Sunday, November 1, 2009

Trick or Treat

This Halloween we had a good time. The main attraction at our house seemed to be the pumpkins. Bunny was with us last Halloween, but the weather was unusually nice and we did out pumpkin carving and gutting outside. This year, it was actually sunny out, but it was pretty brisk, so my husband decided to gut the pumpkins inside. Bunny felt that this task required her careful supervision. We quickly learned why when she began stealing stray pieces of pumpkin that were dropped and eating them. Apparently, pumpkin is some sort of hitherto unknown greyhound delicacy. None of out other hounds has ever shown an interest in eating the pumpkins before, although they do like pumpkin treats and canned pumpkin in their food on occasion.

Carving pumpkins is something we've always done and the results this year were pretty nice. Bunny was particularly impressed. The other hounds didn't show much appreciation for our artistic attempts this year. Perhaps Bunny understood that this was a beacon that would lead people to our house to admire her cuteness. I imagine that she would figure that out, as clever as she is. We got the pumpkins arranged, candy was ready, the weather was nice and the stage was set for people to come to the door.

I'm sure that the best part for Bunny was the people coming to the door. However, eating the pumpkin was a close second. She liked the pumpkin so much that she decided to try working on the second one before we even cut it open. She just started licking the outside before there was any of the good stuff to partake of. Of course at pumpkin carving time, she was unaware that people would be arriving. As far as I know, she just thought it was an entertaining afternoon's diversion.

Of course, after we started carving scary faces on the pumpkins, she was a little less sure that things were a good idea.

Me: Bunny, would you sit up here by the pumpkins please?

Bunny: I don't like the way those guys are looking at me!

Me: Maybe they're angry that you ate their guts.

Bunny: That's it! I'm hiding in the bedroom until you get these things out of here!

Me: Don't do that! I'm just kidding! There will be people coming by soon!

Bunny: Really?

Me: I wouldn't dream of teasing you about something so important!

Bunny: I'd better watch for them! When are they coming?

Me: You'll know when they get here!
Bunny: I think I hear someone coming right now!

(doorbell rings)

Bunny: Blueberry! Come quick! There are funny looking people here and they brought human puppies!

Blueberry: I'm coming!

The door opens to ooo's and aah's from the kids every time as the girls rush over to greet them. Hawk and Lilac consider themselves too old to get excited about these comings and goings, probably mainly due to the fact that neither of them wants to give up their cushy bed to Blueberry. Bunny was too busy standing sentinel to worry about laying down, and Blueberry knew she'd sound the alarm if they didn't ring the doorbell.
As far as Bunny is concerned, everyone who showed up last night came to pet her and Blueberry. We won't tell her that we bribed them to come by with candy. She had so much fun with the whole thing that I don't have the heart to burst her bubble. After all, Halloween is for the young and young at heart. We all enjoyed the magic of the holiday!


  1. Such cute pictures! I bet the hounds really enjoyed all the 'human puppies' a great deal!

  2. But of course they came there just to see you, Bunny. What kid actually wants candy when they could pet you?

  3. I love that last picture! It's beautiful. I agree with the Thundering Herd - who wants candy when they can pet you instead?

    Emma Rose

  4. How adorable!!! What a great Halloweenyou all had!


  5. Well, they might not have known it at the time, but they DID come to pet Blueberry and Bunny, didn't they? Of course they did!


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