. That's pretty incredible what Morgan did with the kid. Guess she did win him over. Wonderful work of art he did of Morgan.

    People are sometimes quite wary of German Shepherd at first glance... because they look fierce. But Morgan look otherwise. Thanks for sharing the lovely story.

  33. That is a very special story. Mr. TT has an incredible tale as well - that picture is amazing for a child who is alternately frightened and charmed by Morgan. Thanks for sharing such a great story.
    Big Hugs and Love xoxoxo
    Sammie and the gang

  34. i like this story very much! miss morgan, you definitely won over number 7, and he drew such a pretty picture of you! i bet mr. taleteller just loves that miss morgan has a pink necklace in the picture. teeheehee.
    the booker man

  35. Isn't it wonderful what dogs can accomplish without trying:-) Great job Morgan.


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