Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Cold Shoulder And A Warm Gaze

You may recall that last week, Mr. Taleteller was gone for several days.  If you're a dog owner, you know that the best thing about coming home is being greeted by your adoring dogs when you arrive home.  I know that Mr. Taleteller missed his girls a great deal.

Of course, the girls missed him, too.  Of our three hounds, Blueberry seems to be the closest to him.  She expects his attention first and is most content when they're together on the floor with his quilt.  She is probably also the most sensitive of our three girls.  If you are having a bad day, Blueberry knows it before you have walked in the back door.  Perhaps she expected him to make more of a fuss over her.  I'm not sure, but I do know that after she sniffed him to see where he'd been, she suddenly was a bit put out.

To add insult to injury, Mr. Taleteller returned without presents for the girls.  He did bring back some of the best bagels I've ever had from a shop that his family always visits when they're out East.  However, they're onion bagels, and onions are dangerous for dogs.  Bread products are Blueberry's very favorite thing, and she sometimes can't resist stealing some when it's not shared with her in what she considers a timely manner.  She has been sulking since he got back, barely glancing at him and mostly sucking up to me in what I believe is her eloquent way of making a point.

Every morning, I've had half of one of these giant bagels with cream cheese for breakfast.  My husband will usually get one ready for me while I'm finishing putting on my makeup in the bathroom and set it on the counter for me.  Blueberry always appears right after this delivery, sits in the doorway and gazes at me with the utmost adoration.  Telling her that onions are bad for dogs does not deter her.  I have to watch the bagel at all times, because I know the second I look away she will have it not only off the plate, but devoured.  Greyhounds aren't just fast at the track!

Today, I decided to break down and give her a tiny bite off the corner that didn't have any onion on it.  I believe that it might have sealed the deal and won Daddy's Girl over as mine!  She seems to be a much happier hound now!
Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. Without presents! Who is in charge of your family?

  2. I always smile widely when I see one of your videos is posted, this time was no exception!

  3. Amazing what just a little bit of bagel can do!

    Loved the video!

    take care
    Clive and the NSLM

  4. Oh, poor Blueberry! LOL!

    I did the same thing yesterday with a chocolate chip cookie. OH had been out and bought two packs of cookies, both with chocolate chips. Now poor Sid had been fed chocolate in his last home and he has a serious desperation to continue eating it - but as you know, chocolate can be even more dangerous for dogs than onions, so he couldn't have any.

    In the end, I did break off a tiny corner without too many traces of chocolate in it and honour was satisfied. He still didn't leave my side until the last crumb had gone, but at least he didn't feel left out. ;)

    Oh, yeah, and he DOES so know the difference between real chocolate and the safer dog chocolate. And he's insulted.

  5. I am very much sure that Mr. Taleteller is feeling the shame. How RUDE! You keep giving him the cold shoulder and stink eye until he... CRACKS and gets you SOMETHING... even if it is LATE!! Hold your ground Blueberry. I'm rootin' for you. Ya gotta keep the two leggers under your paw. I'm just sayin'.

  6. Awww, at least she got a nibble of the goodness! It's sad when you're hanging low!

  7. I think Mr. Taleteller can redeem himself with a quick trip to the grocery store (bagel isle)!

    Emma Rose

  8. I am sure now he knows better!
    Have a great sunday!
    Kisses and hugs

  9. How cute! It sure doesn't take much, just a little corner of a bagel apparently, to make a hound happy! Oh, and how bad is it that when I first saw the title of the post I read it as "The Cold Shoulder and A Warm Glaze." Me thinks I, too, have food on the brain!

  10. We have already said how shocked we were at Mr Taleteller appearing without gifts!
    That human needs a serious talking to.
    How sweet that you ahve won Blueberry over with a little piece of bagel.

  11. Bagels are a cure-all, but you figured it out. I have seen my M cry bitter tears upon her return. Some of us, just give her the cold shoulder and some of our katz have even attacked her instead of greeting her. Blueberry, be nice!

  12. Khousin Merdie hears the khall of the yeasties in bread produkhts and snags them!

    Woo really have my mom drooling fur a good bagel!

    I'm glad evfurryone is happy again!


  13. Great video! It's funny how dogs respond to the littlest things... and remember them for a long time. In our house, my dogs would never ever forget that on one occasion they got a corner of my bagel - so they'd forever follow me when I had a bagel.

    That was how it turned out that they both eat lunch now... just that one time led to forever!

  14. Crafty of you to woo Blueberry to your side! ;-)

  15. "Crafty of you to woo Blueberry to your side! ;-)" Dennis the Vizsla

    Yes, I'm glad to see that someone else can see what's going on here. Blueberry's smart, she'll be working both sides for awhile.

  16. Oh my. It seems that Blueberry is a fair weather friend. Poor Mr. Taleteller.


  17. the bagel sounds scrumtious
    pibble sugars and wee wags
    the houston pittie pack


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