Monday, February 8, 2010

A Perfectly Good Saturday Morning Goes South

The dogs were all happy on Saturday morning as our relaxed pace instantly signalled that we would be home with them and that it would be a no work day.  Things started off nicely for all of us.  Lilac let us sleep in until 5:00 and then they all came back in and went back to bed, much to the delight of Bunny and Blueberry.  Even Lilac laid down and went back to sleep.

We got up slowly, taking our time, eating a slow, leisurely breakfast in our pajamas and curling up with the dogs in our various favorite places.  Each dog got a bit of bagel with cream cheese and the world was very good.

Then, the day took a turn, at least for Blueberry.  Mr. Taleteller emerged from the bathroom with the dreaded apparatus.  All the girls were napping and blissfully unaware of its presence. 

Bunny doesn't mind having her nails cut too much, and she was the first one to get her pedicure.  She didn't put up much of a fuss and so Blueberry slept on, content with her dream of chasing rabbits in a sunny meadow.  Lilac has a problem with her nails, so we usually pay the vet to cut hers and skip the saga of her nails at home.  That left Blueberry.

Blueberry and Mr. Taleteller have had an ongoing battle regarding her nail trims since we got her.  That would be a six year battle that has waged on.  I don't think he's ever even quicked her, but she hates having her feet touched with those clippers.  Today was no different.  Watching them face off is like watching a show down at the O K Corral.  Blue squints her flinty eye at him.  Mr. Taleteller's nose flattens and he grips the nail clippers.  A silence falls over the living room.  Lilac sleeps on, but Bunny ducks behind the dog bed.  I curl up in my corner on the couch.  Blueberry rolls over on the foot he's trying to grab.  Mr. Taleteller mutters to her to cooperate and tries to grab another foot.  At this point, Blueberry is on her back and reminds me of a turtle that's been flipped over.  She tries to roll to the side to get up, but Mr. Taleteller sits beside her and keeps his grip.  Blue sticks her nose to his hand.  One of them growls, but I'm not sure which one.  What I do know is that today, Mr. Taleteller emerged victorious and Blueberry got all her nails trimmed.  Some days she outsmarts him by running into a dog crate and curling up in the back until he gets tired of waiting her out.

To top it off, we went out to run some errands and the girls didn't get to go.  Blueberry retreated to the couch to sulk.  It's funny how some things can really ruin a girl's day!             
Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. We can relate - we hate that nail clipper. It usually takes both mom & dad to get trim our nails.

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  2. Poor Blueberry...I'm the same way with my delicate paw paws. Mom has to take me to the vet to get them trimmed, and they even have to muzzle me I'm so dangerous!!

    I feel your pain.

    Yer pal,

  3. I used to be ok with it, butt last month I stuck my teef out at mom. I had the same torture on Sat.. I showed my teefs again this time, BUTT I was smarter. I only showed them to the clippers. I'm with you on this one for sure, Bunny.

  4. Oh - the dreaded clippers. Fortunately, only Kiska needs all nails trimmed and everyone else just needs their dew claw. A favorite day for everyone.

  5. Oh the dreaded clippers! Our three run for the hills as soon as they see them coming out of the drawer. =)

  6. I can totally relate. I even ground nails for a while but that wasn't all the popular either....and took a lot longer. So now I hold while Mr. Spacial clips. We used to have 9 greyhounds, so it would take the better part of the morning to do them all. Sounds like Blueberry is a little more receptive than some of ours were even though not pleased. You got some real sweeties there!

  7. Poor Blueberry! It must feel better though to get up after that and walk around with a little less nail!

    Rugby has somewhat of a 'learned helplessness' where the nail clippers are concerned. He gets paid with a cookie for putting up with me though. :)

  8. We used to have clipper battles until we got a MannersMinder. It obsesses the dogs so much that they'll let us do anything to them!

    Very funny description of the whole scene... Why is it that dogs have such sensitivity about their toes?

  9. This post was misleading!!! There I was, reading along, loving every minute of your Saturday, and then ... the torture apparatus. I think you understand me when I say: I'm with Blueberry on this.

  10. My old Saint Bernard was an easy going girl and never minded a good pedicure. The dachshunds, however absolutely hate it. Oscar will carry on like he is being disemboweled. Emmy will protest and then simply succumb. Wall-E will bite! He is adamant that this is not happening and it can be a week long event!

  11. Our guys act like we're ganging up on them in an attempt to cut their whole toe off (though we've never cut the quick either), yet whenever someone else does their nails they just stand there and take it! Guess they figure they can get away with all the fuss with works so well that we usually just have someone else do it!

  12. We are not fans of the clippers either. Now we have a grinder that we will only put up with if there is a lot of CHEESE involved! Sir Bear will not let anyone mess with his feet. Last time the vet tried they only got as far as three nails before he side "Nuff!" He's a growly guy when you rile him :)

    Emma Rose

  13. Oh, my dear girl, I fear that Gramma will read this and think nail clipping might be a good thing to do today. I tell you, I do not like this activity and do not know why these humans think it is necessary! Gramma even tries to do this while I am asleep! I do not wake in a happy mood, let me tell you. However, I discovered very early in our relationship that to bite Gramma was not a good idea at all ..... she bit me back! It hurts!

  14. My least favorite activity. I cringe every time we start. I think I hate it more than the dogs...

  15. Hey! You get points for being able to do that even if the dogs complain. I have never been able to trim my own dog's nails and have to take them to the vet or the salon. Sigh.

    Mango Momma

  16. Poor Blueberry...hope Sunday was a better day!

  17. This is why we bought a Dremel!

  18. Nail clipping is AWFUL around here. I usually can't even use the clipper and have to stick to Dremeling Marge's nails down.


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