Friday, February 12, 2010

My Funny Valentines

I'll just start this by saying that I've had a rough couple of weeks.  I feel like things have been coming at me from all directions and that I haven't handled it well.  Wednesday night I sat in the living room getting valentines ready for the kids in my class. 

I had a few boxes of Sweethearts left and this year brings a new variety that have sparkly heart candies inside.  As soon as I tore off the plastic, Bunny and Blueberry went into CSI mode.  That would be Candy Sniffing Investigation, for those who don't follow alphabet abbreviations.  Bunny's nose, in particular, went prehensile and bent at a ninety degree angle as she sniffed at the candy boxes like crazy.  Blueberry went bug-eyed and almost started to drool. 

I popped one in my mouth and they both began to eye me rather curiously.  I didn't think they'd really like them.  The candies are hard and crunchy and I just didn't think it was something they'd like.  Then Lilac got up and got in on the action, too, staring at me rather intently.  I shrugged my shoulders and gave each of them one.  I certainly don't need to eat a whole box of them!  I figured they girls would each take one, drop it on the floor and then walk off after they'd satisfied their curiosity. 

Of course, they had to prove me wrong.  Lilac ate hers and laid down on her bed, satisfied that she'd solved another mystery of the universe.  Blueberry took hers to her bed and ate it, came back for a second and then resumed her regularly scheduled nap.  Bunny was on the couch beside me.  She seemed to have the counting all figured out.  "Two for me and one for you!"  If I skipped giving her one, she gave me her particular look that says she can see the evil hidden in my soul.  Any sinner would confess to that look, so I kept sharing.  Mr. Taleteller commented that she was going to have a serious case of sugar rush.  I decided that we'd both had enough.  She sighed and gave him a minor case of stink eye before dozing off, her head resting on my foot.

And just like that, my troubles of the day seemed to disappear.  It's the moments like those that make me willing to give them anything they want, whether it's getting up at 4:30 in the morning, walking to the park when I think I'm too tired to go or sharing the couch and ending up contorted like a human pretzel!  Life really is in the details.

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. A really beautifully written little anecdote...we were right there with you. There is nothing like the company of dogs to dispel any latent stress.
    Hope the week ahead is a better one and HAPPY VALENTINE's day (for Sunday)

  2. Very true gal, very true. It`s the little things that make life wonderful. =)

  3. That is so funny! THAT is how dogs keep us sane!! :)

  4. My mom says that you can't buy the stuff that makes life good.
    PeeS What grade does your mom teach??? My mom used to that before she BEtired of leaving me every day. Happy Valentine's Day to all of you and your two leggers too!

  5. You are so right! Mom said she's sorry about the yogurt coming out of your nose. One of my nicknames is Little Miss Table Dancer. Bet you can't figure out why!


  6. My dogs do keep me sane. I didn't grow up with dogs. So, now I think I'm overcompensating :)

  7. You captured my feelings about my dogs so perfectly.

    You asked questions about S on my blog and I was very touched. I plan to find a way to say some things about him without repeating what I've already said earlier.

    He died on May 30, and was diagnosed with bad cancer at the end of March. That time period contains some 'extra' stuff about him.

    We aren't searching for a third dog. S fell from heaven into our lives, and we loved him. But, two dogs is really the ideal number for us, especially since I can't afford to be pulled my multiple dogs on leashes (even after I heal from my surgery, my spine is still a mess. I'm facing another surgery later this year.). We've agreed that if another dog falls from heaven and needs us, we'll adopt him or her. In the meantime, we're focusing on our pair!

    The whole saga of adopting S is a little touchy because we adopted him from my brother and SIL (who read my blog)... They'd showered him with love for 9 years but then had two toddlers and couldn't find the time to give S a good life. They knew that they weren't being good dog parents and made a big sacrifice in giving him to us.

  8. Aww, how cute. I like Lilac taking her one and figuring the mystery was solved, Blueberry coming back for a second but then going back to rest, but Bunny is the one that just makes me go "huh, LOL." Yep, two for me one for you sounds about right! Happy Valentine's Day!

  9. What a sweet post!!!

    You ladies are so well behaved! I would have jumped up into mom's lap and DEMANDED the rest of the box LOUDLY.

    Tell mom we hope she enjoys the Valentine's Party with her kiddies! My human brother has his party today too!


  10. That's a touching post! And, I agree with you, it's little things like this that seem to make life better.

    I hope the coming weeks are better for you.

  11. I know exactly what you mean. *Nods understandingly*

    These dogs will wheedle the most unsuitable things from us, won't they? Lucky for Sid, he lives with two people who understand the whole chocolate/dog thing or he'd have been in doggy ER before now. That dog would stand on his head for chocolate, if only he could work out how! LOL!

    Bunny is gorgeous, by the way. Just gorgeous!

  12. Perfectly said! Thank you for putting into words what so many of us feel.

    Have a WONDERFUL Valentines Day :)

  13. Yes, our two little fat bassets keep us sane and help us to remember the important things.
    A lovely post.

  14. You adore them. Ha ha. I love it! It's just so obvious. M always says we're her sanity. Be good to us all ;)

  15. Whimpurr can SOOOOOOO relate! Doggies keep us sane! *woofs and puppy kisses*

  16. Funny how our canine friends can make life's stresses go away.

  17. Thanks for sharing. They do tend to have a way to melt our hearts, don't they?!

  18. Happy Valentine's day dear Bunny


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