Monday, April 26, 2010

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

Going back to work has been challenging for me this time, for various reasons that I won't mire everyone down with here.  The girls all handled it pretty well.  I imagine Bunny envisioned stretching out even more on the couch than she did before.  Blueberry probably figured she'd be able to rearrange the dog beds however she wanted them to her heart's content.  Lilac was probably enjoying eating out of any dog bowl she wanted to without me telling her to eat out of her own bowl.

However, they all have their own little routines to let me know that they've missed me, just a little, during their regularly scheduled all day naptime.  Lilac goes first, barking at me early in the morning while I'm getting ready in the bathroom.  Most of the time, she staunchly avoids the bathroom at all costs, because she believes the only good thing about water is that you can drink it.  She does not want any part of a bath, playing in the pool in the summer, or even walking through a shallow creek or water puddle.  The fact that she gets baths in there a few times a year has made it a perilous place to be avoided at all costs.  Yet this week, she's decided she's coming in for a morning scratch and chat time every morning.  Perhaps it has something to do with the fact that Mr. Taleteller, aka The Giver of The Dreaded Baths, is back in bed at that time.

Blueberry is the most aloof of our girls.  Her little routine is waiting to come in from turn out and then getting on the couch with me before Bunny can.  Her beautiful head will wobble a little and she curls up just close enough that there's not room for Bunny, looking like a regal queen on her throne while she allows me to pet the softest greyhound fur in existance for a few moments.  As a lowly serf, this is a great boon she allows me.  She will close her eyes in contentment for a few minutes while Bunny snorts and stamps her little foot on the carpet.

Bunny doesn't waste any time letting me know she's missed me.  There are soft sighs from her in the morning that let me know that she's unhappy that I'm leaving, at least until she gets to have my yogurt cup to clean out.  When I get home at the end of the day, she has to do a little tap dance on the floor, then she runs to the living room, where I am expected to follow.  So, I sit on the couch for a minute, while Lilac grabs her rabbit to let me know that it's time to go outside, and Bunny leaps up to lean against my chest for a few minutes.  Her little body just can't seem to be able to contain her joy.

I have to say, it almost makes it worth going back to work, just to come home and see them so glad to see me.  Almost, but those Monday mornings still come awfully early!  If we could just ease back in with a later work start on Mondays, that'd be great. 

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. What great pikhs!

    Here's to Monday evening!


  2. hI bUNNYS mUM,
    Its maj's Mum in Australia. I feel your pain, I'm about to go back to work a few days a week ands i'm going to miss him alot i think. Our old girl pede doesnt want to/can't play with him anymore. Im thinking of looking for another rescue dog to keep him company and play when im gone. Your girls facinate me= seriously since we've 'met' Bunny ive started developing a real love for greys.
    Anyway i love the blog, your doing so well and your style is developing greatly. keep it up. xxx Tani

  3. Dear Bunny's mummy,
    This is Bella's sister.

    I am sorry you've been findind it hard to go back to work. i hope it will get better for you.

    When i go to work, Bella is always at the window looking at me with puppy eyes. it makes it harder to leave.

    Best wishes to you. :)

    Love, Bella & Amelie (her sister)

  4. It`s always hard to leave them but those greetings when we get home help alot.

  5. I think there should be a rule that on Mondays you don't have to go to work until noon. :)

  6. Well written, actually bringing me to tears, for some reason it brought back to me all the little nuances of so many things I miss of my well loved greyhounds now in residence at the bridge. I probably don't need to tell you that it is all a wonderous thing to appreciate what you have now and realize that one day... well you know. Enjoy to the hilt those you have there despite their little quirk, or because of the little quirks.


  7. I love your descriptions of each girl's cute habits for showing her love. What a threesome. You are lucky indeed, even if Monday's are tough. Hang in there - summer is coming (even if it did snow here again last night)!

  8. Sad to leave us... miss us all day... Yep we know how to lay on the guilt!! B U T T... Oh that homecoming greetings...
    OMD OMD my funny squiggle word said

  9. Wel now mum doesnn''t work but we still haves our routines as well. And of curse you doesn't really matters how long you is actually ggone....2 min or 20 hrs, you still gets da bestest homecoming.

  10. Such great photos! So hard to leave our babies home during the day, but getting those happy dances in the evening sometimes helps even out the morning doldrums...
    Big Huggers xoxoxoxo

  11. Dennis's morning routine is shivering on the floor when we leave, but the day always ends with Joyous Reunion, so it turns out well.

  12. No one loves/misses you like a pup...
    The last photo is amazing!
    Hugs and belly rubs to all,
    Kit and Pups

  13. Isn't it funny how pooches do just fall back into routine? But then it makes it that much better to see them when you come home.

  14. Awww, I bet you missed all those toddlers before the end of your break! ;)

  15. The best part about going to work is definitely coming home :)

  16. puppy pibble eyes are the worst when i have to go off to work but since their is a store across the street that sells lots of stuffies and treats at a really good price i like to stop by on my lunch and get them something nommy. i just think that if it was'nt for me working i would'nt be able to do that so that keeps me going. but yes, here's to mondays starting out later for sure

    hugs to all the greywoggies
    pittie mommy

  17. Very sweet pictures. Isn't it nice to know you're loved?


  18. Such sweet faces! You're one lucky mommy!

    Riley and Star.

  19. Ugh! I know the feeling but it is soo nice to see them running at me when I get home! Dogs sure are awesome, aren't they?!?

  20. Almost is exactly right. I'd trade that look of love for a day off myself. :)

  21. Mom says she knows what you mean! But absence does make the heart grow fonder. And I always make sure to give her my most warm welcome when she gets home!!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  22. I know... i totally LOVE that feeling of coming home and how happy they are. Juno just jumped up, grabbed my arm with her paws and licked my face a million times. i know, they tell me this is BAD behavior. but truth be told, if I truly did NOT want them to jump on me, i simply turn around and walk and they don't. but typically when i finally greet them, Juno will jump and kiss and Loki will groan and wiggle between my legs. he never jumps, i think because his fosters taught him not to. i actually try to encourage him TO jump and he doesn't! LOL...

    sorry about that work thing!

  23. I am pretty used to see my mom going to work everyday so I don't feel very sad when she leaves.
    My mom says that the best part of her day is when she comes back from work and I am waiting for her at the front door!
    Kisses and hugs


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