Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Digging To China

Bunny here, writing about an issue that has our household a bit divided.  Well, not equally divided, it's just me on the one side, but we're still not all in agreement.

As a curious young greyhound, I have read that a lot of toys are made in China.  This intrigues me a great deal.  I would very much like to see all these toys for myself, and I hear that China is a lovely place.  I looked it up on the interweb and it turns out that it is a lovely place.  However, I couldn't find much about these toys.

By coincidence, the weather here has gotten much nicer and the ground is no longer frozen.  This means that I could begin my excavation project again.  Lilac and Blueberry were less than impressed since some of the mud got on them the other day while I was working.  I told them that humans spend ridiculous amounts of those green papers they're so fond of on mud baths and that I was doing them a favor by giving them one for free, but they didn't buy it.  They really can be so unappreciative of the things I try to do for them sometimes!  Well, the other morning Dad came out while I was down in my hole, with only my back end sticking out and he yelled at me.

Dad:  Bunny!  What are you doing -- digging to China?!

Me:  No, I was just doing some cardio exercise.  Wait!  Did you say China?

Dad:  Yes, I did!  You need to stop digging this instant!

Me:  Well, alright!  I think I need to take a break to do some research...

So, we came inside and I had a look on Mom's laptop.  It turns out that we're on the other side of the globe from China.  I was so excited!  I mean, here I already have a good start on being able to see the world right in my back yard.  Mom and Dad continue to discourage me from digging, but I will just continue on in secret.  I have got to see it for myself!  Wish me luck!

Blueberry Types for the Blog


  1. I know Juno is KhaliFURnia is khwite proud of woo!

    She was khaught in a similar pawsition!

    Keep up the good work!


  2. I think you'll be there in no time by the looks of it! And your nails must be nicely filed. :)

  3. Wells, dad don't want us to dig because he almost brokes his ankle in one of our nicely made hole. But, mum says it's just instinct and good excercise. But she says we NOT ALLOWED to dig to China cuz they eat dogs there...ugh!!!!

  4. Bunny-

    If I could I`d help you with that hole. Well, not digging in the dirt of course but sitting beside you in case you dig out a mouse.


  5. Keep going Bunny! You'll get there.


  6. That is one big hole! Keep at it, Bunny!

  7. That's a very good start, Bunny. You are determined!

    Keep us updated about China, my friend.
    Send us photos when you get there :)

    Love, Bella.

  8. Yikes, Bunny did you see what Puddles said about them eating... DAWGS in China??? Don't go there. I think you are a most excellent hole maker. I am nearly professional at it, so I would know.
    Guess What... I have Lilacs and Bunnies in my yard... and pretty soon Mike, my UPS man will be bringing some... Blueberry plants... Then POOF you guys will all be living on my hill with me. YEAH!!! We will did holes together then!!! OK

  9. You know, Renner does the same thing. Now that the it has been warm long enough to actually be able to 'move' it he has decided a little excavating needs to be done.

    Love the second photo too - this reminds me so much of Mt. Fugi in Japan. I used to live there but have never been to China. I so want to go one day so let me know when you get the tunnel finished! I'd say from the looks of it, you have a good start...hopefully you will make it before winter sets in again! ;)

  10. Don't abandon your dream, Bunny, we have confidence in your ability to dig to China!

  11. miss bunny,
    i think it's a totally awesome idea! keep up the good work! just think how much faster we could all get to china if we dug holes there.
    the booker man

  12. Good luck, Bunny! That is one Most Impressive hole you haves there. Mom and dad don't like me digging either, if you can believes it. It must be a human conspiracys. Maybe if I presents it to them from the "see the world for free" angle, they might go for it.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  13. Good luck!
    awesome photos,
    you are going to make it and have fun!

  14. Ooohh Bunny! When you get through, will you grab me some Dim Sum and say HI to my puggy relatives for me (we're from China dontcha know!).

    Good luck with your digging!


  15. We'll keep it a secret Bunny...but let us kow when you get to China!!

  16. Keep going Bunny!!! K has been working on a similar project for SIX years... but she started in our living room, at this one spot in the rug. As far as I can tell, she's gotten nowhere. So, please invite her over for a peek when you get to China!!

  17. I'm glad we don't have any hole diggers at our house, but I enjoy reading about yours :)

  18. Wow, impressive hole! Neither of us here are diggers, but if we ever need a hole, now we know who to call!

    Brutus the Frenchie

  19. LOL!

    Keep digging! If you find China, bring me back a toy!

  20. If Sophie was still around, she'd be there helping you dig, Bunny. Don't forget your hard hat!

  21. Something tells me this may not be a popular idea back at home.

  22. Hi, Bunny!
    All that digging is fun but let me tell you something.
    My auntie lives in China. She comes twice a year for vacation. I always ask to her to bring me something from there... and she never finds anything! She says all the toys, treats, clothes go around the world! Hmmm...
    Kisses and hugs

  23. Bunny, mumster has visited China but will not allow me there and yes, she's heard that some do eat dawgs, ahhhhhhhhhhhh.....

    please do not bother about China, dig here instead as we're here in Malaysia and we will take good care of you!

    pee ess: yes i'm playing with the little devil and it's on MY terms bol!!!

  24. Very impressive, Bunny! The only hole I ever dug was through the upholstery of mom's favorite chair, BOL!!!


  25. Are you certain there isn't a bit of terrier in yer family? That looks like a great earth dog holey. Keep on diggin' GF!



  26. bunny, you have a nice butt...just passin' on a message from loki! he's from Taiwan but he NEVER wants to go there again.

  27. Heh heh heh! Good luck, Bunny! You'll need it! ^_^

  28. I am not a digger, I tend to fall over if I get going to fast.- but as you noticed my brother Lance is lookin' forward to meetin' you in China.

  29. Good luck!
    awesome photos,
    you are going to make it and have fun!


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