Tuesday, December 1, 2009

A Tale of Two Sisters

I was surprised this week to find out that one of Bunny's sisters had been bounced by the woman who'd adopted her.  I was in contact with the woman when we adopted Bunny because she was supposed to adopt Bunny and the sister from the breeder when they retired from racing.  She found out that Bunny had been sent to the adoption kennel and called the day after we adopted Bunny.  We got an e-mail from her and we replied, explaining that we'd recently lost a beloved greyhound and that Bunny would be working as a therapy dog after some adjustment time and training.  She seemed content to know that Bunny was in a good home.  A few months later, the sister was retired from racing and she drove out to the Midwest from the East coast and took her home. 

One thing that was mentioned several times was that Bunny and her sister were very attached to each other.  They were always together, from what I've been told.  We asked several times for pictures of the sister, but never got a reply.  After a while, we sort of shrugged it off and figured we'd go on and never see her or hear much about her.  Today, when I saw her name on Greytalk, my stomach sank.  Sure enough, when I opened the thread, I saw a picture of a beautiful hound who had to be related to Bunny.  Apparently, the woman who adopted her relinquished all her greyhounds to an adoption group.  She got her dogs from breeders and through other sort of quiet means after being placed on a list of people not to be adopted to.  My heart told me that I should just start driving to Conneticut and beg to bring her back here, but I know we can't do that.  She is almost as beautiful as Bunny and I'm sure that she will get a home in no time.  Actually, I've heard that several people have already inquired about her.  I sincerely hope that she has a new wonderful home who will adore her as much as we adore Bunny before Christmas.

As I learned more of the story about what happened, my heart sank.  If not for a few twists of fate, Bunny could have been left in the same situation.  Tonight, as she lays cuddled up against me on the couch, content to have us home and dreaming of Christmas toys and treats, I want to hold her a little closer, stroke her velvet fur a bit more often and just adore her for the wonderful, special little dog she is.  It's funny how fickle fate can be and I'm very grateful tonight that she was kind to us and our girl.  We hope that she smiles on Valentina as well.

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  1. Fate is a funny thing. I often wonder where members of The Herd would be if I had not just "happened" on them that particular day.

  2. It`s true fate is a funny and fickle thing. Thankfully Bunny found a forever home and I hope that her sister does as well.

    Very touching entry gal.

  3. Bunny is a lucky girl. I hope things work out as well for her sister. Let us know if you learn anything more.

    Emma Rose

  4. Like you, I can't imagine my kids being at someone else's home. I will give them all extra big hugs tonight. Bunny's sister deserve a great home! Please keep us updated.

  5. Hi Bunny! We're so happy to have our first GREYHOUND friend! BOY you have a long snout!!!!

    We're sure your sister will find a perfect furever home and be as pampered as you are!

    Mom LOVES your pink sparkly Christmas tree!!!! She loves girly crap like that!


  6. Sorry to hear that Bunny's sister and the other pups were relinquished, but I'm sure they will find homes (almost) as nice as yours! :-)

  7. What a shame that things like this happen! I am hoping that Bunny's sister finds her furrever home very soon!



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