Monday, November 30, 2009

We're Hunting Christmas Trees

Bunny here, taking over Mom's new laptop to tell you about my adventure today.  It started out like an ordinary Saturday with the humans watching the television in their jammies.  Then Dad said something to Mom that I didn't hear clearly, since I was busy playing with my new Christmas hedgamahog and she went and got in the shower. 

Soon I saw the signs that they were getting ready to go somewhere, again, and I sighed to myself.  They've been going places a lot lately and I miss them being at home.  Sure enough, Dad took us all outside for a powder room break and then we came back in.  Yep, I said to myself, they're definitely going somewhere again.  Mom was already headed for the van. 

Imagine my surprise and delight when Dad whispered my name and showed me a leash.  I hopped off the couch as quick as one of Santa's reindeer and headed straight for the door.  Dad put the leash on and took me out to the van, too!  I hopped up in the van and we took off.  I didn't know where we were going, but I'm always up for a trip with my people!  It was even better that I was the only one who got to go.

We drove for a long time and I snacked on french fries while we went through the city.  Soon we were out in the country, but we kept driving.  Before long we were off on a little dirt road, but we still kept going.  It was turning out to be a long drive, but I didn't want to take a nap and miss anything.  Finally, we stopped at a farm and Mom put my leash back on. 

We got out of the van and started walking towards a big white barn.  They had these little metal carts and Dad got very excited for some reason.  He got a saw and started pulling the cart and we walked off into this little forest.  There were green trees everywhere!  The smell was ticking my nose something fierce.  There was tall grass, too, and it was just begging me to eat it.  I thought we drove all the wayout there for a grass buffet, but then Mom told me to knock it off.  Figures! 

So, we sniffed around out there for a while.  Then Mom explained that we were looking for a tree to take back to the house to put presents under.  Humans have some strange ideas sometimes, but I've found it's best to just humor them and go along with things.  You get better treats that way.  Anyroo, after I knew what we were hunting for (trust me, I looked for rabbits, but there were none to be had) I joined in the search.  Apparently, not just any tree will do.  Some are too big.  Others are too small.  They can't be too fat or too skinny.  You can't get one with a hole in it.  Forget about ones that don't have a straight trunk.  I pointed out a few that I thought were good, but apparently they need to walk around the whole tree forest before picking one -- and they complain that we dogs have to circle three times before laying down!   That's nothing compared to this.  I was having a good time, though.  It was a very nice day, sunny and not too warm or cold.  A walk in the woods to pick a tree was a perfect activity and I was involved in the decision, so I can't growl any.  We finally found the perfect tree and Dad set to work cutting it down. 

After he got done cutting it down, I saw why he was so excited about the little cart.  It was just the right size to carry that tree back to the barn.  How clever Dad turned out to be!  We carted the tree back and then went to pay for it.  I supervised the baling and loading up of the tree and then got into the van.  I kept a close eye on it for the trip back.

Apparently, Mom didn't think we had enough shiny baubles to put on the tree when we got it back, so we stopped at a shop called 20,000 Christmas Ornaments.  Mom and Dad went in and took pictures.  Apparently, wagging greyhound tails are a liability in those kinds of places, so I stayed in the van and made sure nobody made off with our tree.  I definitely didn't want to have to go back and pick out another one.  Anyroo, Dad got some pictures from inside the store and now I think it's called 19,996 Christmas Ornaments because Mom bought four in there. 

That left us back on the road again and Mom had to stop at Target and get a bookshelf, then we stopped by Dad's sister's house where they were baking cookies.  I offered my services as a cookie taster, but they assured me that they had it under control.  Hmph!  I got to play with my cousin Lily and her boy and girl for a little while.  They gave me a rawhide and I thoroughly enjoyed it on the way home. 

When we got home, they set the tree up in the house and worked on putting sparkly lights and ornaments on it.  We hounds have our own tree, too!  It's pink with dog ornaments on it!  I supervised the tree decorating from the couch, because I was one tired puppy.  It was one big adventure, but it wore me out!  I can't wait for the next big adventure, though!

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  1. Did you "claim" the tree as your own. Apparently, we are not allowed in the room with our tree because we all want to claim it.

  2. Leave it to you gal to have a pink tree! Your human tree looks lovely and Bunny sure does a wonderful job of telling a tale!

  3. Sounds like a very fun (and tiring) day!

  4. OMG does that ornament shop look like a nightmare. Better avoided Bunny! You did a fantastic job assisting in tree selection...

  5. WOW...that was a big adventure...I would have been ever so tired too!!


  6. What a wonderful adventure! And a pink tree just for you. I love it!!! We don't have a tree up yet. I remember it being quite a chore last year. I got in trouble for eating some ornaments that I thought were apples. :)

    Emma Rose

  7. "Be vewwy vewwy quiet ... wewe hunting Chwismas. Heh heh heh heh heh."


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