Monday, June 28, 2010

A Most Unusual Road Trip

Bunny here, with an exciting tale to tell about our road trip this weekend. 

It's been really hot here, so we haven't been able to get out and about as much as we'd like to.  Well, as much as Blueberry and I would like to.  Lilac prefers to stay home.  Still, she was so busy barking all night, I figured she must be pretty excited to go, too.  Mom and Dad weren't so excited about the barking.  I heard a few words that would normally land you in the doghouse.  Still, morning finally came, and we all got into the van to ride off to Dubuque, Iowa.

On the way there, we saw a lot of this.

We also went through Galena, Illinois.  It's a pretty neat place, with all kinds of shops and restaurants.  It's very picturesque, but it's not particularly dog friendly, so we mostly admired it from in the van.  It was nice to be in the air conditioned van on a hot summer day and see the sights. 

I had to wonder a lot about this, too.  We did not eat there, but I was curious about what might be on the menu.  Mom said she might go back some time and find out for me.

I suppose by now you're all wondering what was so exciting about our trip.  We got to see a lot of sights, but we didn't get to do any shopping.  However, we did come home with something.

Please meet Morgan, our new German Shepard sister.  She is eighteen months old.  She is from a German line and she lived with her first family since she was twelve weeks old.  However, because of some disagreements in her family about her, they decided that it would be better for Morgan to go to a home where they felt she would be happier.  Dad loves us Greyhounds, and Mom says she will always have at least one Greyhound in the house, but Dad has always dreamed of having a German Shepard.  When we were offered the chance to bring her here, we were very excited.  We'd like to thank Frankie Furter for starting the stories about how everyone got their names, because that's what lead us to Morgan.  Her family bred me and my litter and took care of me when I was a tiny puppy.  When Mom started talking to her about how I got my name, they were talking about Morgan, and Mom told her how it was Dad's dream to have a Shepard in the family one day.  After some soul-searching, and because they know how happy and loved I am here, they decided to let Morgan come and be with us.  So, we went up to meet her to see if we'd get along, and we hit if off famously.  Morgan greeted Blueberry and me with kisses.  It was also nice to show them what a great pet I've become, even if I didn't get to race.

We are all getting to like her a lot!  Lilac didn't pose in a lot of the pictures because she broke another toenail in the van after we got there and so she was staying quiet in the van.  Morgan was very careful with her in the van and we all had a great time.  Maybe she'll share some floof with me! 

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  1. Wow - this was completely unexpected. Congratulations. Morgan is a beauty and I'm sure is going to fit in great with the pack!

    Can't wait to see some more!

  2. OMD!!!

    I'm with Sam -

    How furry khool fur woo!


  3. Hey there!
    What great news!!! Welcome Morgan!
    You pictures that went along with your news are stunning...the dogs look so happy together.
    Wishing Morgan (and you all) many happy years together.
    With love

  4. Tell your dadda that he is beginning one of life's greatest of journeys - loving, living with and training a German Shepherd Dog. The are unlike any other. Tremendous animals.

  5. Great news! Congratulations!

  6. Well, all I can think of is that Morgan will be herding you like a pack of sheep or something. It is great that she could come and live with you. Of course I cannot imagine the mayhem with so many bossy gals under one roof.


  7. OMD, this is NEWS. Huge news. The biggest good news you could have. An addition to the family. And Morgan sounds like she's all ready to fit right in. How nice is that. I mean, being all respectful of Lilac right off the bat. Morgan has perception and sensitivity. Well, those GSD's do tend toward smarticles, it's true.

    Much happiness to all of you in your new family configuration!

    wags, Lola

  8. I had a suspicion it was a dog you went after, but I assumed it would be another greyhound. Morgan is lovely and I bet she fits into your pack just perfectly!

    Congratulations to all!!

  9. Our Mom had a German Shepherd Dog back in the olden days waaaaaaaaay before the internet. Her name was Honey and she was Mom's constant companion. They are great dogs.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  10. Congrats! Welcome to Morgan and we look forward to hearing all about your adventures with her.

  11. Oh my dogness! This is such exciting news!

    What could be better than a new member of your pack! And Morgan looks like she fits in just purfectly....(cept she don't haves that needle nose greyhound face that I thinks is just so sweet)

    Me and my gang, and my mom are sooo excited for you all, and cants wait to hear/see more bouts Miss Morgan!


  12. HOOOOOOOLY COOOOOOW!!!!!!!! I was so not expecting this, much less a German Shepard. But, my goodness, she is incredibly beautiful!!!!!!
    I do believe she is in da most perfectest of homes and will truely be loved. I wonders who will become alpha...hmmmm.

  13. Congratulations on the addition to your family!! Morgan is so beautiful!!!!!! We can't wait to learn more about her :)

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  14. I am STUNNED! I have been waiting and waiting to hear about the Road Trip.. that you told me I had clawsed... I even guessed that maybe you had found a found some town that had been named for one of you.... Well, welcome Morgan. You are gonna love this new family!!! Can't wait to hear more about you.

  15. YIPPEE! Congratulations on your new sister! Oh, she is just a beauty and she looks so very much happy to be part of your family. I can't wait to gets to know her better. Hi, Morgan!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  16. So exciting! That wasn't what I as expecting either,but what a great story.

  17. We are shocked. We figured you were picking up another member of the family, but thought it would be a greyhound. Congrats!

    BTW, you girls travel in style.

  18. Oh WOW!! Never expected that! Even if we were able to guess, for sure we would have thought another greyhound! Congrats on the new addition, Morgan is beautiful!

    Multiple Snorts-
    Brutus (& Carmen) the Frenchie(s)

  19. Dear TaleTeller family, I am thrilled to pieces to meet your newest member. There are three breeds I'll always love and want to have near me. (Someday I want to have another shepherd dog and someday I'd love another pibble.) I can't wait to get to know Morgan. I'm so happy for you!

  20. Wow!! What a surprise!! I love German Shepherds too, I've always dreamed of getting one. Morgan is just gorgeous, I can't wait to hear how she settles in and see more pictures!

  21. Congrats on the new addition to the family... this is a total surprise! I'm sure Morgan will fit right in... she's a beauty.

    Licks, hero

  22. They all look so happy together! Congratulations on your newest family member - woof!

  23. Oh dear oh dear, it's completely some expected news. Morgan is so gorgeous. She's really beautiful and I fall in love with her too. How lucky you and Blueberry to have a little sister to play with you both now. Have fun!!! What a lovely summer.

  24. OMD!!!! Welcome Morgan, we didn't even IMAGINE a new pup in the house!! We are so happy and excited for all of you!

    Smileys & Snuggles!
    Dory, Jacob and Bilbo

    PeeS - Mama wanted to tell your Mama that Bilbo has also been barking a lot (constantly) for the past couple of nights...maybe we should get these 2 old coots a house of their very own. She is thinking/hoping that the full moon has something to do with it.

  25. OMD, how exciting to get a new sister!!! She is beautiful!


  26. We love a good road trip! Aspen and Gracie say "good choice!"
    The Road Dogs

  27. Wow! Congratulations on your new sister!! How nice of all of you to let her come live with you! She's very pretty! How exciting!!

    PS: Your van is pretty tricked out too! I could travel all week in a van that nice!

  28. Awesome - it's official and I don't have to bite my tongue! :)

    Welcome beautiful!!

  29. Wow, you sure do get to travel in comfort - those look like very comfy beds in the van for all of you.

    We were right, you brought home another passenger. Morgan is very beautiful - we hope she is very happy at your home.

    And you know, if you all need some floof, we have tons and would gladly send you some any time you want:)

    Woos - Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  30. Galena, IL!!! You were practically in my neighborhood!! Well, not quite, but at least the same state!

    Morgan is adorable! Have fun with your new family member.

    Your pal, Pip

  31. How exciting a New Family Member! Morgan is a very pretty Girl. We once had a 9 month old German Shepard foster sister from TN stay with us for a little while. We have alot of families on our street that own Shepard's. They are Great Dogs. Congrats!
    Your New Friends

  32. Excellent. We love seeing a family get almost as large as ours. Just a few more needed now. Evil grin.

  33. Wow! Go on a road trip, come home with a sister! Didn't know it worked that way!! Morgan is real cute! When I was a kid, a friend of mine down the block had a German Shepherd who was real nice. I'm sure Morgan will fit in very nicely!

  34. Beautiful GSD! Looking forward to hearing more about Morgan.... love the name!

  35. I knew it!
    I am sure Morgan is going to love being part of your family!
    Glad everything went well!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  36. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay cool a noo sister!!! i wood luv a noo sister espeshly if she is as nice as trixie doodles!!! maybe i can trade tucker for wun!!! ha ha ok bye

  37. good luck with her, she better not steal your thunder Princess Bunny!
    She looks like so the odd one out, but Im sure you will be gracious and gentle with her...sheesh!

  38. Welcome Morgan! We are kind of late into the game but better late then never eh?

  39. How totally wonderful! Welcome Morgan!!! This is very exciting news :)

    Emma rose

  40. How exciting and wonderful! Lucky Morgan to have found your family! Congratulations to you all!


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