Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Somebody's Trying To Steal My Mom! The Horror!

Bunny here, taking over the keyboard while I can.  I am a most unhappy puppy and I'll tell you why.  That Jackson is trying to steal my mom!  Here he is trying to move into my territory.

I do not think this is right.  I explained to Mom that he has to go -- right now!  She said his mom has to be gone for a while and we will be doing no such thing.  Jackson and Emma can't stay at their house by themselves for a week.  I understand that he misses his mom, but he can not have mine. 

Not only that, but now all the stuffies have to be put away, because Jackson eats them.  Hmph!  How am I supposed to amuse myself while Mom is gone with no stuffies?  It's a very tough life being a cute innocent puppy.   I know better and he's a year older than me.  Boys really are slow, I guess.  I offer you more proof here.  Pardon the Olympics playing in the background.

What kind of maneuver is that?  He doesn't even know how to scratch himself properly!  No wonder Emma is embarrassed to admit he's her brother!  I know one thing. I do not want a brother!

Even if he is really good at playing!  Okay, well, maybe I'll let him stay, but just for the week!  I can't give up my mom, even for a good playmate!
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  1. He does look kinda nice - apart from all that scratching!
    Tall, dark and handsome........
    Maybe it's not so bad having him visit for a while!
    Just keep your stuffies and your mom away from him.
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  2. He is kind of weird scratching like that with his big old butt on the couch. This is a bit much to put up with. I hope you get mom back to yourself soon. A week is a loooong time!


  3. Oh Miss Bunny, your eyes say it all and I can hear your sighs all the way over here! Don't you worry. You'll have your mom (and stuffies) all back to yourself real soon.

  4. Oh boy! I guess there is that part of house have to share! :/ Definetely not all its cracked up to be.

  5. I think he is only supposed to stay there for 87 seconds. Think of it this way. It's kind of like when you accidently eat some stuffie stuffing... AND THIS TOO SHALL PASS.

  6. Isn't it a pain when houseguests throw you off your regular schedule. He just sounds like a big ol' momma's boy.

  7. Look at the bright side - you have someone new to play with! And, don't worry, he won't steal your mom... she's stuck on you!

  8. Bunny-

    I hope he doesn`t steal your mom! I would be very upset if someone stole mine...who else would allow me to sleep on thier laptop while they write?


  9. I notice that Jackson seems to be coping just fine.

  10. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog hay yes brothers ar a payn in the butt all rite!!! but sisters seem to be pritty kool i luv my sister trixie!!! ennyway yore brother is only temporary so dont wurry too mutch at leest yoo wont hav to shayr a bed with him ha ha ok bye

  11. Hang in there Bunny, the week will be over before you know it....and at least you can send your boy home. Bilbo is stuck her!!

    Girls Rule Smileys!

  12. Think positive Bunny. He's visiting for a week... Emma has him around all the time!

    P.S. Jackson, I like the way you scope out the whole room before settling in. Good job protecting the damsels from rogue stuffies!

  13. Awww, don't worry, Bunny, everything will go back to normal, soon!

  14. I have to agree with you Bunny, that scratching technique is weird! I love your pouty face...keep it up and I bet it will get you lots of extra attention and treats while you have house guests :)

  15. Bunny, you're such a lady, I can see how Jackson's weird and rude behavior upsets you. BOL on the video.

  16. Hi, Bunny!
    Sure Jackson has an interesting scratching technique!
    Don't worry! Your mom is yours and she is only being nice with him!
    Kisses and hugs

  17. Thinking about buying a brown couch?

  18. boys are deffinately from mars
    we understand bunny
    we send you extra pibble sugars just for you
    the houston pittie pack

  19. BOL!! We can't say much cause we have two boys, but I think Bubbles would agree with you Bunny!


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