Friday, March 26, 2010

It's The Most Wonderful Time

Hello, Bunny here, finally taking over the keyboard for a bit since Mom has been hogging it this week.

This morning started like any regular morning when my people go to work.  After getting my yogurt from both of them, I got up on the couch beside Mom and gave my soft sigh.  I was wishing she would stay home with me and have some sort of adventure.  With all the Spring weather here, I've been aching to get out and go somewhere.  Mom scratched my head and smiled at me.

Mom:  What's wrong, Pupcake?

Me:  Well, I'm not getting nearly enough attention around here.

Mom:  I know!  It's a tragedy that we can't stay home and pet you twenty five hours a day, but we have to work so you can have those pretty collars and food.  Plus, Dad and I are fond of eating, too!

Me:  Yes, I know!

Mom:  Cheer up, Little Bit!  Saturday morning we'll sleep in together and it will be the beginning of break for me.  We'll be able to have adventures, sleep in and cuddle up on the couch for three weeks!

Me:  Really?

Mom:  Yes, really!  Will you keep my spot warm for me today?

Me:  I always do!

So there you have it!  I am sure that the adventures and fun will be starting any minute!  I can't wait!  Maybe I'll be able to devise a suitable strategy for taking down that horse, too...

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  1. Oh the fun woo will have!

    Make sure she delivers fur woo!


  2. yeah Bunny, the hoomans seldom keep their promises! just ensure This one Does!!!

    chikisses, you elegant, gorgeous Grey

  3. I think you can come up with lots of good adventures to suggest to your two legger for the weekend!

  4. You are going to have so much fun on your adventures - we can't wait to hear all about them!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  5. Woof! Woof! It's the weekend ... no worries. I have AWARDS for you on my blog post today ... please check it out. Happy Friday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  6. Bunny-

    Hang in there! Pretty soon your mom will be home and she can pet you all day long, just as a princess deserves. I know, since I am one too.


  7. It won't be long till you have some FUUUUN!
    And I have a strategy for taking down the big horsey...never mind that might get you arrested.

  8. "Adventure" is an exciting word. I hope you have many of them in the coming days when Mom gets a well-deserved break!

    We'd like to get back on some adventures, too. Most of all, I miss our adventures in the woods.

  9. Oh, I can't waits to hear all about your Most Awesome adventures! And I luvs that your mom calls you "pupcake." That's the cutest thing I've ever heard in my life!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  10. Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming adventures. You look so sad. Maybe you could use that look to help them keep their promises. hee hee
    Ernie, Sasha, Chica

  11. I am betting those weeks will be spent on gushing, cuddling and dogtreats, Bunny!

  12. Have all a wonderful weekend

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  13. That wasn't just a "soft sigh" Bunny, it was a miracle. Seriously, you get them to yourself for that long? You lucky girl. I knew you wanted to take down that horse! How about riding lessons first?

  14. oh, miss bunny, 3 whole weeks with your mama?! that is gonna be sooo super amazing! just keep thinkin' about that. :)
    the booker man

  15. we're so furry happy for you bunny
    your mommish all to yourself
    you are definately MOST loved
    as you should be
    pibble sugars
    the pittie pack

  16. Before I forget, the cycling jersey is made by Primal Wear, and is called "Cogs and dogs". It's on a big sale from, but only in certain sizes. Mine was from because I needed a size that nashbar didn't have.

    And, Bunny, it sounds like your fun is starting now! A long break for mom sounds perfect!!!!!!!!!

  17. "Little Bit"! I haven't heard that since Spike used to call Dawn that on "Buffy". Ahhh, good times ...

  18. Three weeks? Oh you lucky girl! We can't wait to hear all about the adventures you are going to have. And of course the snuggles!

    Emma Rose

  19. Oh will sooooooo love having your Mama around. The walkies, the adventures, the constant is the BESTEST!!



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