Monday, November 2, 2009

Little Bo Peep

We have a new toy here at our house, and to say it's causing quite a stir would be a major understatement. It looks innocent enough. It's a little sheep we got at Target. He's been dubbed Sheepie here in our house. Hawk has not been feeling well at all lately. It's been tough for him to bounce back after the bout of bad food we had for Lilac's birthday. When we pulled Sheepie out of the bag this morning, Hawk jumped up and tried to play with him a little before giving him up due to exhaustion. Bunny seized the opportunity to make the toy her own. Blueberry has remained indifferent to Sheepie's charms, but I suspect it won't last. She likes to play with toys when she believes no one is watching.

Like all two year olds, Bunny believes that all toys in the house are hers. For the most part, this goes unchalleneged, with the exception of Lilac and her bunny. Nobody takes Lilac's bunny! Bunny doesn't attempt it, nor does anyone else. Lilac was curious about the sheep today, but only mildly so. It drove Bunny into a frenzy, however. She gave Sheepie a work out. Actually, he had several workouts today, in between naps in the afternoon sun. I have a feeling this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship, as long as Sheepie doesn't lose his voice! Bunny has had a few other beloved toys, but I haven't seen her as excited about them as she was over the sheep. Maybe I should go back to Target and stock up.

I don't think Sheepie will be joining us at night, however. He'll need to rest up for more playing!


  1. LOL! Definitely not the toy to have in the bedroom at night!

  2. Thanks for visiting my blog! I thoroughly enjoyed reading the tales of your four adorable hounds and will return often :)

  3. We went through three or four of these. Muy popular! :)

  4. Mmmmmm - and how the humans maintain their sanity with the noise?

  5. That's funny, and sweet, too!

    Sid is lying with his nose on his own little sheep. This one makes a deep growly 'baaaaah' noise,and usually succeeds in scaring the pants off Sid, but he always comes back for more! LOL!

  6. That is funny...and exactly what we do. Dory loses interest in toys once they lose their voices so when we find one she like we usually go bank and stock up on them!

    The Mama

  7. Ha! I have to agree with Emma Rose, Sheepie is not a night toy! What a great tale and I loved the video snippet!


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