Friday, April 30, 2010

Conversations With Lilac

Lately, I've begun to relate a lot to Morgan Freeman's character in Driving Miss Daisy.  Getting older isn't always fun, but a sense of humor certainly helps.  It helps in coping with the side effects of aging in those you love, as well.

I've mentioned earlier that often in the mornings, Lilac has a lot to say.  The other morning I got up and went to the kitchen to grab some water before heading to the bathroom to start getting ready.  While I was in the kitchen, I caught Lilac devouring Bunny's food while her food bowl sat mostly full.  I told her to eat her own food and picked Bunny's bowl up and put it on the counter.  Then I went in the bathroom and closed the door.  Sure enough, a few minutes later, Lilac had something to say.

Lilac:  Hey!  Hey you!

Me:  (opening the door, hoping for a Vincent Price sort of entrance and knowing it won't matter) Are you talking to me?

Lilac:  Yes I am!  I'm STARVING!  I need food!

Me:  You have food.  It's in your bowl in the kitchen.

Lilac:  No, Bunny ate all my food!

Me:  No, YOU ate Bunny's food!  Yours is in your bowl where it always is!

Lilac:  I need that other bowl!  That food tastes better!

Me:  It's the same food in all three bowls!

Lilac:  It still tastes better out of that bowl.

Me:  The bowls are identical!  There is no difference!  Now go and eat if you're hungry.

Lilac:  I'm not hungry anymore.  I think I'll just go start on my morning nap.

Lilac wanders back off at this point and I close the door again.  I finish brushing my teeth and turn on the shower.  Like clockwork, Lilac has more to say.

Me:  What is it now?

Lilac:  You forgot my morning scratch.

And so I dutifully scratch her in all her favorite places, behind the ears, along her back and across her chest, finishing with some rubs under her chin.  She gives a little sigh of satisfaction and wanders off to the living room to get comfortable on her orthopedic dog bed.  Of course I was running a few minutes behind by that point, but it seems a small price to pay to give the old lady her moments of happiness.  Sometimes it's a small blessing to be the only two early risers in the house and have our little rituals.
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  1. One day woo will have your own Lilac moments ;-)


  2. Someone else's food always tastes better than your own!
    Our humans are already having Lilac moments! We debated the spelling of aging this morning - went back and put an 'e' in - which is right?
    love and kisses
    Martha & Bailey xxx
    ps how do they expect bassets to be able to spell?

  3. Grass and food are always better in another location.

  4. I have always wondered why the food in someone else`s bowl always tastes better. It seems to be with all species too! Cows, goats, dogs, cats...well maybe not cats since they are too refined to eat from another`s dish. *Sighs and rolls eyes*

  5. Love this blog - just discovered recently and have been reading the archives. Started my own blog because I was inspired by the same things you were - so much is happening with my hound that I don't want to miss. Also on Greytalk, so sure we'll "talk" there as well. I linked to one of your posts - hope that's ok.

  6. It's absolutely fine to link to our posts! We're glad to see you here!

  7. Mum says these are moments never to take fur granted. Mum and Albert has a ritual...every morning they has they coffee togethers outside. And while they is doing that...Me and Whitney are still stuck in da crate.

  8. Yesterday, in the midst of commenting on your blog, my internet went kerplunk! and didn't work for another 6 hours. I'm wondering - could it be your fault? :)

    Love the Lilac anecdotes. We had an older yellow lab named S who died almost a year ago. He and I had a lot of little rituals - and it's that little stuff that hits me most often now. He used to slurp my face whenever he walked past me while I was lying in bed. And, he always did a hilarious spin move when walk time arrived. You're smart to take the time to appreciate all of Lilac's lovable little quirks...

    And, I'm sure that Bunny appreciates you saving her food!

  9. Absolutely sounds like our Blew, he was the talker at our house. As he got older he always wanted to eat out of any other bowl than his, even though they were all the same. Yep...getting old is a pain, but considering the alternatives, probably best to face it all with a sense of humor, as you said.

  10. Oh Lilac! You're just the best! Don't tell him, but I'm pretty sure Cap'n Ripley has a few Lilac moments of his own. And everything - EVERYTHING - is better when it belongs to the other dog in the house. Bones, toys, food - doesn't matter.

    Wiggles & Wags,

  11. well, i think miss lilac is acting totally normal! i always want what's in my big sis asa's dish, and i'm not even 1.5 years old yet!!
    the booker man

  12. Got to keep that Mama in line, right Lilac??

    Smiley giggles!

  13. ALWAYS take the time to do nice things for the dogs. That's my motto. I've lost too many now not to take advantage of those moments.

    Lilac is a very lucky old lady - even if food bowls do confuse her. ;)

    She a beauty, too!

  14. I like how you wrote the dialogue; you really captured her personality.

  15. Liked eavesdripping on your conversation but I'm sure I heard Lilac yap that she wanted her very own special lilac coloured food bowl too.

    Wiry loves Eric xx

  16. You are so right! It's always good if we take time to smell the roses...or scratch the hounds.


  17. I understand why you feel like Ms Daisy, but I think that Lilac would rather be Ms Daisy too, and of course Bunny the diva and... BOL
    No worries, we read our comments. M was taking super care of my sissies, but she's gotten even better when you told her to. ;)

  18. Sure you have interesting early morning moments with Lilac!
    Thanks for sharing it!
    Kisses and hugs

  19. I believe that you should eat out of whichever bowl you choose. You are the senior doggie, right? I like the way you boss your mom around.


  20. My mom runs late a lot of times to stop and love on us! We appreciate it soooo much!


    Mr. Nubbin'

  21. Tucker's morning ritual is to go into the office with me and lie on his bed while I use the computer. If I don't get up at the proper time, he sits at the foot of the bed and yelps until I do. Thanks Tucker, I need the motivation!


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