Thursday, February 25, 2010

A Snowy Visitor

You might have noticed that we had a visitor here the other day if you saw our Wordless Wednesday picture.  I happened to be home sick on Monday after we had yet another snowstorm here that dumped a load of heavy, wet snow on us.  As I sat on the couch resting, I glanced out the window and saw an owl outside not six feet away from me. 

I can only guess that the awning over our window provided much better shelter from the storm than the bare tree branches outside.  I've always known that we had owls around us.  The first summer we were in our house we'd hear them outside quite a bit as they hunted.  Several years ago, I saw our neighbor kids out in front of my house and found that an owl was somehow injured and lying on the ground under one of my trees.  After a call to a local expert, I put on some heavy leather gloves, lifted the owl onto my hand and carried him to the large shrubs in front of our house.  We left him some water and then left him alone, since we were told that too much handling was bad for him and would cause him to be abandoned.  He didn't make it.  I suspect he was somehow injured falling out of the tree.  Perhaps providing shelter for this one for the day makes up for that last failed attempt.

In any event, this small visitor was a welcome sight on an otherwise dreary day.  As you can see, the mighty huntress here was on full alert!  I guess her hunting instincts only kick in when she's outside or possibly she respects the sanctity of another mighty hunter. 

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  1. The Owl is just pawesome to see!

    We've seen some of our lokhal ones on our dusk walks but didn't have the khamera with us that night - the cellphone pikh didn't khwite pull it in fur viewing!

    I'm proud of your great huntress!


  2. What a wonderful visitor to have. One of lifes greatest pleasures is to hear the owls calling out in the still of the night. They are usually so shy and reclusive - you are really blessed to have one so close to the house.

  3. I have never seen an owl up close. They are very big. I guess he is safe at your place what with the sleeping guard dog and all.


  4. Very cool encounter with one of nature`s more reclusive birds! We have owls here and it is always a wonderful experience to hear them at night.

  5. Or she knew that the owl could kick some canine butt. Those guys can be pretty fierce.

  6. How cool is that owl - great pics!

    Pugs & Kisses,

    Yoda & Brutus

  7. How grrrreat. Up close so you could really enjoy the visit. That was a wonderful thing you did for the injured owl. I am sure that it made its crossing more peaceful.

  8. Girl's gotta get her beauty she huh Bunny???

    Beautiful Owl!!

    Dory and the Mama

  9. I love seeing the owls and even better love to hear their hooting at night.

    Bunny hunt's in her dreams, as do Scooter and Renner. They let wild turkey's chase them out of the yard!

  10. Hope you are feeling better now. I think this owl knew this was a good place to rest and would be able to check in on you. =) What a great positive to being home sick for the day.

  11. Great owl pics! It is very important for us great hunting hounds to pace ourselves you know!
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps sorry you are sick!

  12. B-OWL! I didn't realize the huntress was lounging in view of THAT! I thought she looked adorable and romanic. The perfect G centerfold. Ooops, my bad. Get up!

  13. Bunny is one serious hunter that the owl must recognize! Very pretty owl! I don't really get to see them in the wild here in the big city.

  14. How lucky you were to get such a close shot! Beautiful Carrie...

  15. We found a little owl here once. He ran into our picture window and was stunned. The Duke picked him up and he turned his head all the way around to look at the Duchess! She took a picture and they set him down by the shrubs. He flew away when he cleared his head a bit!

    Great shot!

    Emma Rose

  16. we so furry much love the birdie
    they are so bewootiful
    and you look mighty comfy there
    enjoy your nap
    pibble sugars
    the houston pittie pack

  17. Oh Bunny! Let's go shopping! I need to find out where you get your ummm....unmentionalbes? I could use something prettier than sports bras!


  18. Those pictures of the owl are amazing!

  19. I hope that you're feeling better. I'm glad that the owl's visit brightened your day!

    The huntress looks so long and sleek lying on the couch. What a beautiful dog.

  20. I just love how owls look, they're so beautiful and cunning, IMO. I'm quite a bit jealous, now! : P

  21. Wow, thats awesome and so CLOSE!!! Great pictures of him!!


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