Thursday, February 10, 2011

Treat Tales -- Meeting The Rabbit

It's been a while since I wrote a Treat Tale, but a friend had asked me to back in October on our trip, and others mentioned it when they read about Treat on Saturday, so I thought it was time to get back into the swing of telling those stories.  We'd like to dedicate this story to our friend Max, who recently crossed to the Rainbow Bridge after a brief battle with Osteosarcoma.  He was one handsome Greyhound and he will be missed.  We decided to write this particular story after several people asked about people saw the picture on Saturday of Treat with the rabbit. 

The rabbit's name was Diamond.  She was the classroom rabbit in my class at school.  Normally, she would stay at school during the week and then go home with my teaching partner on the weekends.  However, there came a long five day weekend when we were off school because of a big conference that many of the teachers attended.  My teaching partner was going to the conference, so we planned for Diamond to come home with me over the long weekend.

I had big dreams.  There's a calendar that comes out every year called the Celebrating Greyhounds Calendar.  It's put out by the same organization that puts out the Celebrating Greyhounds magazine.  Every year people from all over send in their best pictures of their Greyhounds in hopes of getting a picture in the calendar.  I just knew that if I could get a picture of Treat with the rabbit that it would be calendar gold.  I mean, really, who could resist a Greyhound curled up with a fuzzy bunny?  It was practically a guarantee in my mind.

The day arrived when it was time to bring Diamond home.  She rode in a cat carrier and spent most of her time in a small cage.  I carried the cage inside first and Treat and Hawk along with our two cats were fascinated by it.  After I got the cage set up in the corner of the living room, I set up her hay, pellets and water, then I went outside to fetch the rabbit.  I was greeted at the back door by Treat and Hawk whose noses had gone into complete overdrive.  Hawk's eyes telescoped out like a cartoon character, his nose twitched, his ears flattened to the back of his head and he turned and beat feet into the living room as far as he could get from the little beast.  Treat turned from her sniff fest to see him leaving and followed him to curl up primly on the couch.  They both looked at me with the same look of horror that seemed to say "I can't believe you brought a wild animal into our house!  What were you thinking?"  The cats surrounded the cage and were drooling as they seemed to be preparing for the buffet.

I was not deterred from my goal, however.  After things got settled, I closed the cats in the bedroom and lifted Diamond out of her cage, carefully carrying her to the couch to sit her down beside Treat.  Treat launched off the couch as if her tail was on fire.  She had no intention of posing with a wild animal.  There was probably some fine print in her adoption contract that prohibited getting wild animals within a certain vicinty of her royal self, but I must have missed it amongst all the other requirements of life with a Greyhound princess.

A few days later, I decided to try again.  After a long walk, I got Treat settled on the couch and Mr. Taleteller was standing nearby with the camera ready.  We cajoled and encouraged her, and finally got the picture of Treat sitting on the couch with the rabbit moments before she took off to hide in the bedroom.  I have to admit, I've always loved that picture.

We did submit it to the calendar, but it was never chosen.  As a matter of fact, the next year a picture I'd taken of Hawk was selected, one that had nothing to do with the princess.  I'm sure she's sitting on a cloud somewhere with that rabbit still, laughing about me and my folly.  I guess some things seem a lot better in your mind than they do in application.  I still look back on that picture and smile as I remember all that went into capturing it.

I'd also like to add that this is our five hundredth post.  It's been a lot of fun keeping the blog going so far.  To celebrate, we're asking you to join us on our new blog.  We are still working out a few kinks, but by the beginning of the month, we hope to be exclusively posting on our new blog site.  It's a little scary to make the move, but we've been encouraged by some good friends to do it, and we feel like it's a good thing for us.  We're mostly hoping that you all will still follow us and will join us on the new site.  So, without further ado, we present Tales and Tails.  If you'd like to bookmark it, it's
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  1. Wonderful story! I just loved this foto when you posted it it was fun to read more about it!!

    We checked out your new blogsite......beautiful job! We have bookmarked it already!

  2. Great picture, and a very cute story!

    "...some things seem a lot better in your mind than they do in application." - oh, so true.

    And congrats on the 500th post! A feat to be proud of. :)

  3. That's such a cute story! I can just picture Treat bolting off - a greyhound running from a rabbit, hehe.

    Your new blog is nicely done, and we're following it!


  4. Great photos. I wonder wat the rabbit was thinking:)

    Off to check out your new blog.

  5. wow a whole new blog! cool!

    hah funny about them being afraid of the bunny, My kitties would also want to eat poor bunny rabbits! Even though my kitties are so small most bunnies would be bigger than them!

  6. I love your storytelling. I guess your kids in the school love it just as much. Lovely picture of Treat and "Bunny". I would have chosen it for the calendar if i was the one doing the calendar :D It is always great to have big dreams.

    Anyways... its a big move to your own domain. We will surely bookmark you and catch you there.
    Happy 500th post to you. May you have many many more tales to share with us.

    Dommy & Anny

  7. Hiya, I am so chuffed to have found your blog, it's the first blog about sighthounds that I've managed to find (and I've been looking hard). Your greys are beautiful, I love their personalised collars, that's a certain sign they're spoilt (like they should!). I, too, own a sighthound: a little whippet called George who is the inspiration for my new blog.

    I really liked this story and the photos. What better way to prove that sighthounds are not uncontrollable chasing and killing machines than publicizing the unlikely friendship between a hound and a rabbit! Brilliant. My whippet would like a rabbit of his own, I'm sure, but for now he's got to settle for our two hamsters :)

    Didi @ mylittledog

    P.S. I think calling one of your greys "Bunny" is a stroke of genius.

  8. Wow 500 posts! My lil paws got blisters just thinkin bout it! :P Congrats!!!

    The bunny shot with Treat was adorable :D

    Waggin at ya,

  9. Yea! 500 posts! Great job.

    Mr. Taleteller and Morgan, Blueberry, Lilac and the one and only, the orginal, Bunny.

  10. 500!! That's awesome. Good for you!

    I love the photos of Treat with the bunny, something no one would ever expect to see. I think that says a lot about who she was and what her life was like with you. It's beautiful.

  11. Treat looked very very dubious of that rabbit. I think that you did miss some fine print on her contract :)

    Congrats on doing 500 entertaining posts!

  12. Wow!!! Congratulations on your 500th posts! We always enjoy reading your post and we hope there are many many more to come in the future.

    What a lovely story and the pictures of Treat with the bunny are really sweet.

    We've bookmarked it, it's beautiful!!!

  13. Very very cool to read about! Thanks for posting!

  14. Love the pictures of Treat!

    But we are concerned that you are moving. I don't see anywhere on that new site for us to follow you?

  15. We love your story and the pictures . Thanks for sharing it with us
    Benny & Lily

  16. Love the story!

    CONGRATULATIONS on your 500th post!!

    Oh no! Now I have to go to your page instead of my dashboard? ARG!!

  17. That do be a furry adorable pikshure of Diamond and Treat. I think it should has been on the calendar. We fostered a bunny last year and I woz furry kewl with the bunny but Sydney woz OBSESSED wanting to nom the bunny so the bunny woz unner top notch high tech locked door sekurity. I do, howefur, relate to the look in Treat's eyes and the running away - I do the same thing with little baby kittehs. I want nuttin to do with them do wotefur be in my powers not to be in the same room. Once they grow up, they be fine in my presence.

  18. Ahhh... that would have been so cute if the two had relaxed a little. There is no way I could have done that with Travis, Katie, Riley, or Seven. The verdict is still out on Reagan. Haven't determined how high prey she really is.

  19. Yay 500 posts...Congrats. We think you should have won with treat and the bunny. The picture is awesome. We will be following you to your new site!!

  20. You tell that story so well - we loved it. And the two photos you posted are just precious. We are off to check out the new website, just curious as to why you are moving?

    You also asked us about Thunder and Ciara and if they were close from the beginning. Mom says it didn't take long for Ciara to figure out that Phantom would not be up for her shenanigans but that TD still has enough spark in him to endure her wiles. They do both have the same father, so maybe there is some familial recognition, but they truly are very close. Most of the time it is initiated by Ciara, but TD doesn't resist at all. They are truly a joy to see together. Phantom has opened up a lot to her and has even been caught playing with her:) Thanks for asking.

    Woos ~ Phantom, Thunder, and Ciara

  21. This is a super cute story and I can't believe your picture wasn't chosen! Congrats on your 500th post. The new site looks great - do I need to sign up to follow you again or does it automatically switch over?

    Your pal, Pip

  22. Great post!
    We love the photos!
    We were surprised to see that the rabbit did not run away!

  23. A rabbit in your house!!!! I would have run away, too!! Emmy and Oscar actually hunt animals! Not me, I just watch and worry.

  24. What a great pair!

    Nubbin wiggles,

  25. Mom and me luvs dis story and Yay fur your 500th post. Your new blog has been bookmarked, we luvs you guys! :)

    Woofs and Licks,
    Maggie Mae

  26. I can't believes that picture didn't get picked! That's ker-azy! It's so cute. And I also think it's funny that a greyhound would run AWAY from a rabbit. Heehee! That Treat sure was nice to that bunny, though. Cuz, well, around here I'm pretty sure she woulda been lunch.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  27. Thanks for sharing another great story of Treat!
    Congratulations on your 500th Post!
    Aaaand... I got now your new blog in my GR!
    Take care
    Kisses and hugs

  28. Good thing I went back and checked my blogs that I follow or I would have missed this one. That is precious! How in the heck do you all get these great blogs? Mine is so blah...

  29. Such a cute story! It's so much easier to keep our pets' memories alive now that we have blogs. My friends would run out of patience by the time I told the story (even a cute story) for the 217th time - but there's an endless number of new audience members online!

  30. FIVE HUNDRED POSTS - WOW!! That's a lot of great stories and photos!

    I wonder what the rabbit thought about all those photo opps?! Good thing the cats were kept behind closed doors.

    Have clicked the follow button on your new blog and will keep up over there now.


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