Saturday, November 21, 2009

Boots Are Not Always A Fashion Statement

Well, it seems Lilac is paying a price for playing like a puppy.  I've mentioned before that she has a disease that causes her toenails to grow strangely and break off on occasion.  We have had a few incidents with this happening that some may remember.  All our joking about it aside, I know that it hurts and we have to be very careful, because when the nail breaks, there is often an exposed nerve left behind. 

Last night, while she was jumping around the living room with Bunny and Blueberry, she broke another toenail and before we could say "gosh darn it" she had blood all over the floor.  It happened right as they were getting ready to go outside for evening turnout, so she went outside, had a private moment in the grass on the leash while the other two took their time in the pen and then limped back inside.  We stopped her in the kitchen, where the blood cleans up much easier, and bandaged her up.  The boot she recieved as a gift made its first appearance in the line of duty and has held up quite well to the demands of the job, much to Lilac's chagrin.

Lilac does not like the boot.  She hobbles about as if her leg is nearly useless.  It is not, I assure you.  The toe is tender, but we keep it bandaged in the beginning so that it doesn't get dirty and infected.  These things never seem to happen when it's not muddy outside.  My husband and I have been given many hairy eyeballs since the boot went on last night.  There has also been a lot of sighing from a particular dog bed.  I suspect that she's not only put out with the fact that she has to wear the boot, but also the fact that she can't get to the vet wrap and eat it, which is another pasttime of hers.  I admit that I did feel a tad guilty, but I know that keeping it covered is for her own good. 

Me:  Lilac, are you okay?

Lilac:  (glaring)  Why do you ask me questions you already know the answers to?

Me:  So, that's a no?

Lilac:  You think?

Me:  You seem fine when you don't know anybody's looking...

Lilac:  I'm old!  I deserve some respect!  My foot may fall off at any moment!

Me:  It's just a toenail...

Lilac:  It's NOT just a toenail!  This thing is cutting off circulation in my whole foot!  I'm going to get gangrene and die!

Me:  I think you're being a tad dramatic.

Lilac:  (glaring harder)  I'll show you drama!   Wait until I sneak a turd into your slipper!

Me:  You wouldn't dare!

Lilac:  Accidents happen!  I'm old and frail, you know!

Me:  You're a puppy in an old lady disguise!  You can't fool me!  You've been playing harder than Bunny and Blueberry lately. 

Lilac:  Somehow, this injustice will be righted!

Me:  Do you want a cookie?

Lilac:  And the world is almost right again!  Just help me off with this boot, will you?

Just for the record, all my shoes will be safely locked inside the closet while I'm not wearing them until Lilac's boot comes off.  If only she had an appreciation for how stylish wearing boots this time of year is.  I'm not taking any chances, though, with my shoes or Lilac's toe.
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  1. Seems best to keep the shoes out of Lilac's reach for now...good move!

  2. Oh the horror! Such torture and injustice.
    But, it is cute on her. Hope it heals up quickly.

  3. Hang in there, pal. I know that all this sucks and you're uncomfortable, but it is what it is.I had to get used to getting by on three legs and I'm doing great now. If it makes you feel better do the poo in the shoe trick. Your family won't mind because they're too busy feeling sorry for you. Get well soon, okay?

  4. Poor frail old woman. Good thinking locking up your shoes though gal. =)

  5. hello lilac its dennis the vizsla dog hay ummmm i gess i spoke too soon but ennyway soon the bootie wil be off and then the fun wil start agin!!! ok bye


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