Thursday, February 3, 2011

We Survived Snowapalooza

Bunny here at the keyboard writing about our crazy weather the past few days.

Most of our friends in the States know that we had one wicked blizzard blow through our area Monday night, all day Tuesday and yesterday morning.  We ended up with twenty inches of snow.  Mom has been off school for three days and Dad's work even sent everyone home early on Tuesday.  That's very unusual. 

By Wednesday morning, some of us had a pretty serious case of Cabin Fever.  We decided to go out for a walk to stretch our legs and get some fresh air.  Plus, we'd almost forgotten what the sun looked like up in the sky. 

I am glad that I had my coat and boots.  Those snowdrifts were deep.  I wish I'd been able to go without a leash, because I wanted to run the whole walk around town and through the park.  Morgan kept climbing up the snowbanks.  Dad told her not to, but Mom said to let her and maybe it would wear her out a little.  It didn't. 

Still, it felt so good to get out and stretch our legs.  It gave us a chance to get caught up on our Idita-Walk challenge, too.  I hear that it's going to be extremely cold today and tomorrow, so we'll probably be itching to hike this weekend.  I  hope we see our owl come back so we know he's okay.  He likes to sit under the awning when it's extra cold, but we didn't see him during the blizzard.

How do the rest of you pass the time when the weather is too brutal to go outside?   Thank goodness Gertie the Groundhog told Willard Scott that we'll have an early Spring!  I'm ready for Winter to be over!

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  1. what a snowpocalypse!
    We have not had one flake this year...Stupid Groundhog!!


  2. That's really a lot of snow!
    Stay warm and safe!!!

  3. That's lots of snow! I'm glad you all made it through the blizzard. It's been really cold here but no snow really. Today our high was about 10 but it was windy all day so it was -23. Brr. I left the boys fleece on when I went to school this morning, even though they are in the house with heat. No outdoor recess at school today. Our backyard is ice! Zephyr and Astro don't really like it and I'm afraid they will slip and get hurt when they play. So tonight we wrapped up and went for walkies along the road. Much better. When it's cold I would rather we get some snow so we can have snow days. Not this time. :-( I was so happy to tell my class that Phill didn't see his shadow and that means an early spring!

  4. look absolutely stunning in your coat and boots! You go girl!

  5. That's some beautiful snow Bunny. Flocko would like to chase you around a bit.

    Rae day is getting close, are you ready?

  6. By heck, that sure is a lot of snow.

    Glad you managed to get out. Hope you can get ony our hike at the weekend.

    Luckily we rarely get weather like that. I've only had one day in the almost two years I've had Song, that I've not got out with her, even if only for a short walk.

  7. I've never been in snow, but it looks fun!

    I love your boots and coat.

  8. What beautiful snow you have!! And you look so fashionable in your cold weather gear.

    Lilly, Piper, Carrleigh and Ruairi

  9. What happened to your street? It is gone, gone, gone. Hope it comes back soon. Great to get out and stretch your legs and I bet the sun feels great. I hear we might see the sun again here today. I sure hope so.


  10. It still makes us laugh when we read your pawrents think they will wear out Morgan!


  11. Holy snow!!! We got more ice than snow from the storm!! Yuck!!
    Morgan looks like she is playing king of the mountain on the drift:)
    Glad to hear that everyone is safe!

  12. Bunny,

    We gots about 12 inches of new snow from da storm, it changed to sleet yesterday morning. Glad you wuz finally able to get out fur a walk. When da weather is bad here I walk on da treadmill. :) Stay safe!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. Ugh. We didn't get the amount that you did, but we've been dealing with snow and ice since December. We're still trying to find a balance between walks and just going into the backyard. The rule has generally been that if the sidewalks are icy enough that I'm afraid I'll fall, then Argos has to make do with running around the yard. If we do that, we have to take him out more times per day else he not only goes stir-crazy, but poops in the dining room. *sigh*

  14. Boy you guys did get nailed didn`t you? We only got about 6 inches of snow but then got a day full of freezing rain and monstrous winds. You look loverly by the way Bunny, so chic!

  15. Yikes, Bunny! We ended up with ice, 4" of sleet and a few inches of snow. Now it's very cold - below zero at night. We are having a hard time being stuck in a hotel room. We've received a few special treats and we are trying to play, but we want to run.

  16. They say we got 13inches, but the drifts are like 2 feet tall. We have to see a plow on our dead in road. We made paths for the fur-kids in the backyard and I dressed up and went out and ran them around. They spent most of the day playing outside but today they are couch potatoes. Sniffs, The HoundDogs

  17. Looks like you are having fun in the snow!!! We hope that you have gone inside to warm up.

    Love, uSSSSS

  18. Bunny, can't your mom dig up some of them leg warmers from the 80's - your skinny little legs do look so coldie. I is so releefed your Gertie the Groundhog agrees with Punxsutawney Phil, Milville Mel and Staten Island Chuck, whose formal name be Charles G. Hogg, ofur here in the East. Essex Ed seened his shadow but we think that woz rigged. In fact, kwite impawsibull coz there be no sun here yesterday. Yay to early spring!

  19. It's pretty crazy with snow here as well. This morning we are attempting to dig ourselves out. I can't believe how many people across the continent are dealing with the same thing. I hope you're all keeping warm and having fun!

  20. I can not believe how warm you look in your coat and boots and neck cozy. Butt... Morgan doesn't need any of that!!! How funny that is.
    Of course you need to keep up your training.. in prep fur... SATURDAY!!!!

  21. We didn't get hit as bad as they thought we would with that storm... but still got quite a bit of new snow! I'm ready for spring!

  22. Woof! Woof! Glad to hear ... we did too but got more snow than you caused of the Lake Effect Snow. SNOW is passed our bushes ... Be safe n stay warm. Lots of Golden Woofs, Sugar

  23. We all got walloped I see....will be going out very soon to enjoy!
    PS thanks for the B'day Wishes! Cheers!

  24. We did indeed have quite the snowstorm, didn't we? I stayed in during the storm, thankfully getting back up LSD before the blizzard hit and before all those cars got stuck there in the snow! I've been watching the cleanup and waiting for the side streets to be plowed before I take my little beastie out of the garage. Looks like you had a great walk! We had a little sun in the afternoon yesterday, but the morning still had lake effect snow. Stay warm and dry!

  25. WoW!
    That's lot's of snow!
    Just to see you walking down the street with all this snow, we got chills!
    Brrrr ....

  26. The amount of snow is unbelievable. You are hysterical with your pink coat and boots. You look like a little lady
    Benny & Lily

  27. That looks like us! It's good that the main roads seem flattened and walkable. I think the pooches were so tired from bounding over drifts that they've been happy to just laze around. Here nearly everything has been closed, except for the neighborhood bars. We have some just around the corner and it's been nice to be able to get out.

  28. WOW!

    How are you able to train for the race, Bunny??

  29. Glad you got through the storm ok and didn't lose power. I can see why Morgan is getting cabin happy.

    I wish you could have sent some our way. We only got about 6 inches here in central NY--it was a real dud.

    I'd love to be trapped in the house for 3 days with my Sweetie and my Honey. Of course, that would probably require about 10 feet of snow since the hubby and I can both walk to work.

  30. Don't worry. Alien and I will clear the racetrack!

    We love the pictures from the last post too. Awesome!

  31. We didn't get any snow, and now, after seeing everyone's pictures, we're kind of glad! Good thing you had your jacket and booties, Bunny!! That Morgan is just like Riley, nothing wears her out for more than 5 minutes!

    Elyse and Riley

  32. That is an awful lot of the white stuff. We don't have much snow right now, but I'm glad to hear you are weathering the storm and even getting out a bit. Yeah -- kick that cabin fever to the curb!

  33. We know Morgan is loving that snow! BUT, we're thinking you Greys might need a move to a warmer climate for awhile! That's a lotta snow!

    The Road Dogs

  34. Bunny,
    Your snow pictures are very pretty! I'm glad to see you and your family were able to get out after the snowstorm. Good thing you don't live down here as it was pure ice. Very difficult to walk on. I would think Potty Patch would do a grand business after this last storm! LOL!

  35. Mother Nature really did take a big dump on you!
    20 inches is a lot even by Alaskan standards.

  36. Your snow is beautiful,but I know it gets old after awhile. Wish we could UPS you some warm weather from CA...But stay warm! I'm sure the jet stream will warm it up soon. I love your coat and boots. Very stylish! You wear them so well!

  37. Looks like you made it through the storm as well. (Good thing someone invented winter gear for dogs or this would be a lot more miserable for all of us!) Good luck spotting your owl again!

  38. The snow is much prettier in your neighborhood. Our snow is all starting to turn brown - ugh. I may need to be airlifted to the race on Saturday as the city has still not plowed our alley! Hoping Alien can help me out!

    Your pal, Pip

  39. What a storm! I hope that you're not getting an arctic blast like ours. I bet that, despite the cabin fever, you enjoyed having some free days, cuddling with your dogs.

    I'm wondering if you've ever tried teaching Morgan to retrieve. You can give a dog a lot of exercise even in a small area by playing fetch.

    I know that you have cabin fever and probably wish that you didn't have all that snow, but we here on the Front Range are practically doing snow dances. Please send us some!

  40. Bunny!
    Glad you had a nice walkie!
    Here we don't have those blizzards.... thankfully!
    No snow here but sure is cold... for what we are used to! So... no walkies for me these days!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  41. Your neighborhood is just as snowy as ours! Crazy, isn't it? We feel like we're on a different planet!

  42. Oh, Bunny, I envy those long legs you have! We got 17 inches of snow here with some really wicked wind. The wind made some big drifts that were 3 to 4 feet deep. Even 17 inches is over my head! I tried to jump over a big pile of snow ..... bad idea!

  43. We haven't had the winter you've had, and I know that I'm ready for it to end. Here's hoping that Spring is just around the corner!

  44. We curl up together to watch a movie or play something whenever that darned white snow falls down! Let's hope the sun melts away all those white piles, Bunny!

  45. Voyager's Blizzard Boots!! Sid has some of those, but (I hate to say it) it's always too warm for them here!! Sid is one of those dogs who love to go out without a coat if at all possible, which is OK if we keep moving fast or he gets cold.

    Bunny looks gorgeous, and Morgan .. well, look at all that fur to keep her warm!

    I hope your owl is OK.

  46. We are ready for winter to be done! I've lost track of how many storms we've had and another is on the way for tomorrow. Finally got out for a 2-mile walk today with Joy & Red - they were very happy girls!


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