Saturday, March 20, 2010

Catch Me If You Can

Bunny the speed demon here, writing about my weekend adventures.

We got a call from Aunt Julie Saturday morning and she wanted to know if we wanted to meet her with our Australian Shepard cousins, Ruby and Nipper.  Of course we did!  The weather was not good, but we still wanted a chance to stretch our legs.  We got ready and headed to the park.

Since it was cold and rainy, we wore a little gear to help keep us warm.  I finally got to try out my new raincoat, but I almost wish I'd worn my winter coat.  It didn't feel much like Spring!  Ruby and Nipper don't need coats.  I sure was glad to see them.  Nipper was very glad to see us, too! 



Of course, they foolishly thought that they could beat me in a race.  We had many challenges, but I always won.  Nipper even cried a little when he couldn't catch me, so I decided to take it easy on him.  Please ignore Aunt Julie talking.  Some humans!

Anyroo, we kissed and made up after the racing was over!

Here are some more pictures of our fun. 

I hope Spring is here to stay soon!  At least we showed Old Man Winter that our fun wasn't going to be spoiled by him.  After it was all over, though, I was pretty cold and I did settle in for a long winter's nap!

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  1. Oh how fun!!
    Love your coat, pink is soo pretty!


  2. Hi Bunny
    We loved your pics and especially your video - it is like we get to see you in real life.
    We have the same problem with humans chatting but we guess it is nice they enjoy seeing us having fun.
    We just think you are the fastest dog! You made sure that your friends got some good running about!
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps looks like we are beating you with the weather at the moment!!!

  3. Well now that it is officially spring I guess that old man winter has lost his strangle hold on us. That was really a grrreat ARRANGED PLAY DATE that you all had!!!

  4. Looks like it was a fun time with your cousins. I'm ready for a nap after watching all that racing and exertion! Whew! Bunny, you are super-fast!

  5. Brrrrrr! I likes a little bit of snow but I don't likes cold rain. Your new coat is Most Attractive and I still think you're the fastest doggie that ever lived! I'm glad you had fun even with that stupid rain.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. good gravy, miss bunny. i don't think even a cheetah could beat you runnin'!! i'm glad you had fun with your cousins and blueberry.
    enjoy your long winter's earned it for sures! your quilt is pretty.
    the booker man

  7. You are zippy Bunny, I'd put my money on you anyday!

    Wiry love Eric xx

  8. Dang that looked like fun!

    Thanks fur sharing!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  9. Go Bunny! Run like one. As for your aunt's voice, I enjoyed it because she was happy. You can press the mute button. I loved that I got to share in your fun. Thank you.

  10. Wow girl! I am so impressed! You are a racing Queen. I bet you could even beat Mr. Higgins, and that's saying a lot because he's FAST!

    Emma Rose

  11. Hi, Bunny!
    I can see you all had a great meeting!
    Spring is here but I think it is confused. It came with cold temps... hmmm....
    Happy sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  12. Bunny - you look like Super Dog, galloping with such long strides in your cape that you appear to be flying! I think that you were holding back to let your cousins *almost* keep up with you! What a beautiful bunch. It looked like all four of you had a blast!

  13. We were visiting Khyra & thought we'd drop by and visit you. We enjoyed the video of you all playing & running. M & D used to have a greyhound. They are very special. We like visitors so if you get a chance or would like to please stop by and say hello.
    Wags & wiggles
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  14. Wonderful video - I laughed so hard, right along with Aunt Julie - I think A.J. added tremendously to the fun! And Bunny: you certainly gave the others a lesson in the value of all-out exercise heheh! Whatta girl! Thanks for sharing the fun day - and gotta love that last photo too - perfect!
    Hugs xo

  15. Watching you run is just breathtaking. You are beautiful!


    P.S. Tell you mom that we use a Canon PowerShot A570. It is relatively inexpensive for a digitals camera and easy to use (good thing). Then momma edits the movies on our iMAC using iMovie.

  16. Bunny-

    That looked like fun!!


  17. Wow, you looked like you were having so much fun!

    Hope some more spring like weather comes your way soon!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  18. Aussies are a blast - I would have been there in a second.

    How nice to get to see you on the run after all of this time! ♥

  19. Gramma has been so busy! Finally we caught up on all your adventures! I have been having adventures, too.It was cold and rainy today, so we read blogs this afternoon. I want spring to come, too!

  20. What a nice refreshing run! Soon enough you won't be wearing a coat at all! Spring is on the way!!


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