Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When Dad's Away, At Petsmart I Play!

Bunny here, writing about my trip Saturday night to Petsmart with Mom.  Usually, Dad goes to pick up our food, since it comes in a heavy bag, but he left on his trip and forgot to make sure that we hounds wouldn't starve.  Saturday night, Mom realized that we'd need more to eat and it was supposed to snow again Sunday and Monday.  So, she decided that we'd better make a run to get food, just in case.  Normally on a Saturday when Dad goes to get our food he doesn't take any of us with him.  However, some hound here, we won't mention any names, has been fascinated with this stack of dog magazines that a friend of ours gave Dad and everytime Mom and Dad have been gone, some of these magazines have gotten shredded all over the floor.  I don't know exactly what that means about why Mom would decide that I should go with her, but I do know that Blueberry's tail had a major kink in it that I got to go and she didn't!  Not that I secretly rejoiced over that or anything! 

Anyroo, we arrived at Petsmart and got our cart and headed for the dog food.  There was so much stuff to sniff in there!  It was olfactory overload.  Mom said we had time and didn't have to hurry, so I was allowed to just roam the aisles in sniffing nirvana.  We got to the aisle that holds my food and Mom hefted the bag into the cart. 

Of course, while we shopped, random strangers could not help themselves.  They all had to stop and pet me, even bending down and letting me lean against them.  Everyone commented on how beautiful I was, how soft I was and how well-behaved I was.  I know Mom was happy with me.  One man was so smitten with me, we think he might try to get his own greyhound.  I told Mom we needed documentation of this, but she said that taking photographs of random strangers in the store with me and posting them on the internet was pushing it.  That's okay, I was too busy enjoying the attention to be too worried over it!

Finally, near the end, I spotted something that I felt we could not leave the store without!

Mom wouldn't let me get one, though.  I assured her that I would take good care of a cat, but she said Dad would not let us have a cat.  It figures!  I love Dad, but really, he's been denying me these shopping trips to Petsmart and now I find out that he's keeping me from getting the best stuffie ever!  He and I are going to have to have a talk!

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  1. Our PetsMart keeps their khats in the bakhk khorner -

    I love to go bakhk and say HI!

    It is lots of fun!


  2. We go a Pets Supplies Plus for our food (Petsmart does not carry ours), but our hu-dad tells us to sit in the Jeep while he gets our food. Can you imagine the abuse! Ok, so we park right in front of the store and a clerk always gives us ear scratches and everything, but still.

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  4. Great expedition to obtain the most important kibbles. Yuh, when momma buys kibbles she gets little substandard bags because she is a total weakling.

    I agree that one must be mindful of including humans we don't know in our photos. Momma always asks permission, but sometimes it is easier just to not take pictures than explain dog blogging to the uninitiated.


  5. Oooohhhh shopping with mom is the BEST!!!!

    Do you have Tractor Supply Company where you live? They allow 4 legged children to come in and shop/sniff....which is REALLY cool with all the farm stuff they have there!!!!

    PetSmart is fabulous. The couture aisle is sublime!


  6. I love all the stores that let dogs in. We have a huge hardware store (and I mean HUGE), where all the employees wear green vests with treats in their pockets. I take all our puppies there for socialization to a variety of people, tight spaces, looming high things, etc.

    But, poor K, with her chronic pancreatitis, she now can't eat any of their treats. She's learned about the green vests, and if an employee squats to pet her, she noses right into the pocket to help herself. Now, I hand each employee who we meet a few K-friendly treats so that she doesn't look so darn sad when we leave.

    But, I'll always be loyal to that one hardware store because they are SO nice to dogs.

  7. Hunny I hate to tell you this, butt.. those fully articulated CAT Stuffies... just don't hold up!! I'm just sayin'.
    I love to go to both of my stores. There is sooooo much pee mail to read there that it sometimes takes me 87 hours to get back out the door.
    You should make your dad a SIGN!! Take US SHOPPING!!!! He'll get the "message". We just can't have you being deprived in this manner!!

  8. hey Bunny,
    do drop by to collect your award

  9. Cats may look nice, but they are really evil. Don't let em fool you! that's my philosophy anyways!

    ~Texas from Two Dachshunds & Co.

  10. hello bunny its dennis the vizsla dog oh hay yes kitties luk all kyoot and stuf but then they set yoo up to do hard time in stir rite wen yoo leest ekspekt it!!! ok bye

  11. Kitty window shopping is my most favorite part of shopping at Petsmart!!


  12. LOL! Just like when Josie goes to the pet store. She sniffs EVERY bag of dog food. Nose overload is right. We don't have kitties at our pet store. Lucky you.
    Much love,

  13. Ooooo Bunny, don't cha just loooove PetSmart? We too enjoy sniffing the bags of food. Both of us like to watch the colored birdos in the cages. Have never seen any of the Feline persuasion, but the folks might steer us clear of them. Hootie has a thing about wanting to chase those critters. Glad your mommy took you with her!
    BabyRD and Hootie

  14. Bunny girl, you look so stylish in your "pink", I must say! As for the kitty stuffies, you have to be careful. Sometimes they have sharp things poking out that can hurt you!

    Emma Rose

  15. Love it to see you are shopping
    I have never seen a shop before :(

    Hugs Kareltje =^.^=

  16. Bunny
    I'm so glad you got to go on that shopping spwee wif youw Mom..pawsonally , I think you should always go so that those hoomans who see you can get some pleasoowe.. Maybe you could pick up a pwesent fow evewyone, that way Bluebewwy won't have hew nose out of joint, hehehe
    You look lovely, I'm not suwpwised evewyone wanted to give you love.
    Sowwy you didn't get youw ultimate stuffie
    smoochie kisses

  17. Bunny, I realize your dad left you without any food, but he's not a bad man. He's a good man. He loves you so much that he protects you from katz. Ask me... I have plenty of stories to help you change your mind. Katz spell cat-astrophe, didn't you hear?

  18. Sounds like a really fun visit to the store. How awesome that a man might adopt a greyhound because of you! I love seeing dogs make a difference. As a well-mannered girl, I'm sure you made a great impact today!

  19. You put a new perspective on the weekly shopping trip to Petsmart Bunny!! :)

  20. I'm loving that collar! And your field trip! I took Nigel once. Not sure they'll ever let us back in. ;)

  21. well mommish use to take ush but mean ol coco chanel ALWAYS pooped wight in the middle of the aisles
    i thinks she was tricked by bella and bella just stood back and laughed
    pibble sugars and wiggles from the wee ones
    the houston woggie pack

  22. You are just going to have to let him know when he gets back - field trips and cats are no longer negotiable! They must happen!!

  23. Bunny!
    Sure it was a nice shopping trip!
    I'd love to have one of those stores here!
    My mom gets my kibble at my Vet's office... and it is not funny to go there!
    A kitty toy?? Sounds interesting!
    Kisses and hugs


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