Monday, February 14, 2011

The Dog Test

Back when I was in college, there was a guy that I had a pretty big crush on.  I'd waited for months, hoping that he would ask me out.  I'd even invited him to lunch once, but he turned me down.  We had a lot of friends in common and most weekends found our group hanging out together and going out to eat at a local restaurant we liked.  Finally, after eight months and four days, he did ask me out.  Our first date was on Valentine's Day.

I lived at my dad's house at that time, but I asked him to meet me at my mom's house because it was in town and closer to where all the restaurants and theatres were.  My mom had a little Shetland Sheepdog named Sable.  Sable was rather unsociable.  In fact, I don't think there was anyone that she liked outside of our immediate family.  When people came over to visit, she either hid behind my mom and growled and barked, or sat in my lap and growled under her breath.  No matter how friendly or unassuming a person was, Sable would have nothing to do with them.

The night of our date arrived.  Valentine's Day was on a Saturday and it was being celebrated by a lot of people.  We had plans to go to a favorite restaurant and my date showed up a little early.  He chatted with my mom and to everyone's great surprise, Sable was standing beside the chair where he sat, letting him scratch her back.  He sat comfortably talking with my mom and before too long, Sable had forced her way into his lap, curled up against his chest and was gazing into his eyes adoringly.  We left for our date an hour late, but Sable and my mom were completely charmed by him.

That first Valentine's Day date was a great one and it turned into many more.  We'd been going out almost every weekend for a couple of months before he took me down to meet his family.  I had no idea we were going to go see them that weekend until we were in the car on our way down there.  I'm not sure which of us was more nervous. 

I learned later that I passed "The M and M Test" with flying colors.  The first M was my boyfriend's little brother, who was five years old at the time.  My date and M were very close and M had even been taught by his older brother to ask girls in the toy store for their phone numbers.  It turns out that having a cute little brother can be a big help to a college guy.  The second M was Mimi, a little schnauzer mix who adored  my boyfriend with a devotion that is hard to imagine.  It seems that in order for anyone to date any of the three older members of the family, they had to get along with both of the two Ms.  The whole first year we were dating, I don't think I ever sat on the couch beside my boyfriend.  I sat between the two Ms.

After college, my boyfriend asked me to marry him, and one day in June, he became Mr. Taleteller.  I look back and find it funny that we both had a good idea about each other from our dogs.  I can't imagine being married to someone who didn't want to share our lives with dogs.  I also consider myself lucky that I married such a great guy.  I don't know if dogs always judge people the best way, but so far, mine have always been right.  I'm sure glad I passed that test!  Several Greyhounds and a German Shepherd have been lucky that we met and fell in love, too. 

How do all of you feel about dogs and the people you date, befriend or marry?  Does your dog's opinion of people influence your decisions?  Have you ever been sorry that you did or didn't listen to your dog?

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  1. Mom says she khan remember khlear as day the furst morning her special furiend met me -

    She hadn't told him she'd gifted herself with ME fur her birthday - so when he khame fur khoffee Monday morning and I greeted him - his khomment was 'so you got a dog'


    She did!

    And I still get excited when I get to see him - just like Mom!

    PeeEssWoo: Happy HEARTS Day!!!

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  3. The dog's opinion is most important i think. They can sense the good guys from the bad :)

  4. What a very cool story. I do believe that dogs can get a feel of people as well as cats.

    I had a cat Claw who was only friendly with me. I was seeing a guy and Claw was being all lovey dovey with him, very out of character for her and so I thought he was the one. Boy was I wrong! The guy was bad news. When Claw met my husband to be, she completely ignored and ran from him. She was acting like herself with him and that helped in confirming that he was my true love.

    Happy Valentines Day and for your first date anniversary.

  5. Joke not. Dogs can pick up on vibes that we can't. Good and bad.

  6. Happy Valentine's Day! Wishing the whole family a wondeful day.

    My dogs always influence me to a certain degree, if they for some reason don't like a person I get a bit wary.... however, it can be because the person in question is afraid of dogs and acts weird (according to the dogs)... but I sure pay more attention to a person that the doggies don't seem to like.

    You asked me if the harness James has on is skijoring equipment and the answer is no. What James has on (on those 2 pics) is his weight pull harness. He has another harness for skijoring. I'll try to remember to take a pic of him when wearing the other harness for skijoring so you can see how it looks. :)

    Lots of stinkin' kisses from James <3

  7. Dogs are definitely much more sensitive and sensible than most humans, they know what's good and bad right from the first moment that they meet someone.
    My Rosie is a number 1 dog lover and she has secretly made a vow that her Mr. Right must be a serious dog lover like her too. I hope her dogs will pick the right man for her in the future because dogs don't make mistakes, LOL!

  8. That is a truly wonderful story. I actually thought, at the start, that it would go the other way, and the date would be rejected because he didn't like dogs. I have a friend who pre-screens potential dates by asking them if they like dogs. She says they're not worth even one date if they don't.

    I trust my dogs' opinions of people immensely. When we first moved here, we had a neighbor who was really rude to us in several ways. But, our dogs adored him and he adored them when we met on the trails. Amazingly, the dogs have turned out to be right about him. We've learned over the years that he's incredibly socially uncomfortable but a good neighbor and person.

    Dogs usually see to the core of people faster than we do, just as your story demonstrates.

  9. What a lovely story. As I was reading it the guy sounded sooooo nice - I'm really glad that it was Mr Taleteller in the end.

    The Lady Of The House says dogs are great judges of character.

    Happy Valentine's Day


  10. Happy Valentine's Day Girls.

    Do any of you where red pumps?


  11. What a great story! Normally I do go off of what my dogs sense about people.
    Except for one time:
    When my husband picked me up for our first date, (I had a Newf named Thunder,) he would not come into the house until I put Thunder on the back porch. That was his first strike against him, but I overlooked it and look where we are now:)

  12. Bwhahahahaha...OMD, you mean he actually turned you down at furst. Okays, dat is sooooo not even funny. Maybe he was just shy in da beginning.

    Mum says Brudder Albert and Whitney is da bestest judges of peoples and believes me, they can sense, I kinda just likes anybuddy dat'll pet me or gives me a beer.


  13. What a wonderful history you two have! I don't trust anyone who doesn't like dogs! And if the dog doesn't like them....forget it!!
    Happy Valentines Day!

  14. Rider, Lilly and JackFebruary 14, 2011 at 10:30 AM

    Our mom once dated a man who was very alergic to all animals. (It was before our time) Mom had a doggie and 2 cats at the time. Mom said he was a nice guy - but needless to say it did not work out!

  15. Mom always put critters before was a requirement. Which is good, cause now we have dad...and probably mom too. Dunc was a present to dad on Valentine's day so he wouldn't be here without dad!!

  16. A wonderful Valentine's post. Thanks for sharing it with us.

  17. Wishing you guys a very Happy Valentine's Day!

    Rudy's Raiser

    P.S. We are doing a Valentine's Giveaway; over at our blog... we'd love for you to enter!

  18. What a romantic story! I am a firm believer, its not Mother Know Best, its Pooch Knows Best!

  19. Happy Valentines Day All! :D


  20. Woof! Woof! Happy Valentine's Day. Lots of Golden LOVE n Woofs, Sugar♥

  21. Well, you cannot count on me to be a judge of characters coz mom say she can find no rhyme nor reason as to who I like or who I duss not like. Sometimes I is schmoozy, udder times I gibs the cold shoulder but it has nuttin to do with whether or not I like somebuddy. Hmmm. Mebbe that is why mom has nefur remarried? Ya think? ♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥ to all of you!

  22. Awwww...what a super great story! And Most Romantical! I'm ever so glad it had a happy ending.

    Well, my mom doesn't use us to judge her furends (or boyfurends, since she's been married 100 years). But we just finished interviewing some peoples to come to our house and take care of us while mom and dad are away. And she watched us REAL close how we felt abouts them. Especially Brudder Ranger. I gets along with pretty much everybuddy but it takes somebuddy special to win Brudder Ranger over real quick.]

    Happy Valentine's Day!

    Wiggles & Wags,

  23. Actually, my sweetheart and I both had cats when we met and we still do. He had grown up with dogs and had a special relationship with his German Shepherd when he was a boy which was another good sign. Our 17th anniversary is coming up this year!

  24. What a great story. Mom loves happy endings.
    Happy Valentine's Day


  25. What a great story! I used to bring Miss M on all my dates; it would be an easy out for me, and if she didn't approve I knew it wasn't worth it.

  26. that was a very much super sweet story about you 'n mr. taleteller! i so love a happy, romantical ending, and now i have the warm fuzzies all inside. teehee. :)
    mama says she grew up with her angel doggie whitney, but daddy nevarrr had a doggie growin' up. she knew daddy was a keeper when she was datin' him cuz he piled the lovins on whitney even though she was really old and had 50 gazillion skin lumps and was kinda smelly. he didn't care!
    super happy valentine's day!!

    the booker man

    pee s -- my word verification thingie is "trackinc". heehee!

  27. Oh sweet story. I agree you can learn alot about humans from us. I'm glad mr taleteller passed the test.
    happy v day

  28. Dogs have the ultimate opinion.

    I met my partner the day I introduced her first greyhounds to her. She had an acre, I had a pair of greyhounds looking for a home.

    I would never share my life with someone that didn't share my love for dogs. End of story.

  29. I beg to differ with you about the subject, but that is another issue. I'm glad you're happy with your husband and dogs...

    Hope you had a happy Valentine's day!

  30. Kitty is a bit of a scaredy cat for anyone she meets, and Coco is a love pug, so I don't judge their reactions to people. However, my requirements for ANYONE that enters our life, is that they like dogs (in particular, mine), or at least treat them kindly. If I catch a hint of coldness, you are on my bad list. Love that Mr. Taleteller was the One!

  31. Charm and Tuppy&#39;s MumFebruary 16, 2011 at 8:06 AM

    Lovely, story, Carrie. I hoped the fellow would end up being Mr. Taleteller.
    I knew my fellow was ok when I popped in at his house one early evening and found him sitting on the floor working on a project he had spread out in front of him, with his little kitten curled up in the crook of his right arm.

  32. What a beautiful story !
    When our parents met they didn't have dogs which is just as well because when they moved from France to Australia they wouldn't have been able to bring any pet without going through quarantine and we don't like the sound of that !
    Love from Bella & Ollie


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