Saturday, February 19, 2011

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

It's been a long week at our house.  Maybe it's getting used to going back to work after having all those snow days.  It might also have something to do with the fact that this was conference week at school.  Thursday night I didn't get home until almost bedtime.  I was mobbed by four happy dogs when I got home, though, which made me feel better.  At least the girls missed me.

After slowly making my way through the kitchen and sitting my things down I was able to kneel down and greet each of them properly.  It seemed that each of them had something they needed to tell me.

Lilac:  I'm hungry, dammit!  Dad didn't arrange my kibble in my bowl the way I like it!  Where were you?

Blueberry:   It was horrible!  Dad took Morgan and Bunny for a walk and left me here! 

Morgan:  Where have you been?!  Do you have any idea how worried I've been about you?  Let me give you a thorough sniff over and see what you've been up to!

Bunny:  I've missed you!  Oh, I had to share a walk with Morgan and Dad and it wasn't nearly as fun as it is with you and I had to eat my food and fight off Morgan and Blueberry and Dad didn't do anything about it and I had to share the couch with Blue and Morgan and I had to sit in the middle with no armrest and I've really missed you!  Promise me you aren't leaving again.

I'll just say for the record that some dogs in our house might be prone to exaggeration.  Mr. Taleteller is quite fond of his girls and I don't believe for a second that any injustices were actually committed.  It's nice to be missed, though, and I was really glad to see them, too.  I made my way to the couch to sit down and unwind a little before going to bed. 

Usually, the Greyhounds lounge about the house during the evening while Morgan goes on patrol.  This night, Bunny was curled up tightly against me on the couch, suddenly stretced out as much as her tiny frame could be so that no one else would be interested in dethroning her.  Blueberry laid down on the bed nearest me, making eye contact with me every time I looked up.  Lilac kept walking over and pressing her head against my chest, making me pet her until her butt was drooping to the floor.  Morgan couldn't decide if she should patrol or keep a constant eye on me lest I think about separating from the pack again.

Friday, I got off work early because I had worked late Thursday night.  Mr. Taleteller decided to take the afternoon off and join me.  When I got home, the girls were more than a little excited.  It was obviously a pleasant change to their routine.

Morgan:  You're home early!  Oh my dog!  Can it really be true?  How did this happen?

Me:  I'm home early to spend time with you girls.  We have a long weekend ahead of us.  What would you all like to do?

Blueberry:  I have GOT to get out of this house!  You have to take me somewhere!  It's not fair that I never get to go with this stupid splint on.

Lilac:  Make sure you feed me!  Oh, and I need extra neck scratches! 

Morgan:  HIKING!  Oh, the sun is shining!  Let's go right now!  Just let me grab my Wolf Pack!

Bunny:  Hiking sounds nice, and maybe a trip to the dog park.  Oh, and I need some snuggle time.  Perhaps tomorrow morning in the bed.  Oh, yes, and I need Bunny time!

Me:  Well, the good news is that we have all of those things planned.  As a matter of fact, we're going to the dog park right now.  Blue, you're going for a ride by yourself later.  Lilac, we'll make sure we scratch you if you can at least let us sleep until when the alarm clock would normally go off.

Lilac:  I can make promises, but my bladder has a mind of its own. 

Me: Um, well, it's the thought that counts.  Can you at least give it a try?

Lilac:  I'll try to only wake Dad up in the morning.  Is it a deal?

Me:  It works for me.

So, our weekend started early with a trip to the dog park.  Bunny and Morgan ran and played to their hearts' content with a young Shepherd/Husky cross until Morgan had turned into a mudball.  Bunny managed to get only her little toes dirty, even while running like a little dervish through the park.  We stopped at the season opening of the local Ice Cream Shack and enjoyed the surprisingly pleasant afternoon.  Bunny and Morgan's spirits weren't even diminished by taking baths when we got home.  I guess the pleasant outlook for the long weekend is contagious.  Sometimes you just have to take time to stop and enjoy the simple pleasures of life.  Early Spring weather has a way of reminding you about those things.  Now I'll just hope that Lilac's bladder will remember her promise to let us sleep in just a little.  May everyone's weekend be pleasant and full of things you've been waiting to do!

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  1. Sounds like a pretty grand day! Hope the rest of your weekend is equally eventful! Fingers crossed that it doesn't rain so that I get to go hiking this weekend.


  2. Hey Bunny, I am Jazzi!! Nice to meet you! You had a fun day it sounds like, Cool!! Hey, I need you to e-mail me your snail mail address. I am sending you something fur being in the race with Pip. I need to get it mailed by Monday. Send it to:


  3. Oh, the restful life of the dog owner.

  4. What a lovely post. So many good things to look forward to this weekend. The afternoon at the park sounded great fun.

    I hope you got your lie-in today. The LOTH did - because I gave the MOTH a special call just for his ears only at 6.30am (his usual weekday get-up time) and he came down to spend time with me while the LOTH snoozed until nearly 10am!!!

  5. So when you is gone too long, duss Morgan suction her nose against you like a leech and to sniff efurrything on you without efur removing her nose? That is wot I do to mom, BOL. And, wassup with us shepherds being mud magnets? My sisses can RUN in mud and only get their paws dirty. I WALK in mud and I is covered from head to paw. Mom has always said I need to has mudflaps installed.

  6. My dogs are usually full of exaggerated stories of the Runner's neglect when I've been gone too! It must be a dog thing...

    Enjoy your weekend of fun. I hope that the weather stays beautiful.

    I love that last photo. I guess that Blue called the couch!

  7. How sweet!No-one is ever more excited to see you come home than your dogs...unless it`s a teenager who wants/needs something! =)

  8. My speediest moments are when my mom comes home. I always run to the door to greet her and bark madly when I hear her on the front porch. I sometimes retire for a nap once she is in the door, but the initial excitement is always the same.

    Your pal, Pip

  9. "Bunny managed to get only her little toes dirty, even while running like a little dervish through the park"

    I SO recognise this greyhound trait! I used to have a friend with a terrier who would walk with us and that little chap used to come back caked with mud up to his armpits. Jim, of course, shed any fragments of mud from his feet on the walk back home and came in clean! LOL!

  10. What a fun day. You guys must be tired
    Benny & Lily

  11. LOL!

    They love you so much!


  12. All of dems missed you very much! Happy weekend everybodys!

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  13. nothing better than being greeted at the door with doggie licks and eyes that have so much to say!

    Here's hoping you are having an incredible weekend!

  14. Oh wonderful! Happy Happy Pack!

    Enjoy your weekend :D

    Waggin at ya,

  15. These early spring days are days to cherish!

    Just a heads up! You've received the "Stylish Blog Award". Stop by and pick it up.

    Hawk aka BrownDog

  16. Sounds like you have your hands full. What an interesting pack you have.

  17. To me, there is nothing more joyful than seeing a dog running, tongue lolling around with a HUGE smile. That, is PURE happiness!

  18. Your pack it toooo funny!
    It's good to be needed and mom, you are NEEDED!

  19. Hiking AND ice cream! Now THAT'S an excellent day!

    PeeS - Bunny, please tell Morgan to stop by our blog today and see what a couple of her relatives were up to this weekend (no, not Gracie and Aspen) :)

  20. Coming home to the dogs (now only 1 dog) is the best thing. No matter where you have been, no matter for how long you have been gone... you're always greeted with kisses and lots of tail wagging. It's the best! :)


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