Saturday, February 20, 2010

Answering A Few Questions...

Bunny here, answering a few questions that were asked this week.

Several hounds asked what the Swedish chocolate tasted like.  Alas, it does not taste like steak or cheese!  It tastes sweet and has a smell that makes my nose drool.  You can taste the yogurt in it, too.  I think there should be a holiday every year called Give Your Dog A Taste Of Chocolate Day!  Shiney, you're my hero, Chocolate Swede!

Also, some hounds and humans asked about the sock monkey hat.  We girls have sock monkey collars on the way, but they haven't arrived yet.  Mom is shy about modeling, but Dad did take a good picture of us together when she was wearing the hat.  I might try to get her to pose with me when my collar arrives.  Even Dad has his own sock monkey hat.  There are several places to order them, but this one was very fast had both girl and boy colors and mittens as well as hats.

We have no plans to keep baby Emery.  I would enjoy keeping him, but I'm not sure Lilac would like it quite as much.  He is great fun, though, and I enjoy going over to his house to play with him.  When I was a puppy, there was a little boy and girl who played with me a lot, and I know how to behave with them.  I rather like being the center of the universe here, though!

Hopefully I answered all the questions we were asked this week, but if I missed one, let me know and I will get you an answer!

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  1. Awwww Bunny Hunny you are such a sweetie. I love the pic with you in the sock monkey hat. I think it is YOU!!! BOL BOL

  2. It's not as stylish as your rebel hat, I'm afraid!

  3. Thank woo fur the answers to the khwestions your publikh posed to woo!


  4. What? No hu-pup? Oh, well, at least I know now. Thank you for answering our questions. Bunny said you'd read my book, but I will need a shipping address. Here's my email
    I was terribly excited to find out you were one of my first blog furiends :) I am thankful!

  5. I love the hat! I went to the hat site, the hats are great!!!

  6. You look so adorable in "your" new hat! Is your Mom going to get one too? LOL.

    Emma Rose

  7. I really do love this hat, and thanks for clearing all of those questions up!

  8. Bunny, we just love the hat! We know moms don't like their pics taken! Ours was finally persuaded to show off the lovely scarf! It's OK for them we just get our pics taken and posted on the blog without asking!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx

  9. Bunny, you look so cute and beautiful in your hat. Wow...

  10. Being the center of the universe is very important.


  11. aww we adore these pics of you with the socky monky
    pibble sugars
    the houston pibble pack
    guero, coco chanel, brinks, bella and lucky

  12. Bunny, I love this picture of you in the pink monkey hat! You and your mom have a wonderful ability for telling great stories. Mike and I really get a kick out of them! Hope you get another little bite of that chocolate and raspberry yoghurt one of these days.

    Stay warm!

  13. I forgot to ask if there was leftover chocolate. :)

  14. There is still chocolate here, but where is a well-kept secret! I suspect it requires opposable thumbs, darn it!


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