Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Greys Of Our Lives

Some days living with four dogs can seem a little like living in a soap opera.  For the most part, our girls are very well behaved, but sometimes it seems like their lives are a lot more exciting than ours.  I'm not sure that they face more drama than we do on a day to day basis, but theirs seem to be a lot more interesting.   I can almost hear the announcer speaking in that voice that makes everything seem like a matter of life and death now.   He could certainly make people want to come back day after day to tune in.

Will Morgan be able to stay awake to perform her regular patrols?  Is that a cat lurking in the bushes or is it one of those sinister plastic bags?  Will she ever learn to just relax?  Will she retain her German Shepherd identity, or will she start to turn into a Greyhound?

How long until Blueberry gets to take off her splint?  Will she finally get to go away on a trip with the family, or will disappointment strike again?   Is there a bath in her near future when the dirty splint comes off?

Will Lilac be able to make another direct hit with poop in the slipper?  Can she come up with something even more dastardly to keep her family on their toes?  What time will she decide to wake them up at on Saturday morning?

Can sweet little Bunny ever get enough satisfaction through petting?  Will she find something else to fill the void?  What will her next big adventure be?

If your dogs starred in a soap opera, what would it be?  What would people be dying to turn in to find out about?

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  1. I think our biggest drama would be the Hayfield and McCoy dual between the Front Dogs and the Back Dogs. And of course there is the never ending drama between Brut and Zappa, who REALLY is the top dog and who will be the next to challenge the other. And of course there is there is the three boys who all want Blaze to claim as their own. Who will actually win her heart? Her first love, Zappa, her long life partner Chance or the stud of the house Brut? Three boys pinning after one girl...what's a girl to do?? BOL

  2. I keep the people guessing when my next great escape will be! Apparently the people wait with bated breaths as they observe me scheming by the fence. And they're always vigilant because I WILL strike when their guards are down! ;)
    There's also my love triangle with the other dogs in the neighborhood. It seems all the boy dogs need some loving from me but all I want is some loving from one boy dog who won't give me the time of day! He won't be able to stand against my charm for too long though.


  3. All of the 4 "actors" in your soap have such pretty headshots! We'd be most concerned about Morgan loosing her identity. That would be too sad. Our soap opera would have to have something to do with naughty pooches getting into off limits plastic bags and eatting the contents. Not sure what it would be called. maybe The Young & The Naughty??
    Smooches from pooches,
    BabyRocketDog and Hootie
    (using mom's blog tonight)

  4. Bunny. Can there ever be enough petting ? You must be joking.

  5. Maybe Lilac will tuck the pooplet right down in the toe next time so you can't tell it's there. Mwahahahaha!!

    Our next adventure.. Hmm, let me think! Maybe Sid will decide to actually USE one of his expensive, cushy-soft beds instead of lying on the floor?

  6. Bawhahahaha! My life is MUCH more exciting than my mom's!! I have every confidence in Lilac's ability to make a direct hit. Practice makes perfect.

    Your pal, Pip

    P.S: The linky thing didn't work for me. I am sure I did it wrong.

  7. If we had a tv show it would haves to be on cable...hehehe!
    Besides what dog wants to be boooooring?


  8. I think that Morgan is probably in danger of becoming a greyhound!

    I love the paintings of the dogs. Blueberry's especially caught my eye.

    In our house, there's lots of dog drama. The ones that I'm most tuned into are: "What drama might happen in the trails today? Will we run into a lion?". The others involve what items of my clothing R will steal and where he will hide them. Will K maintain her dignity and confidence despite having a certifiably insane younger brother?

    Good question-provoker by you!

  9. Will Dakota ever be able to claw his way under the front door and finally chew up the Chihuahua across the hall that they allow to come charging at our door to drive our poor Dakota insane!

  10. If I was in a film it would have to be Cats-ablanca - with me as the heroine ridding the town of the fascist felines.

  11. I think an actually doggy soap opera would be WAY better than the ones being aired daily on my TV. I would definitely tune in to see what the latest goings-on are at the Tails and Tails house. Just think, throw a little Nigel in the mix, and you're winning daytime Emmy's!


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