Friday, June 18, 2010

Rabbits For Hounds

Bunny here, sharing one of our favorite things. 

Booker Man asked about Lilac's favorite toy, her Mother Bunny bunny.  Mother Bunny is the mom to our friends Jackson and Emma who stayed here with us in March.  She also runs Aid 4 Greys, which makes very cool stuff and uses the money they make to help greyhounds and greyhound groups who need financial help.  We aren't affiliated with them, we just love their bunnies and happen to be friends with Mother Bunny.

We each have our own bunny, so there's no need to fight over them.  Here I am on my first day at home.  Mother Bunny was so thrilled that my name is Bunny that she made sure my bunny was here waiting for me when I got home.

Blueberry likes her bunny, too!  She says they're good for napping with.

Lilac loves her bunnies dearly.  Whenever we get ready to go outside, she picks up her bunny and shakes it.  Then she carries it to the back door.  Mom tells her to "drop the rabbit and leave it inside" and Lilac glares at her with the toy in her mouth.  Then they have a small wrestling match and Mom takes the bunny away and tosses it into the kitchen before we go outside.  It's rather amusing to watch. 

Even Dad has a collection of bunnies.  He keeps his in the guest bedroom all locked up so we can't steal them.  Mother Bunny gave them to him for helping her move stuff at Dewey, which is a big greyhound convention.  Blueberry still steals one once in a while, just to keep Dad on his toes. 

Treat and Hawk used to love their bunnies, too!  We've had quite a few of them come through our house over the years.  They last a long time and are tons of fun to play with!  That's why it's one of our favorite things!

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  1. What a fun hutch woo have!


  2. A lovely bunny family! Now, I wonder why my little Princess Eva doesn't have any bunnies at all, may be all the bunnies have gone to you all : )

  3. Bella's now asking why she doesn't have bunnies - Mom may have to rectify that :)

  4. I love the way your bunnies are color coordinated to go with you all. Pawfect!

    wags, Lola

  5. They looks very luffly. I finks I's going to hav to hav anuvva talk wiv Mummy about getting a wabbit.

  6. That scene you described with Lilac is EXACTLY what we go through every time with Buford and his toys! Every now and then I let him take one out though and he is so proud, acting like a big shot, thinking he got away with something really good :)

  7. What cool bunnies! I love that each of you has your own, and that Blueberry's is blue. Do you really not fight over them? In our house, even if we have two identical toys, our younger dog MUST have whichever one K is playing with. So, she goes and starts playing with the one that was "his". This rotation goes on and on and on. Poor big sister!

  8. Great story and wonderful bunnies! I was expecting them to be much smaller :)

    Emma Rose

  9. A greyhound convention??? Can I go??

    I'd love to see the photo that came AFTER your last photo. BOL!!


  10. The last picture is a RIOT!!! hehehehe I chase my rabbits out of the yard every time I see them. Those guys are FAST.

  11. They look like fabulous bunnies! Love all the different colors. And your Dad has quite the color range!

  12. You are the real bunny girls - that's for sure!
    Have a great weekend.
    martha and bailey xx

  13. My Trixie has her bear - who is basically sans stuffing now. But she loves her bear!

    You all are so cute I can hardly stand it!!

  14. ooooh, miss bunny! thanks for showing me your most fave stuffies!! i think your bunnies are just the best, and the green papers you spent help other greyhounds, so it's totally win-win! i agree with miss lola that it's super cool how your bunny stuffies all color coordinate with each of you ladies. teehee.
    okie dokie, so i have a question now. i'm giving my mama the sorrowful beggin' eyes cuz i want a mother bunny bunny!! but mama keeps saying no cuz i destuff stuffies in like 30 seconds. so my question is if you ladies are destuffers? how tough are you with your bunnies?
    the booker man

  15. Bunny-

    I love bunnies too! They run really fast when you pounce at....oh, wrong bunnies. Sorry. Those stuffed ones look pretty cool too!


  16. Those bunnies wouldn't last an hour in our house!

  17. all sure do takes good care of your bunnies. I'm afraid one of those bunnies would last, in the words of Frankie, about 87 seconds to tears the stuffing outta them. I know, I know. It's a bad habit...blah, blah, blah. But I can't HELPS myself!

    Anyway, I thinks you all look Most Sweet with your bunnies and I most especially luvs the picture with Blueberry cuddling up to hers.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  18. Yep, I'm withs Mayzie...I loooves da pikture of Blueberry. But, ummmm I thougs ya'll all hads one of you very own and didn't aves toshare and stuffs. S, how comes ya'll fighting overs one...oh, somebuddy is just trying to steals it. Oh okays then. I does that too.
    I just don't think Dad needs his very OWN collection. You know that just ain't fairs.
    Oh and I loves da story of Lilac trying to takes it outside...hehehehe!

    PEES: thanks fur da questions on my bloggie, I very much appreciate it.

  19. Love the bunnies! Wall-E likes to destroy anything with stuffing in it and is not allowed to have any more of those kind of toys. He has lots of ropes to tug with Oscar and he really likes hard chewy things, especially if they squeak! Oscar is all about the ball and Emmy has never cared for any toys at all. I say it is because she IS the toy!

  20. Blueberry cuddling the bunny may be the cutest picture ever.

  21. Oh my goodness, that last photo says it all!


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