Friday, June 4, 2010

The Way To Lilac's Heart Is Through Her Stomach... Sort Of

It's gotten rather hot here in the last week or two.  I'm usually the last one here in the house to be bothered by the heat.  Mr. Taleteller is much more likely to complain about the heat. 
Lilac, however, would be the first one to let us know that it's hot.  Like clockwork at 74 degrees, she begins panting like a steam-powered locomotive, and that's just her getting up to flop over on a different bed two steps away from her.  She's always been more bothered by any sort of weather than any of the other dogs.  Thunderstorms also send her into heavy breathing mode, however, those are also accompanied by much pacing on her part.  I attributed part of the reason she dislikes the heat so much to her coloring, she's almost entirely black with just the faintest of red brindle stripes and I know that tends to attract heat.  If we go out in the sun, I can lay my hand on her and feel the heat in just a matter of a few minutes.

Anyway, this week it has been hot, so we turned on the air conditioner.  Even with the air conditioner running, she has still been complaining about the heat -- loudly.  She even got up and barked at Mr. Taleteller about it the other day.

Me:  Lilac, what's the problem?

Lilac:  It's hot!  Too hot!  Too darned hot!

Me:  We're not starting a caberet here, so enough with the drama.

Lilac:  They're taking vacation in Hades from here right now!

Me:  We have the air conditioner on.  What more do you want?  I refuse to wear a parka in summer.

Bunny:  (from under her quilt)  I'll take a parka, please!

Lilac:  Enough out of you, whippersnapper!

Bunny:  Back to my nap, then!  At least I can dream of the beach.

Me:  See, it's not that hot in here.

Lilac:  Hmph!  She's a puppy!  What does she know?

Mr. Taleteller:  Here, I've got something for you, old lady!

He carries in a fan and plugs it in.  After that, he went over and got her a pair of dog beds and laid them in front of the fan, fluffing them up and leaving them for her.  She went over and flopped down, turning so her belly was recieving the arctic blast that was being circulated from the vent and over her body.  She gave a look of pure bliss before drifting off to dreamland.  For the moment, we seem to have made her happy!

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  1. How khan he argue with THOSE paws???

    Khyra & Khousin Merdie

  2. That is my kind of setup, and I harbor a similar resentment of hot weather. In other words, she should be mine, but I guess I'll let you keep her. :)

  3. we know exactly how you feel about the heat. it gets opressive here, just impossible to survive without the air-conditioning. and we are ver clear about it...we refuse to budge from the bedroom, which is the coolest zone in our home,except for walks and meals.
    that arrangement Taleteller made for you looks pretty KOOOL!

    Btw, those cupcakes..OMD!OMD!..they look so so delicious..!and so beautifully presented too.
    and we are so happy everyone made up for their rudeness by being so good to you at the festival. lovely , lively pictures.
    we loved them,
    wags, Buddy and Ginger

  4. Oh Lilac, you are funny! We don't much care for the heat either and have taken to walks in the evening due to the panting and puffing.
    We do like your idea of a fan - we are OK inside the house but the humans seem to want to be in the garden!
    We could not believe Bunny under a quilt! Really Lilac you shouldn't have to put up with it!
    love and kisses
    Martha and Bailey xxx
    ps we look forward to Bunny tap dancing - perhaps we could set up a hound tap dancing group!
    Martha is so scared of someone new in the house but really wants to come in so she has the silly dance in and out trying to work up the courage!

  5. You go, Lilac, you seem to be coming along nicely in obedience training for humans.

  6. Shar Pei don't like it too hot either, although a nice sun bath is a different matter. One must insist on creature comforts sometimes and Lilac is making sure she's a comfortable creature. One does what one must.

    wags, Lola

  7. As long as the grand dame is happy! My labs dislike the heat as well, especially my older yellow.

  8. Poor Lilac! hope you feel better soon.
    the heat is such a bother.
    Bunny looks funny under the quilt! :)

    Love, Bella.

  9. Awww, Lilac - such a sweet look for the camera when you finally got those two-leggers trained right.


  10. Lilac, my girl Scout agrees with you. She hates the heat. Do you have a thick fur? Scout does. Anyway, I'm glad they gave you a fan of your own. You deserve it.

  11. Lilac should try a cool tile floor. Our departed dog, Astro, used to spend the entire summer lying in the bathroom on the tile. An odd place for a dog, don't you think?

    I love the photo of Bunny poking her nose out from under the quilt. Doggy spirits vary so much, don't they?

  12. Woof! Woof! I know exactly how you feel when its HOT. You git your own FAN. Happy Friday! Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  13. You are absolutely right, the dark coated hounds suffer more. Even with the white and blacks - in the heat you can just put your hand on the white areas then on the black spots and you can actually 'feel' the difference in temps!

    Also, ya gotta' love the senior hounds...oh! No Lilac never suggesting you are on in years, so sorry! ;) However, they don't waste time in telling it like it is! Seniors are my favorites (don't tell Bunny!), I have adopted many seniors and they are so filled with personality. Besides I agree with Lilac, too darn hot...and humid! Keep cool!

  14. Well everything WAS fine till somebuddy came out withs da flashy monster and wokes her up. Now, who would do such a thing????? I'm telling ya what's do truth, Lilac you haves soooo gots it made there. It has to be like 150 degrees outside befores my dad will turn da air on and by then we is all dead. I can take da heat beteers than Albert and Whitney though, They is all black and hairy and get REAL hot.

  15. Oh, Lilac, I gets SO hot, too! Brudder Ranger hardly ever pants and so when I moved in and I started panting cuz I was burning up at 65 degrees - well, mom and dad thought there was something wrong with me. Nope! It's Brudder Ranger that there's something wrong with! But then, he's got white furs and I have darker brindle furs so that might have something to do with it.

    And Lilac, I do luvs that you can ask for what you want - and get it. I am SO taking notes from you - cuz, well, I kinda wanna be you when I grow up!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. Oh Lilac...we just loved seeing how you have your Daddy wrapped around your little paw!!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob & Bilbo


    vote if not done so,
    or take the award...

    please vote!

  18. Ha! You should send her down here to stay with Nanook of the North, Queen of Hot Flashies. SHE has all the fans on HIGH and the AC on LOW. The Mr is bundled into jeans, hoodie and fuzzy slippers and SHE is lounging about with next to nuffin on (a reallly skeeree image) sighing about how HOT it is. It's soooo cold and breezy on the bed I moved to a laundry basket. It was left by the bed one night, so I hopped down into it and burrowed my way under the clean clothes sorta like Bunny. And I'm FURRY. I can't stand sleeping in a draft. It makes my ear hairs tickle. I heard her talking to the Mr. about a certain kind of tower fan she wants to get for her side of the bed so it won't be the over head fan. We are off to Target to get that tonight so maybe the rest of us can warm up a bit.

    For Miss Lilac, have you considered a cooling vest? There are heavy duty ones for working dogs, smaller belly wraps for pets and thingys that look like winter coats but are actually more like light weight covers that wick the heat away from the dog. And Puffies fave, a frozen water bottle that he'd snuggle up to on long trips cuz he was fuzzy and got hot too.


  19. I'm with Lilac, I don't do the heat either!! The momma has even talked to someone about making me a cool coat for this summer!! I'll share the fan with Lilac, thank you very much!!



  20. It's sure hot here too!! Glad that you all got Lilac cooled down!! That picture of Bunny peeking out of the blankets is adorable!!

    Woofs and Kisses!
    The Fiesty Three

  21. Awwww! Bless! Such a sweet old lady! Of course she needs her own personal fan - just call her Scarlett!

    Sid just finds a cold floor to lie on, but I suppose that wouldn't be padded enough for her royal highness?

  22. Love your bloggie! My moms is so jealous cuz you have it set up so professionally> I just like looking at all your sweet faces.

  23. My mom is like Lilac! Always complaining about the hot weather!
    I am like Bunny! No matter how hot the day is... I love to be under my blankie!
    Kisses and hugs

  24. Lilac is very lucky to have such a loving family! It is good to be spoiled you know :)

    Emma Rose

  25. Thanks for joining the blog hop. Hope you have a great time meeting new people and catching up with old friends.

    Felissa, Davinia, and Indiana

  26. Woof! Woof! ME Again, Sugar. Happy BLOG HOP Saturday. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  27. Found you on Blog Hop Saturday. Happy hops and gorgeous dog! Come visit at FIDO Friendly magazine sometime!

  28. We saw Bunny under her quilt and remembered a photo of my cat Sammi in her hidey-bed. Funny how such very different animals can enjoy the same thing. Sammi's photo is here

  29. The other day I had Dennis with me at the office. I thought he was getting warm so I put a fan on the floor for him. That worked out okay until he noticed it was oscillating and started barking at it ...

  30. I'm with you, Bunny. I thought greyhounds tended to be cold like us doxies. Lilac, you have your dad trained about as good as I have mine trained!


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