Saturday, November 28, 2009

I Sit, Therefore You Feed Me

There is a common myth amongst greyhound owners that greyhounds cannot sit.  This is absolutely untrue.  All of our greyhounds have been able to sit on command, although teaching them to do it is different than teaching other dogs.  We don't ask Lilac to sit anymore because it does get difficult for them when they age.  At night, we ask Blueberry and Bunny to sit for their treats and Lilac is simply asked to look pretty.

Part of teaching ours to sit on command involves us giving them a lot of treats.  Bunny has a rather cute sit, but Blueberry's sit is really beautiful.  She looks like a living statue, her head held at an angle that makes her look like the descendant of royalty that she is.  When I watch her do it, I'm reminded of the RCA dog.

There has been a rather interesting side development from teaching them this particular trick.  They now believe that sitting entitles them to whatever we have that they want.  This morning, the last quarter of my Panera bagel was divided amongst three beautiful beggars.  I didn't really need the whole thing anyway.  I looked over and she was sitting there beside the couch and I was helpless to resist giving it to her. 

Me:  You know, this isn't really very good for you...

Blueberry:  It's not good for you, either.  Look, I'm sitting!

Me:  I see that and you look beautiful sitting, too!

Blueberry:  Ahem!  And.....?

Me:  This bagel is delicious!

Blueberry:  Did you notice that I was sitting?

Me:  Yes, I thought I just complimented you on it.

Bluberry:  Oh, well, perhaps you did!

Me:  I'm sure of it!

Blueberry:  I love you!

Me:  Here, have some bagel!

I'm so glad we taught them to sit!
Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. I find sitting and getting back up again most difficult as well and requiring a large portion of my brain. When I am begging I assume the sphinx position.


  2. You know I find sitting and getting back up more difficult, oh wait, we`re talking about the dogs and not us. =)

    They are beauties Hound!

  3. First - happy post 101 (sorry commenting on 2 posts at once - catching up from a busy couple of days).

    I so know the sit means I should get something routine. Natasha has been known to slam her butt to the floor loud enough to get attention - because no one was looking her way or expecting anything anyway. And if she does not immediately get rewarded, she sighs the biggest, deepest sigh you have ever heard.

  4. The best part is that sometimes she will just come up to you, sit and then stare at you...Awkward!

  5. I think some do genuinely find it difficult to sit. I suppose it depends on age, health and just general body shape. Our first dog was great at sitting, the next one we didn't have long enough to teach, but she probably could have. Renie hated it. She could, but she'd bounce up just as soon as she possibly could, and by the way she held her legs afterwards, I could tell she found it very uncomfortable. I wasn't going to ask Sid the Tripod, but guess what? He sits all by himself!

    Blueberry is gorgeous. And yes, she does sit pretty!

  6. Good girl, it is so hard to sit on command. I don't even like it!!! lol

  7. Wilf and Digby learnt early on that to sit on command was the precursor to being given a treat. This is now the one and only command that they will follow without it having to be repeated.

  8. My guys will eventually sit if I hold a treat in my hand long enough without giving it to them. But their butts never actually touch the ground.

  9. OMG, it is exactly the same thing with Beth! She knows sitting is good so she sits on her own to mug me for treats -- on walks she'll get excited and start jumping all around and then sit looking up expectantly (and she'll get really rowdy if I don't have anything for her -- fortunately all my coat pockets are stocked with kibble!). She doesn't do it much inside.

  10. BOL! Burr does the same exact thing!!


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