Thursday, March 11, 2010

Stealth Powers -- Activate!

Bunny here, writing about a new issue that has come up on our afternoon walks.

I think it's great that Dad and Blueberry have decided to join us on our walks.  I happen to think they need it, but it's cramping my style a bit.  You may recall that I am a mighty huntress.  I don't have much to watch for when the weather is cold, but suddenly, I sense my nemisis is out there.  As we were walking this afternoon, I suddenly felt the call of my inner wolf and I knew that I had to hunt.

It started out just fine, we were all walking along and enjoying the sights and sounds of the weather warming up.  Mom and Dad were talking about things from work and Blueberry and I were checking posts and rocks for pee mail.  That was all well and good, but then we entered the park.  The park is a big open space with sidewalks and places for humans to have fun.  It's my favorite part of our walk.  I've found toads there by the bridge before, but my leash kept my from catching one. 

Today, as we entered the park, I went into stealth mode.  My feet moved deliberately with no toenail clicks.  My ears were up.  My body was poised for flight.  Even my tags stopped jingling.  I was ready for a rabbit or squirrel to take his chances.  My odds for catching one today would have been great except for one thing.  Mom and Dad just kept talking.  Blueberry's tags kept jingling.  They went on and on about how intent I was on the prize. 

Mom:  Oh, Bunny looks so cute!  I see she's on the hunt!

Dad:  Did you see something, little one?

Me:  Be very, very quiet!  I'm hunting rabbits!

Mom:  It's too early for rabbits!

Dad:  Bunny, that's a guy on a bike!

Me:  Shush!  I can take it down!

Mom:  Bunny, those are leaves!

Dad:  I guess she thinks she'll get a cat!

Me:  You are completely ruining the moment!

To my dismay, the only things we did see today were a guy on a bike, some kids playing, a dog on a walk, a lot of blowing leaves and a cat.  Well, that's all my people saw!  I am a sighthound.  They have no idea all the rabbits they missed out there!  Just you wait, rabbits!  I'm watching!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. Woo had me at inner WOLF!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. Oh Bunny, you are a true hound, just like us - your little fat cousins!
    How we share your pain in this post. Martha, in particular, likes to stand in the woods very quietly - she can sense squirrels, bunny rabbits even little deer!
    Our mum chats away - letting everyone know we are coming..............
    You really can't take humans hunting!
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  3. Stealth mode Bunny! I bet you will catch something sooner or later. Don't give up.


  4. Bunny-

    Ignore your humans, we huntresses know what we see moving is prey despite what the people say!


  5. Aren't humans so obnoxious sometimes?!?! but always remember that even though they are annoying and clueless sometimes....okay....MOST of the time...they give us lots of love and most importantly noms. I mean why put in the work to hunt, when you can make your humans do it for you!
    It's all in the strategy.

    Wags and Woofs,
    Mack and Mia

  6. This is Mayzie's brother Ranger. And Bunny, dear, I can well feel your pain. Hunting rabbits is difficult enough. There is a lot of concentration and stealth involved. Then add the yackity-yack of humans and a goofy little sister and, well, the thought of all the rabbits that have gotten away because of this simply breaks my heart.

    I hope that your next hunt is more successful.


  7. Oh my, I had no idea what a huntress you are. I'm afraid that you can't visit here - we have bunnies everywhere. We like them even though they make nests in our car engines and chew through the spark plug wires. I'm NOT kidding!

    I like how you can walk without your nails clicking. Now, that's an amazing trick!

  8. Sorry they are cramping your style, Bunny! Maybe you'll get some respectable hunting targets soon! Although, it would have been funny to watch you take the guy on the bike out! HEHEHE!!!

    Woofs and Kisses!

  9. you'll get those pesky rabbits, miss bunny!

  10. Bikes and cats are both fun to chase - at least it wasn't a total loss! :)

  11. Ah, true to your nature! Marge does a lot of this, too, especially with squirrels, chipmunks and rabbits. I did always have a hunch that she had some sighthound blood in her..

  12. Silly humans...Hang in there Bunny. Maybe Daddy and Blueberry will tire of walking and it can go back to just you and your Mama!


  13. Heeee, Bunny! I hope you're just trying to play with the rabbits and not do anything else! Glad it's warming up some!

  14. Lovely to see you :-)
    Succes with your next hunt !!!!

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  15. I have faith that you will catch a rabbit one day! It will make a lovely dinner too! Just keep trying at it!

  16. Qannik is our hunter of blowing leaves. I smell some teamwork could be happening.

  17. How Bunny-like BOL Her style is cramped by sharing the walks. You're cracking me up. Mwah Oh, Bunny be nice to Blueberry tomorrow. It's a "special occasion" BOL Can't wait to hear about the visit


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