Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I Love A Parade

Bunny here, taking my turn at the keyboard to talk about the excitement of our parade on Saturday.

I was pretty excited Saturday morning when Mom and Dad were obviously getting ready for something.  Then Mom put my name collar on me, and Blueberry and Lilac got to put theirs on, too.  My little feet were tap dancing on the kitchen floor in excitement. 

Soon, Mom said it was time to go outside.  Dad had set up the ex-pen for us and there were chairs in the shade under our trees.  It was sunny and the breeze was blowing.  As soon as we walked out, some ladies who were sitting in front of our house to watch the parade started fussing over us.  I wiggled with excitement and made sure that everyone had ample opportunity to pet me, and I even shared some of the attention with Blueberry and Lilac.  There's only one me for people to pet and there were more people than I could satisfy with just my cute little self anyway.

Lilac and Blueberry hung out in the ex-pen, but I didn't want to miss any of the action, so I stayed out with Mom to get a close look at things.  I wasn't quite sure at the beginning of the parade when the fire trucks were all going by, but it wasn't too bad. 

Then, I got an even better surprise.  My friend from Mom's class at school came to watch the parade with me and she had Max with her.  He's staying at her house this weekend while his family is away.  I tried to be friendly with him, but he nipped at me and then I just had to admire him from afar.  It didn't bother me.  Mom said it was probably little man syndrome.  I think if we'd gotten a chance to play somewhere, then I could have won him over.

Anyway, I watched the parade with my friends and saw a lot of stuff.  There were tiny cars with Shriners in them.  A giant dog was in the parade.  I also saw some horses.  Blueberry had to bark at them and challenge them to a race, but they pretended they couldn't hear her.  I'm sure it's because they knew they couldn't win!

All too soon, the parade was over.  We talked with Miss M and her family for a while and then they had to go.  They had an important date to go get in the water coming up.  We greyhounds went inside to enjoy the air conditioning.  It was great that they organized this parade so that everyone in town could come by and pet me.  It almost makes up for their rudeness about not letting me walk through the carnival.  I even got my own sucker at the end!

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  1. Yet another khase of all's well that ends well!

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. What a great parade. Glad that you were able to go out despite the draconian edicts of the powers that be .

  3. Wow Bunny, that was very nice of your town to haves a parade in your honor.
    Our town parade ALWAYS has retires greyhounds in promote greyhound adoption.
    I'm just glad da city let you out of confinement fur your own parade.

  4. I think watching was better than having to walk all that distance. You still got plenty of good attention (and could retreat to the air conditioning as needed).


  5. Well, at first I thought YOU were the parade! Wouldn't that be great? A Bunny Parade! And all sorts of people would come out and sit next to the street and want to pet you and stuff. But I guess this parade was okay, too. (Although I think the whole thing mighta freaked me out - specially those really tall peoples.)

    I'm very much glad that you had a Most Wonderful time!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  6. Well, a sucker almost makes up for it. But it's no cotton candy. Then again, a Grey would probably just try to lay on that!

  7. Thats like your own personal entertainment since they came right by your house!!

  8. It looks like you had so much fun and you got lots of loving. That is the best part. We loved looking at all the photos.

  9. Bunny-

    It looks like you had quite the festive day!


  10. Well they could hardly say you couldn't watch the parade when it had that great big dog marching in it!

  11. That pawrade sure looked fun!! It must have been wonderful getting all that lovin'!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  12. That looks like such a great time; Miss M's dream come true would be if a parade came to our front yard and everyone came out to pet her. You were quite brave as so many people and sounds could be scary. I miss parades like that.

  13. Wow! What a lovely day you had. ;) We love a parade too.

  14. Oh, Bunny, you should come to our park On the 4th of July! We are having a golf-cart parade! There will be dogs in the parade and lots of people to pet you! Emmy loves to go out and be petted.....Oscar needs a muzzle. Wall-E wets himself a little in excitement.

  15. Very cool pics of your parade. It looked like lots of fun - we would have been dancing too. We are so glad you had lots of humans to pet you.
    Bailey would love that but of course Martha would be scared.
    Martha and Bailey xxx

  16. We were sure they held a parade every day in your honor, Bunny. But it was very nice of them to host it right in your front yard.

    By the way, that large dog in the overcoat was at an event we were at too (a sled dog race event). He even helped direct traffic.

  17. How cool they arranged the parade to go past you Bunny. You were far more entertaining than the parade. Though that big dog in the flasher raincoat....might think twice about sniffing round him.

    Wiry wags Eric xx

  18. What a wonderful parade Bunny!! Looks like you had a blast!!
    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

    PeeS...There is a bunch Bilbo "little man syndrome" in this house

  19. Looks like fun! I think all of you would have made a great walking entry in the parade!


  20. Cool parade...the big dog in the coat is McGruff the Crime Fighting Dog...he takes a bite out of crime!!!

    Licks and sniffs,
    Zack, Sassy, and Buddy

  21. OMD, you are SO brave. Those people had the longest legs I've ever seen. I would have hid inside with the air conditioning!! I'm so glad you had a good time though - I'm sure folks were falling over themselves to pet you!


  22. Sure it was a great way to spend the day!
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Seems like you had lots of fun over there... well,
    that's great...!:)

    Take care!:)



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