Saturday, November 14, 2009

Where Is The Love?

Well, as it happened, Friday night I went out with some friends and the dogs were not involved.  My husband stayed home with the girls and they had a cozy evening together from what I hear.  According to my husband, they all had a good time. 

When I arrived home, I expected to be greeted by the usual fanfare.  However, not a single dog met me at the back door.  I reasoned to myself that it was late and that they were probably asleep and didn't hear me come in.  As I walked into the living room, however, I saw that I was wrong.  All three of the girls and my husband were awake, watching the Late Show and enjoying their own comforts.  Lilac had ensconced herself in my spot on the couch.  Bunny was curled up to my husband under the quilt and giving me a serious case of stink eye.  Blueberry, surprisingly because she is the one who is really my husband's girl, was the only one who got up and came to greet me.  She had to give me a thorough sniff over, her tail wagging gently as she touched her nose gently to my face over and over.  I sat on the couch beside Lilac and got the hairy eyeball for my troubles, while Blueberry still remained by my side.

Bunny wanted nothing to do with me, even when we went to bed.  I got a serious case of the cold shoulder from her.  I'm not sure why Blueberry was so happy to see me.  Perhaps she was giving my husband a case of the cold shoulder after he spent the evening under the quilt with Bunny.  Usually when she's put out with him, she will glance meaningfully in his direction while she's lavishing her attentions upon me, however, this time she seemed just genuinely glad to see me home.  Perhaps she's taken up Hawk's mantle as the family shepard, keeping us all together.  Whatever it was, it was nice to have at least one of them happy to see me!  It's funny how fickle their affections can be.  Blue, the extra cookies are in your food bowl!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. That was a cute story, sounds like pups are very jealous!!! I would give them all extra treats but don't tell the other ones!!!LOL

  2. Chuckling. Because of my work, sometimes I leave very early in the morning and none of the fur-butts will get up with me. I literally have to step over them (or in Natasha's case, move her so I can get out of bed), but they do not get up with me.

    And if I ever get home really late, I discover my spot in the bed has been taken by a couple of trespassers - who have to be moved back to their proper spots.

    So I am well greeted - if it is a convenient time for them.

  3. Cute entry gal! Our canine freinds are very prone to giving us the cold-shoulder when they feel slighted as well.=)


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