Friday, February 18, 2011

Ah, Romance!

Well, here it is Friday, and many of us are all thinking about date night.  I guess that's one of the good things about getting through the work week.  Since Monday was Valentine's Day, a lot of us may have even had extra romance in our lives.  I know that we've had more than enough romance here.

Mr. Taleteller and I actually went out Saturday night to celebrate Valentine's Day.  We ate out, saw a movie, and just generally enjoyed each other's company.  We agreed that we wanted to stay in Monday night, relax after work and have a nice quiet evening at home together. 

Monday night got off to a good start.  I arrived home to find my husband had taken off work early and had roses and chocolate waiting for me on the kitchen table.  He knew I'd been wanting to get back in the habit of afternoon walks with the girls and he was ready with Morgan so that we could go with Bunny for our usual jaunt around town. 

Things were going really well.  It was a wonderful Valentine's Day, both on Saturday and Monday afternoon.  We got back from our walk and put a pizza in the oven to enjoy while we watched TV.   I sat down on the couch with visions of finally getting a foot rub.  It's funny how often I used to get those before we got married, but I digress.

As I sat in the living room, I thought I heard something.  I cocked my head to listen, and noticed that Morgan had the same expression in canine form that I must have had.  We have a wonderful front porch that was actually one of the reasons we decided to buy our house, but in the winter, it doesn't see much use.  It appears that one of the local feral cats has taken up residence there under the porch furniture. 

I'm not heartless.  I don't mind the cat staying there until it warms up.  This is not the first time this has happened.  Our county has a huge population of feral cats, and I think my neighbors have contributed to the problem a few times when cats have escaped left their house.  They don't stay long, usually just through bouts of bad weather, so there's no harm.

It would be our luck that the cat in residence went into heat on Valentine's Day.  I wish I could say that I am joking, but I couldn't make up something so upsurd.  The sound that started coming from our front porch just as the pizza was done would have woken the dead.  Our trusty Shepherd ran to the front window -- and didn't make a peep.  She stared out the window and made a few whimpers as her ears twitched in curiosity and anticipation.  I opened the door and five cats scattered to the wind.  Morgan watched them go and lost interest after I closed the door. 

As the evening went on, the feline love song continued on.  No sooner would we sit back down then Morgan was back at the front door sniffing the crack, which seemed to be the precursor to feline romance.  Things settled into a regular routine.  We sat down on the couch, Morgan got up to check the door, went to the window, the hell cats began to wail, we got up, opened the door, the cats ran off, we closed the door, and got Morgan settled.  Then we got to start all over.  Those cats were determined to get to know each other and there was no convincing them that a more private venue would foot the bill.

Apparently, cat romance is the gift that keeps on giving, too.  Any thoughts about romance had flown out the window by the time we headed into bed.  We were just happy for blessed silence.  So far, the cats are still playing the dating game out front, too.  I can only hope that the warm weather convinces them to find a more private and secure place to set up the nursery.

So, how did you spend your Valentine's Day?  I hope that whatever plans you have for Friday night turn out to be free of cat romance!

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  1. Egad, CATS! Nothing sets me off more then the sight of them furry little critters. Won't stand for them doing their wooing on MY backyard! But I guess they didn't want to miss out on the Valentine action either.
    The people didn't celebrate Valentines. What a jaded bunch. The again, I did find that I got more cookies and liver treats then usual. Hah, closet romantics!


  2. Morgan is just beautiful. Nice to see a good Shepherd. Many are so over-angulated these days. Hope those cats don't leave you tiny fluff balls of kittens on your porch in a few months!

  3. You mean those wailing love cats didn't put you in the mood for romance? I don't see why not!!! BOL

  4. Sensible Morgan. Stay inside and let the cats 'play' in the cold and snow.

  5. Yep, this is the time of year for kitty romance and spring kittens.

    Your pal, Pip

  6. LOL-cat romance is the gift that keeps on giving that is too funny!
    Sorry your Valentine's Day wasn't very relaxing, I bet the cats felt the love that your house shares and that is why they picked it:)

  7. That story is too funny! The caterwauling on Valentine's Day is too much :)

  8. I think it's something happening in my neighbourhood lately. Is it the cat romance season in every corner of the world? Mika isn't interested in it but our little girl is.

  9. Funny story, yes, but feral cats breeding is not a good thing. I'm wondering if there is a rescue group nearby with a catch, spay and release program?

  10. Great story!

    The feral cat problem is very sad.

    Wouldn't Bunny and Morgan love to play with kittens in the spring?

    Drools and licks,
    Minnie and Mack

  11. Oh, dats not good! More kittehs on da loose....aaaaaaaaaack! Oh what a skeerey thought, I don't thinks I will sleep tonite.

    I very impressed at Morgan nevers barked. If dat had happened at my house....we would haves gone though da window to at 'em.


  12. Hi again! Just thought I'd drop by to say you've received a blog award! Hopefully you can make some time to drop in and pick it up. =)


  13. LOL> Oh my, what an entertaining story of romance!! This was great. I hope for your sake that Mama cat moves on...

    So how long till the blessed event anyway?

  14. Did the kitties have some Marvin Gaye playing outside?? Hee hee...

    Mom and dad went and had Mexican food Valentine's night. After dad was left home all day with the floor installer people and listening to their "Espanol" music choices and was craving mexican food!!

  15. OH! The cats better not start that nonsense round here - that's all I can say.

    The LOTH and the MOTH had a nice steak dinner at home Monday - but it was a bit rushed as the BOTH had to be taken to and from rehearsals for Jesus Christ Superstar that he's in at Easter.

    Tonight the BOTH's been invited out to watch a football game and have a sleepover so the LOTH and the MOTH are having a rare night out. I'll catch up on my sleep after two good walks today.

    Enjoy your weekend.

  16. Wow if I'd have been there...i would have BARKED AND BARKED AAND CHASED THEM AWAY!

  17. Good girl Morgan. Those kitty mats are always having giddy fits
    Benny & Lily

  18. Our Shepherd didn't bark either!! He was so wonderful!! I made it, got your comment frame up.
    This is the first one in two days!!
    My Mother use to feed the feral cats and she spayed and neutered them too!! She probably fixed 20 cats in her time! She had a few batches of kittens too!! Always found homes for them.
    We had a very nice Valentine week end and Monday too!!! Lots of lovin went on!!!! I do so love my husband of almost 29 years and I feel so lucky to have a good one b/c I didn't the first time out!!!!
    Thank you so much for your visit!!!!!!
    xx, Bambi & Fern

  19. Oh my...BOL!!!!

    My Humans had a perfectly normal Valentine dinner in a restaurant and a relaxing after dinner drink at home before peace and quiet.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  20. Hey!!!! Cats are allowed to celebrate Valentine's Day TOO!!!!


  21. Yes, I've heard that cat sound before too and it's not pleasant!

    Funny that you mentioned foot rubs...I was also recently complaining about how I used to get foot rubs all the time before we got married and now nothing. It must have worked! I've got three in the last week :)

  22. And those are the worst cat sounds ever. How ironic she would choose the home where 4 pooches live.

  23. This makes us so furry sad. We has spent so much time and money trapping and fixing ferals and peeples just keep dumping cats wot is not spayed and nootered and the romance just keeps going on and on and more kittens is born ofur and ofur again. Sigh.


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