Saturday, March 27, 2010

A Fashion Quandry

Well, we have had a bit of indecisiveness here at our house.  Since we got Bunny's new coat, we've been wanting to order one for Blueberry as well.  The problem is, we can't decide which color to order for her.  We were originally thinking pink, but then we started to wonder if it would be a pain trying to figure out which coat went to which dog. 

Blueberry has always been a big girl, taller than a lot of male greyhounds we meet.  Sometimes that leads to cases of mistaken identity where people think she's a male, in spite of the fact that we put girly collars on her.  So, we'd like something a bit feminine, but we can't decide on which color it should be. 

To that end, we've added a poll to the blog this week to see what color everyone else thinks would look good on Blueberry.  I'm not sure that it will dictate what color we get, but it will help us with our decision!   Magenta is not an option for the coats we're ordering, or we'd have chosen that.

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. If people mistake Bluberry for a male then stay away from blue. I have that problem with Puddles...everyone thinks she's a he. Is there a different shade of pink, like fuchia? I'm gonna go with purple because bluberries are purple in my book.
    PS we are so in love with your greyhounds, we can't wait to come back to your blog.

  2. We vote for purple :) Add some frilly trim?

  3. I like the purple, given that orange isn't an option ... ;-)

  4. Well how about the magenta? A darker shade of pink? Barring that, my second choice would be purple. I think she'll be stunning in anything. :)

  5. I love pink color. Maybe if you put something on it to identify it from the one Bunny has.
    If not... I'd go for purple!
    Kisses and hugs

  6. Hello. My first time here but I've seen you in comments here and there. You have a great avatar. Anyhoo, I just had to weigh in with an opinion here because I agree with everyone who said purple. Too bad about the magenta which would have been even better, but purple will also look quite nice with Blueberry's coat and is the girliest color that's left after pink.

  7. I'm still in love with her pink coat!

    I'd say purple or blue,

    Toby's Raiser

  8. She's a blueberry and blueberries are kinda purpley so I voted purple, too. Me and Brudder Ranger both have red coats and even though mine is bigger (and got attacked by Ninjas), it's still kinda confusing when you're trying to go someplace.

    I know Blueberry will be Most Stunning in her new attire!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  9. yeah, well, now that I read the entire post, unlike what I did on FB, I got it. NO magenta. How about Blue, for Blue-berry? Or, I got it. Get her pink and then do a design on one of them. Embroider something :)

  10. Even when my small petite red doxie wears a flowery pink harness (with matching leash) and a pink sweater with a bow, I still get the"he is so cute" comments. Igive up, she will be back to using her NY yankees leash for opening day. I like the blue better than the purple... I would just get a color you like.

  11. I think red or blue would look just wonderful.


  12. I think the coat should be a color that will make her *pop*. I think the purple would be too similar to her coat color. Maybe something like Red, or Yellow, although those aren't really "girl" colors.

  13. I am all for purple!!!

    ...and LOVE your new look btw!

  14. Yellow or red would be more visible on a rainy day. Burgundy or purple would coordinate with Bunny's pink. So I vote for green. ;)

  15. I think red would be a nice accent to her fur color and make her more visible on a rainy or overcast day. =)

    P.S., like the new blog layout, too.

  16. The new layout is PAWESOME!

    Of khourse, we vote fur anything PurpleBurgundy



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